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These Scenes Were Cut From Disney Classics — Let's See If You Think They Should Have Been Left In

Believe it or not, the death of Bambi's mum was originally even darker.

Scenes are always cut out of films, and Disney is no exception. Sometimes, the cut scenes give us more info; sometimes, they completely change the dynamic of a movie.

So let's see if you think these scenes and storyboards deserved to be left on the cutting room — well, animation room — floor!

Stitch basically killing Pudge the fish in Lilo & Stitch

lilo and stitch listening to a record

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A very bloody murder at the start of Tarzan

little baby tarzan with his mum and dad, who look very concerned

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Geppetto contemplating eating his pet fish Cleo in Pinocchio

cleo the fish looking cute in her tank

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The graphic death of Bambi's mum in Bambi

bambi curled up crying in the snow next to his mum who's bleeding out

Scar trying to force Nala to marry him in The Lion King

scar looking smug while nala looks concerned behind him

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The taming party in Zootopia

judy and nick being served by flash who is concentrating on a screen- judy looks tense and nick looks smug

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Elsa taking on the villain role and torturing some guards in Frozen.

elsa casting a serious spell

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Shan Yu massacring an entire village in Mulan.

shan yu frowning scarily

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Lightning McQueen getting lost in a car graveyard in Cars.

lightening mqueen looking concerned on the race track while an angry green car is behind him

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And finally, Woody throwing Buzz out the window and just being an all-around jerk in Toy Story.

woody and buzz smiling at each other in andy's bedroom

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Are there any more deleted Disney scenes or storyboards that you think should've made it to the final movie? Let us know in the comments!