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Over 7 Million People Are Stumped Trying To Answer This 1 Question From A General Knowledge Trivia Quiz, So You're A Genius If You Can Answer It Correctly

Will you have bragging rights or just get angry?

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A man named Jonathon Walters has been going viral with his trivia quizzes on TikTok...but his most recent one has caught the attention of over 7 million people. See if you can get all five answers right below and then we will discuss!

Jonathon Walters, a bald man with eyeglasses, smiles with text "5 General Knowledge Questions Everyone Should Know" visible

People weren't scared to admit their defeat.

Person's profile picture next to text expressing dismay about getting 2 answers wrong despite having a PhD, followed by a laughing emoji
Profile photo of a woman with glasses, text underneath reads "Immediate fail"

But, the main question people were getting wrong is about how many planets there are.

Text in image: "Gen X here and we were taught 9 planets... I will die on that hill lol"

Because so many are convinced Pluto should be included!

Summarized text: "ItsWhomNotWho supports Pluto always, referencing today, tomorrow, and forever"


Image of a social media post with comments debating whether there are 9 planets, mentioning Pluto and the danger of breathing pure oxygen

So, we spoke to Jonathon Walters, who is a college Director of Learning Innovation and Design, to learn more. "I love learning and have an undergraduate degree in elementary education and three master's degrees: Master of Education in Learning Technology, Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Science in Marketing," he said.

Closeup of Jonathon Walters

Jonathon loves sharing his passion for trivia on TikTok where he has a following of over 176,000. He said trivia games are his favorite, and he and his family play them to pass time on roadtrips. So, after seeing some other trivia creators on TikTok, he decided to make his own.

Closeup of Jonathon Walters

He often uses random objects — like a toilet bowl cleaner — as his microphone and does many other quizzes, like the word pronunciation one below:


Replying to @Hidden Vintage Studio Up for a trivia challenge? #tiktoklearn #learnontiktok #booktok #triviatok #game #humor #trivia @Mahan @Mahan @Nick Vogel

♬ Curiosity - Danilo Stankovic

Ok, on to the Pluto discussion. "The question about how many planets there are definitely causes some unintentional stir," said Jonathon, after explaining that Pluto IS a planet but was deemed a dwarf planet nearly 18 years ago. On August 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto as the ninth planet to one of the dwarf planets.

Text excerpt: Mike Brown states "Pluto is dead" after a vote, mentioning a Pluto-sized object he discovered won't be a planet

So, there are, in fact, only eight planets today. You can take his "Is Pluto a Planet" quiz below if you're still upset learning about Pluto's demotion. Let us know what you get in the comments!