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Grown-Ups Are Sharing The "Dumbest Things" They Believed Were True When They Were Younger

"When I was 6 years old, I had a terrible understanding of how babies were made. I thought your balls were ACTUAL EGGS and when you put your penis inside a woman's vagina, your ball would fall off and go up into her stomach to grow a baby. Then, if you wanted more than two children, a ball would magically grow back."

Women Are Confessing "Girl Secrets" That Men Don't Know About And It's Refreshingly Honest

"That sometimes you get that awful sudden cramp during period when you can't sit nor bend or stand straight because any movement feel like your ovaries are about to burst. So you just stay there in an awkward position, not really standing, not sitting until it goes away just as sudden. My ex used to call that 'vag-attack.'"

A picture of main street with a lingerie store, and an aerial view of disneyland showing a building painted go away green

I Don't Know If I'm Just Easily Impressed, But These 23 Useless Disney Facts Genuinely Fascinated Me

In the 1970s, someone brought a gun into Disneyland and shot the glass in the Haunted Mansion. The attraction was basically built around that glass, making it too expensive and difficult to replace, so Disney just covered the bullet hole with a fake spider, which you can still see to this day.

Taylor Swift making a "WTF?" reaction

People Are Confessing Horrific Things Strangers Have Done To Them, And I For One Am Appalled

"I'm a hotel housekeeper. We had a baseball team checking out, and I had a bunch of their rooms on my list. The rooms were reasonably messy — nothing too bad. But the last room…they trashed the place. What made it worse was how they tipped me. They dragged a chair into the middle of the room, faced it toward the door, and left a stack of fake 100 dollar bills on the seat."

17 Dumb, Cringey, And Embarrassing Lies That People Got Caught In

"My sister had a tendency to blame her boyfriends when she would fart. She was a loud, stinky farter. One day during Christmas, we were all together and she farted and blamed her current boyfriend per usual. The thing is we all looked around and realized he wasn't even there...and everyone was looking at her."

A woman smiles as she holds up her phone vs a man setting the thermostat

People Are Sharing Questions You Should Ask Before Dating Someone, And I Can See Some Of These Leading To Some Really Great Conversations

"I have a set of questions like, 'Where would a giraffe wear a tie? At the top or the bottom of the neck?' The actual answer does not matter, but I think that how they approach the question and how they defend their answer tells me a lot about them."

People Are Confessing The "Dumbest" Mistakes They Made In Their 20s, And Wow, I'm Actually Speechless

"I'm 29 and totally burned out. I refused to pace myself even with my chronic illness, I refused to address my traumas because 'I'm a functional member of society so why would I seek a therapist,' and I refused to say no to things because I was afraid people would dislike me. Last year, I slowly started collapsing under all that."

tom from "parks and rec" looking shocked with the text "didn't visit or text their friend who was in the hospital for 8 days," pam from "the office" looking shocked with the text "she hit me with the pyramid scheme"

19 Times Former Best Friends Betrayed Their Supposed Best Friends

"I had a planned brain surgery and told everyone where I was and whatnot in case they wanted to visit... I was there for eight days. Not only did nobody visit, but I didn't get one message from anyone. It was like I didn't exist to them."