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    31 Products That Will Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

    Home is where the mini-fridge is.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Photo clip string lights that’ll give your dorm room that “I saw it on Pinterest” vibe.

    2. A hot air popcorn popper so you won’t have to use the communal microwave and risk starting a fire, burning down the building, fleeing the scene, and starting a new life.

    3. A shower locker, to keep your shampoo safe from the hoards of other dorm dwellers.

    4. A mini succulent in a frog cup for no reason other than no one’s stopping you.

    5. A fragrant reed diffuser, in case your roommate has a laissez-faire attitude toward hygiene.

    6. If you are in a flame-friendly space, get a candle that smells like the essence of your home state.

    7. An adjustable, heat-dissipating laptop stand so that when your laptop heats up and makes a noise like a plane taking off, it won’t burn your legs.

    8. A dorm-sized coffee maker so you don't have to schlep to the dining call for your morning cup.

    9. And a travel mug that will make it easier to hustle yourself out the door.

    10. An alarm clock for those ungodly 8 AM classes.

    11. A gel cooling pillow for when your dorm room is hot enough to be a hell portal.

    12. An eraser board mini-fridge for healthy drinks and snacks, or at least pizza and more pizza.

    13. Fairy light curtains, for privacy that doubles as ambiance.

    14. A shag rug that’s comfortable enough to curl up on.

    15. A monogrammed laundry bag so you’ll be lugging your dirty underwear all over campus in style.

    16. A bed shelf for people in the top bunk who need to have their phone, Chapstick, a water bottle, and several snacks within reach at all times.

    17. A chic chevron wastebasket.

    18. A cozy moon chair for when you need to curl up with a good book (or an okay textbook).

    19. A snuggly Sherpa throw blanket that you can haul into the lounge when your roommate sexiles you.

    20. Bed risers, complete with outlets and USB ports, to give you some extra storage space as well as a way to charge your phone from the comfort of your bed.

    21. A wireless waterproof speaker so you can jam out in the only place with any privacy: the shower.

    22. A clip-on lamp so you can read at night, just like the old days, without bothering your roommate.

    23. A memory foam mattress topper, because you just never know what the mattress situation is going to be.

    24. Wall art that announces its own intention.

    25. Cute storage baskets that are perfect for making your own under-the-bed pantry.

    26. A tufted headboard, for an easy upgrade to your standard-issue dorm bed.

    27. A bedside caddy, because you'll probably be using your bed as a desk, a kitchen table, a couch, and a conference room.

    28. A throw pillow you can personalize with a quote that reminds you of home.

    29. A cute quilt set, because quilts are the homiest of bedclothes.

    30. A plush bedrest for those nights when your body belongs to the bed and your heart belongs to Netflix.

    31. A headband that doubles as headphones so you can stay up way too late, fall asleep watching Netflix, and regret everything in the morning—which is, let’s face it, exactly what you’d be doing at home.

    Your room is going to be adormable.