17 Bone-Chilling Photos That'll Make You Scream For Your Mommy At The Top Of Your Lungs

    I'd like my memory to be wiped of these photos.

    I saw some photos this week that didn't sit right with me. Here are the 18 pictures from r/oddlyterrifying that put me in a really scary mental space:

    1. This endoscopic view of a human fetus inside the womb:

    Endoscopic view of a human fetus during a check-up

    2. This person working waist-deep in concrete:

    A man working waist-deep in concrete

    3. This thrifted T-shirt that references an unknown crime story:

    T-shirt with text "THERE IS NOT A DEAD BODY ON HIGHLAND AVE" and an overlaid street image

    4. This person who sent a nonsensical, but weirdly coherent sleep-text:

    A dimly lit room with a bed in the foreground and a figure resembling a 'Dragon Ball' character edited into the scene. Text overlay denotes surprise at the visit

    5. This kidney stone — the size of a dime — that someone peed out:

    A quarter coin next to a small, irregular-shaped kidney stone to compare sizes

    6. This abandoned house in Poland:

    Worn iron gate opens to a dilapidated mansion with bare trees, evoking a mysterious, eerie atmosphere

    7. These insects that look like twigs and leaves:

    Hand displaying various camouflaged insects mimicking leaves and twigs

    8. This stonefish's face:

    Close-up of a camouflaged stonefish blending with its sandy environment

    9. These completely unnecessary coffin-shaped windows on hospital doors:

    Elevator doors with coffin-shaped windows reflecting the Internet's interest in quirky designs

    10. This glitching LED sign at a church:

    Electronic sign outside Calvary Assembly reads "GOD IS IN CONTROL" in capital letters

    11. This flood of pink balloons raining down on a crowd:

    A crowd of people watching a massive pink balloon release indoors

    12. This photo taken of a cat mid-head shake that make it look like a demon:

    A blurry-faced black cat standing on the arm of a sofa with an exercise bike in the background

    13. This terrifying Big Bird at someone's local PBS station:

    A scary Big Bird wearing a dress

    14. And this unnerving statue outside a dentist's office:

    Large sculpture of a cartoonish bear giving a thumbs-up

    15. This most likely cursed chest someone's grandma left them:

    Carved wooden chest with intricate designs and animals, displayed indoors as a unique furniture piece

    16. This mass convening of small birds:

    Birds perched on multiple telephone wires against a clear sky, viewed from below

    17. And finally, this blanket that has someone's face imprinted in it:

    A dusty surface with an eerie facial imprint and handprints, evoking a haunting or supernatural vibe