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I Want To Know Your Opinion On These 17 On-Screen Villains We All Hate To Love

My toxic trait is that I stan Love Quinn-Goldberg from You.

Most of the time, the villains we see in film and TV are just plain awful. Like, super evil, period. Other times, you may find yourself almost agreeing with their evil actions because... Well, they're just kind of cool, aren't they?

Be it their charisma, their interesting past, or the fact that their motives are sort of valid (but they definitely could go about it another way), there are some agents of chaos that we just hate to love!

So, let's see who we've all been silently cheering on despite them being so...killer! Judgement free, of course...

1. Amy Dunne — Gone Girl

2. Joe Goldberg — You

3. Tony Soprano — The Sopranos

4. Patrick Bateman — American Psycho

5. Hannibal Lecter — Hannibal

6. Voldemort — Harry Potter

7. Jason Dean — Heathers

8. The Joker — DC Character

9. Darth Vader — Star Wars

10. Dexter Morgan — Dexter

11. Villanelle — Killing Eve

12. Jason Voorhees — Friday the 13th