Sofia Richie Has A New Smoothie That Costs $21, So I Tried It To See If It's CHERRY-Good Or A Big Ol' Waste Of Money

    I've been taste testing Erewhon's celebrity smoothies for a few years now, and this tart cherry addition actually managed to beat out an old favorite.

    Hello! My name is Shelby, and I absolutely LOVE smoothies. I usually make about four to seven per week. I also live in Los Angeles, so occasionally, I'll indulge in an Erewhon Smoothie. This time, I'm trying Sofia Richie Grainge's Sweet Cherry Smoothie.

    The Sweet Cherry Smoothie launched on February 19 and is available Through March 15. It's $21, and according to Erewhon's website, "this tart creamy blend harnesses the rich flavor of Sofia's favorite superfruit: dark cherries. With calming magnesium and nutrient-dense colostrum, this smoothie is designed to supercharge the body's natural functions."

    If you're unfamiliar with Erewhon, it's a grocery chain in Los Angeles known for being, well, pretty expensive and bougie. It's also gotten really popular in the last few years for releasing various celebrity smoothies. There's been the Mariana Hewitt smoothie, the Kourtney Kardashian smoothie, the Olivia Rodrigo smoothie, and of course, the Hailey Bieber smoothie, which was so popular it actually became a permanent part of the menu! I've tried it, and I can see why. It's fantastic.

    But how would Sofia's smoothie measure up? I wanted to find out, so I headed to my nearest Erewhon to snag one for myself.

    Storefront with the sign "EREWON" flanked by palm trees and succulent plants in front

    Like all my other smoothie excursions, I headed straight to Erewhon's tonic bar. Sofia's Sweet Cherry Smoothie was on full display.

    Shelf with various organic food products under a pink sign reading "SOFIA RICHIE GRAINGE'S Sweet Smoothie Cherry Smoothie."

    I know what you're thinking: $21 is A LOT to spend on a single smoothie. And TBH, you're right. But as an experiment, I pretended to put all of the smoothie's ingredients in my cart on Erewhon's website to see how much it would cost to make the smoothie at home. The total? $161.15 (The colostrum alone was a whopping $62)!!! Assuming you were able to make three to four smoothies, the cost per drink would be about $40! These ingredients are expensive. So, in a way, I get it.

    checkout screen showing subtotal amount  $161.15

    One thing to know (and this might just be the Erewhon nearest me; I haven't been to the other locations): if you order at Erewhon's tonic bar, you're going to be waiting a while. Every time I've gone, it's always been packed. Today was no different, and although I was lucky enough to get there before the line got too long, I still waited 40 MINUTES to get my smoothie. The longest I've ever waited. Next time, I will be mobile ordering.

    apple watching showing the time as 11:30 with text overlaid saying, i ordered my smoothie at 10:51

    Finally, after eons, I got her in my hands, and she was GORGEOUS! It was a gloomy, windy day in LA but that only made the deep red color from the cherries pop even more. And the coconut cream mixed in made it look like marble. Also, something about the light blue straw always gets me.

    author holding up the smoothie

    It was time for the first sip. And let me tell you: this smoothie is GOOD. Like, SO GOOD. It was VERY tart and sour from the cherries and pineapple, but I'm a girl who will choose a pack of Sour Patch Kids over a chocolate bar any day, so I was very into it. The texture was smooth and the coconut cream balanced out the tartness. Perfectly.

    author sipping the smoothie

    As I said before, I've tried my fair share of Erewhon smoothies, and this one felt like the edgier cousin of the Hailey Bieber Strawberry Glaze smoothie. Still sweet and creamy, but with a bite from the cherries that gives it a little extra oomph I couldn't get enough of.

    Top view of a hand holding a smoothie with a blue straw, on a wooden table

    As I was drinking, I noticed that when you get to the bottom of the smoothie, the coconut cream at the bottom mixes more with the cherry flavor and you even suck up full bits of coconut cream in your straw. This is a classic move for Erewhon smoothies and one I'm a very big fan of, so I was pleased they kept with tradition.

    A cup of mixed berry smoothie with a spoon, on a wooden table

    All in all, I slurped the whole thing down in 15 minutes flat. Before trying Sofia's smoothie, Hailey Bieber's had been the longstanding GOAT for me, but I think this one edged it out of first place!

    Do I have the funds to spend $21 on the daily for smoothies? Absolutely not. But, in my opinion, this drink is definitely worth the money if you're looking for a healthy yet tart-and-sour little treat.

    And even though nobody asked, here is my definitive ranking of the Erewhon smoothies I've tried so far: 

    1. Sofia Richie Grainge's Sweet Cherry Smoothie

    I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, and definitely not as much as Hailey's! But I distinctly remember wishing Hailey's smoothie had a little bit of tartness to cut through its sweet flavor and Sofia's did just that! So this is my new #1.

    2. Hailey Bieber's Strawberry Skin Smoothie

    Extreme sweetness aside, this one is still a close second. You can't argue with strawberry glaze and 40,000 sales a month.

    3. Marianna Hewitt's Coconut Cloud Smoothie

    This is still the prettiest of all the smoothies I've tried, but it did lack a little in flavor. Very tropical and coconut-forward (which makes sense, it's in the name), which was yummy but overall not my vibe.

    5. Kourtney Kardashian's Poosh Smoothie

    I remember rating this smoothie a 3/5 when I first tried it. But if given the opportunity again, I'd rate it lower. Incredibly bland and just tasted like bananas. I expected more from Ms. Poosh.

    Sofia's Sweet Cherry Smoothie is available at Erewhon until March 15, 2024. But if you don't live in Los Angeles and still want to try it for yourself, there are plenty of great copycat recipes on TikTok.

    Have you tried this smoothie? Would you? Tell me in the comments!