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Bride walking down the aisle; man looking surprised with quote about expensive wedding registry

Here Are 13 Things People Getting Married Unfairly Asked Their Guests To Pay For That Made My Blood Boil

"We were informed that we were expected to pay for the bride's portion of the bachelorette party, which included all food, drink, transportation (including her airfare), and her share of the Airbnb, which had to have a pool. Half of the bridesmaids were broke, some even in literal debt, and the bride was aware of their financial situations."

Closeup of an emerald ring with diamond accents and detailed gold setting

Answer 8 Questions About Your Romantic History To Discover Your Ideal Engagement Ring

Whether you've experienced whirlwind romances, slow burns, or something entirely unique, each relationship teaches us a bit more about ourselves and our tastes. This quiz whimsically combines your romantic history with your style preferences to suggest the engagement ring that suits you best. Let's take a fun journey through your past loves to uncover the ring that represents your future.

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