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Best of the Internet

Best of the Internet

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"At Least I'm Saving Some Money": This Woman's Wishlist Project Is Turning Her Urge To Splurge Into Art

"I am taking myself through the entire journey of desiring something, researching it on Google, skimming through user reviews, finding the best deals and even picking colors, ending in adding the product to an imaginary cart. By embedding the product in my journal I get to feel that it is mine."

"The Majority Of Us Saw Dysfunctional Relationships Growing Up": This Artist Is Using Illustration To Help Break The Cycle Many Millennials Find Themselves In

Illustrator Lainey Molnar has gained a following of over 1 million by sharing comics about dating, double standards in relationships, and learning to choose yourself. "When it comes to relationships, it's still very hard to swim against the stream. Women in straight relationships carry so much of the emotional labor, the unpaid domestic labor, and family logistics, while putting themselves last," she said.

People Are Applauding This Woman's "Fashion Over 50" Series For Redefining How Society Says Women In Their 50s Should Dress

Luisa Dunn is a 52-year-old model whose "Fashion Over 50" series is challenging how society perceives women over 50. "By sharing our stories and taking up space, we can disrupt the stereotypes and make aging look so darn empowering and fabulous that everyone looks forward to it," she said.