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This Festival Would You Rather Will Have You Questioning Your Morals

Have someone pee on your tent or have someone who is staying in your tent pee themselves?

Are These Bridesmaid Duties Reasonable Or Ridiculous?

Have to wear a bridesmaid dress you do not like, or have to buy your own?

No Brit Can Make It Through This "Would You Rather" Without Cringing

Is there anything worse than asking the person you fancy for a drink, only for them to say "as friends yeah?"

How Normal Are Your ASMR Habits Compared To Everyone Else's?

Are you a slime fan, or do you prefer tapping?

Are These Things Friendship Faux Pas Or Not?

Would you break up with your bestie over these things?

How Do Your Movie Rebooting Opinions Compare To Everyone Else's?

Who would bring these classics to the 21st century?

These Are London's 13 Most Iconic Dishes

Why just eat anything when you could eat something iconique?

This Optical Illusion Of Jimin Turning Has The Internet Debating If He Is Facing Backward Or Forward

"When I focus on solely the feet I see spinning in both directions, focusing on the back I see something else. My eyes are going cross crossed."

How Weird Are Your Netflix Habits Compared To Everyone Else?

It's time to find out if you binge-watch as much as everybody else does.

Here's Why "Sex Education" Looks So American, Even Though It Is British

Why does it look so American?! Isn't this supposed to be the UK?!?!

Do You Prefer Sauces Or Sides?

Both is best, but that's not the game we're playing here.

Did You Make The Same "Bandersnatch" Choices As Everyone Else?

We will of course be tackling the very big cereal debate, but let us know how you voted for a lot of the rest. (This post contains a lot the spoilers).

How Normal Are Your Cereal Opinions?

Does cereal taste better in the morning or at night?

Which Parts Of Christmas Are Good And Which Are Just Annoying?

Is Christmas actually a bit of a chore?

Which Of These Trends Should Be Left In 2018?

What look should be laid to rest?

Which Of These Situations Is The Most Awkward One?

Life is just a series of awkward moments strewn together by times of self-reflection and embarrassment.

Hogwarts Students, Can You Get Through This Tough Would You Rather?

Would you rather eat a pumpkin pasty or try firewhisky?

People Are Really Mad About The Grammy Nominations But What Do You Think?

Who will take home the Grammys and who will go home empty handed?

Are These Things Actually Rude?

Is it rude to have your phone out on the table whilst having a meal with someone?

America, Are These British Foods Weird?

Please be honest with us.

OK Guys, It's Time For A Teen Drama Showdown

Which show should snatch the crown?

Is It Fine To Cancel Plans In These Situations Or No?

Is it even ever okay to flake out?

Would You Rather: The Sauce Edition

You can only have one.

How Normal Are Your Pronunciations?

Are you saying these words the ~right~ way?

Which Was Better, The Original Or The Remake?

Or maybe even the remake of the remake?

How Normal Are Your Bedtime Habits?

These are very important rituals.

Would You Rather: The Mains Vs. Sides Edition

Sometime the side dish is the best dish.

Do You Agree With The Cast Of "Fantastic Beasts" In This Game Of Wizarding "Would You Rather"?

"We are the three brothers right now, and Claudia survived."

Which City Is Actually Better: London Or New York?

Yeah yeah yeah they're both great.

Which Side Is The Right Side?

Mac 'n" cheese or mashed potato?

OK Guys, It's Time For The Ultimate Horror Movie Showdown: Who's The Scariest Villain?

Which horror movie villain haunts your nightmares the most?

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