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Gen Z Is Having A Hard Time Believing Celebs Like Kim Kardashian And LisaRaye Were Considered "Thick" In The '00s, So Lizzo Shared This Important Message

"I noticed in the comments that people don't believe these tweets. There are people who are like, 'You just be saying anything. This isn't true. This isn't thick.' And it's important to note that a lot of these people were not born yet. Or they were babies in this era," Lizzo began on TikTok...

side by side screencaps of Gvizzle from her video on choosing to remain child-free

A Woman Who Chose Not To Have Kids Is Sharing Responses To Common Questions For People Who Wish To Remain Child-Free, And It's Honestly Super Helpful

"To people who don’t want children — there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not selfish, you’re not going to be alone, you’re not missing out because you don’t miss things you do not want, and it’s ok not to want children. It doesn’t make you less than, and you don’t owe anyone an explanation."

a bride making an ugh face and the text: his vows: nothing's better than the sound of gagging and headboard slamming

"He Did Not Mention A Single Personality Trait Of Hers" — This Groom's Wedding Vows Went Mega Viral, And People On The Internet Have OPINIONS

A snippet of the vows included, "Since the beginning, I was always told that life gets even better when the kids fall asleep and you tell me to come to the bedroom. Nothing's better than the sound of gagging and headboard slamming."

side by side screencaps of Torri taken from her tiktok video on PCOS

PCOS Impacts Over 5 Million People In The United States Alone. This Woman Is Helping To Educate People On What It's Like To Live With It.

"There was a time when mentally and physically I let my PCOS symptoms consume me. I'm way past that now, but to see the response of women struggling everywhere broke my heart and took me back to a time when I was 15 and I felt so defeated and devastated by my facial hair, I knew I had to talk about this and be transparent for them and for my 15-year-old self," Torri told BuzzFeed.

This Stylist Picked Real-Life Wedding Gowns For Our Fave Disney Characters, And It's Honestly So, So, So Spot On

"There was this weird phase from 2016–2020 where people sort of scoffed at the idea that brides wanted to look like princesses on their wedding day. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to not look like a princess, but I find it counterproductive to promote that idea by putting down brides who do," bridal stylist Kennedy — aka @gowneyedgirl — told BuzzFeed.

People Can't Get Over How This Couple's RV Home Feels Like A Real Apartment Inside, And Now They Say They "Want One"

Over 14.2 million people watched couple Kirs and Devin's viral RV home tour on TikTok. Viewers were shocked to learn the home is fully equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, washer, dryer, workspaces, and more. Now, the duo is inspiring others to try tiny living.

This Teacher Shared Her Monthly Take-Home Pay, And It's Past Time That Teachers Are Paid A Livable Wage

Calls for teachers to be paid more increased after high school teacher Alexis Longcrier went viral for sharing how much she takes home every month. "Keep in mind I also have three dependents," Alexis said. "I have to pay my mortgage, my gas, my utilities, everything like y'all do. And this is it."

nadeen explaining that she put her boyfriend on probation and they still use a kanban board

"He Kinda Liked It" — This Woman Put Her Boyfriend "On Probation" With A List Of Things That Needed To Change, And Three Years Later, They're Still Going Strong

"The majority of the men hate it, and the majority of the women applaud my approach. Multiple marriage and couples therapists reached out and said this is great communication. Some men think that this would have saved their previous relationships."

jackie sharing that her partner wanted to have kids but she knew in her gut that she didn't want to be a parent

This Woman Went Viral For Sharing That She Ultimately Had To End A Relationship Because Her Partner Wanted Kids And She Didn't, And It's Something That Should Be Talked About More

"People need to stop asking women when they will have kids. Women need to be encouraged to do whatever the hell they want with their lives. Like any stigma, the more we normalize it, the better it will get."

This Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe Is TikTok's Latest Food Craze — Like, Millions Of People Are Going Bonkers Over It — So I Made It And Now It All Makes Sense

This delicious slow cooker chicken is not a new recipe, but people who've just discovered it can't get enough. People online love it so much, the top 24 videos have well over 23 million views! And I'm here to admit, I am addicted.

This Girl's College Admissions Essay About "SpongeBob" Changing Her Life Is Going Viral, And It's Inspiring For All Creative Minds

Kalissa Persaud's college admissions essay not only got her into UCLA and USC — it was also viewed over 7.1 million times on TikTok, touching on both nostalgia and the impact our favorite kids shows still have on us today. "It showed me that my imagination could run wild."

People Are Applauding This Woman's "Fashion Over 50" Series For Redefining How Society Says Women In Their 50s Should Dress

Luisa Dunn is a 52-year-old model whose "Fashion Over 50" series is challenging how society perceives women over 50. "By sharing our stories and taking up space, we can disrupt the stereotypes and make aging look so darn empowering and fabulous that everyone looks forward to it," she said.