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You'll Literally Lose Your Mind Laughing At These 23 Hysterical Tweets By Women

"i wonder if foreigners realize that they will never hate Americans as much as Americans hate other Americans, like bro, the east and west coast start discourse every 2–3 business days over who’s better, and Texas daydreams about beating the breaks off Oklahoma, y’all can’t touch us." —@dianelyssa

"Made pesto with the additon of some herbs I grew from seed in my home. Tasted like shit I had cereal after." on the right is donald trump's mugshot with a blonde wig edited on with caption "ready to host the Met Gala"

The 50 Best Tweets From August That Had Me Laughing Throughout The Month

We finally got Trump's mugshot, the Alabama Brawl memes were legendary, Hurricane Hilary showed up and showed out, Cardi B was throwing microphones, Selena Gomez went viral for wrapping herself in a blanket, Riverdale finally ended (in a controversial way) and "F*ck A** Bobs" are now trending.

33 Hysterical Parents Who Prove Raising Kids Is 100% Not For The Faint Of Heart

"Love emails like 'Hi parents! We are so excited for this fall! Please create a log in for your Zerlap account, which can be accessed through your Bloppo app, which is linked on our website in a place that’s literally impossible to find, also the link is dead, see you soon!'" —@ambernoelle

35 Genuinely Hysterical Tweets By Women That Made Me Laugh So Hard My Butt Fell Off

" Oppenheimer and Barbie has nothing on Little Women and The Rise of Skywalker playing next to each other in theaters in 2019. Beth was dying at the beach and through the walls the imperial march theme was blasting 😭 at her funeral you could hear the lightsabers 😭" —@gretagerwigflew

nursing shortage facebook post with image of Beyonce performing on the Renaissance tour

Please Enjoy These Absolute Gems From Black Twitter This Week

"So apparently Beyoncé is causing a nursing shortage over the weekend at my hospital....Hope they don't call me to come in cuz I'm part of the reason they're gonna be short. I'mma answer and let them hear 'You Won't Break My Soul' in the background."