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"Know Your Worth": This Dad Has Gone Viral For Sharing How He Teaches His Daughters To Avoid Mediocre Men

"I want my girls to have the emotional intelligence to recognize the good and bad that can come from relationships with these types of men in the future. I want them prepared, knowing their worth, and living in joy because they are with someone who is doing the work required," Eric, aka girldad_e, said.

A tech entrepreneur sharing that he makes $100k and a teacher sharing that she makes $71k in a Salary Transparent Street interview

"Pay Secrecy Contributes To Pay Gaps": This Woman Has Interviewed 500 People About Their Salaries, And Her Takeaways From It Are So Important

"I realized how pay secrecy significantly contributes to pay gaps that marginalize women, minorities, workers with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. I came up with the idea to ask complete strangers on the street how much they make, and Salary Transparent Street was born."