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Sunday Roasts Are Rubbish – Here's What We Should Be Eating Instead

You can't go wrong with a jacket potato, cheese and beans.

I don't get Sunday roasts. I like the tradition of having a nice, lovely long dinner on a Sunday, sometimes in a pub, and always with booze, but the actual meal is just, well, a bit boring. Here are six meals I think deserve more hype than a Sunday roast...

1. Jacket potato with cheese and beans, preferably with a side of coleslaw.

@GordonRamsay what do you think of my good old jacket Potato, beans, coleslaw and cheese!

Mtreasure / Getty Images

I'm sorry but this is British comfort food at it's simplest and finest. It's exactly what you need after a Saturday night out, and best of all it's cheap AF (because we all know we probably spent too much on said night out). I know waiting an hour for the tat to crisp up in the oven is a pain, but do it the cheater's way – put it in the microwave for 10 minutes and then crisp it up in the oven! Also get some creamy coleslaw on the side, it's basically salad innit?!

2. Bangers and mash.

Martinrlee / Getty Images

If you're going to the pub on a Sunday afternoon and want a nice "balanced" meal then surely sausages and mash is the way forward? You get the elements of a roast (meat, gravy, potato, veg) but in a much more fun and tasty way. Sausages are way better than some sliced beef, and sorry, but mashed potatoes are better than roasted ones. FACT.

3. Cheese toastie.

If you’ve never made a ham and cheese toastie, in the bacon fat left in a frying pan, you will probably live longer than me, without ever having actually lived.

Mariha-kitchen / Getty Images

A cheese toastie (sometimes with ham or bacon or even jalapeños – whatever you want) is honestly so much better than a bland roast. Crispy bread oozing with a load of cheese is the perfect meal for Sunday afternoon, particularly if it's raining outside and you're watching a bunch of telly. Add in a cup of tea with some biccies after, and you're in Sunday heaven.

4. Fajitas.

A taste of old El Paso 🇲🇽 for Sunday dinner today with these chicken fajitas - key ingredient here is the addition of ground cumin @AnneLinsell

You're fucking lying if you don't think fajitas measure up to a Sunday roast. They make an epic meal for families and friends alike, and instead of one topping (gravy – boring) you can choose from a multitude of stuff! Guacamole! Sour cream! Cheese! Salsa! What's more you get to start with an entire bag of nachos, so what's not to love??? Give Old El Paso an OBE or whatever, now.

5. Curry – takeaway or otherwise.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Roasts are generally, pretty bland. Curries? Not so much. Plus curry is the nation's favourite food, so you already know that that it's better than a roast. No argument needed here.

6. Lasagne and garlic bread.

Homemade Lasagne & Garlic Bread by Vicky T

Are you really gonna argue with me on this one? If you go round to anyone's house and they tell you they're cooking a roast, sure you might be like "Ooh lovely!", but if they tell you they're making lasagne and garlic bread? YOU LOSE YOUR FUCKING MIND DON'T YOU? YOU START SCREAMING WITH JOY AND GOING "NAM NAM NAM!!!, DON'T YOU? I rest my case.