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It Seems The Videos Of A Weird Thing Appearing In The Cornwall Skies Were A PR Stunt

UPDATED: Boo. The least fun answer – it appears to be a PR stunt by the Eden Project.

Over the last few days, a strange sight was spotted in the skies over Cornwall.

The thing did look pretty weird...

filmed this in truro today before my hair apt..can someone please explain? 😐 #ufocornwall

They're not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens.

And the videos kept popping up.

What on Earth is this in the sky? Just spotted it over Roche Rock?! #ufos #ufosighting #ufovideo #spacecraft… https://t.co/LPwXvW2wES

Wat?! Spotted this weirdness near St Austell today #ufocornwall

Did some filming few weeks back and when reviewing the footage spotted this weird flying thing? #UFO @edenproject 🤔… https://t.co/XQejAJ3c2t

Thought I was just seeing this because I was tired but I can still see it on my phone so either it was there or I'm… https://t.co/EuibV5e4QM

Odd sighting at #Fistral today. Anyone else see it? #ufocornwall

BuzzFeed News even went to the lengths of looking into the possibility of it being a murmuration of starlings...

However, one of the original tweeters has now said the video she posted was part of a PR stunt for a space exhibition at the Eden project.

Ok I'm a big UFO tricker! It's all a little fun for @edenproject awesome space exhibition, but I'm still a believer: https://t.co/Qxl9oz0VQX

When asked about the videos by the Sun Online, a spokesperson for the Eden project gave a mischevious statement: “It’s true we have a galaxy of ways to tell the story of space at Eden this summer.

“To coin a phrase … ‘The truth is out there’.”