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21 Reasons British People Are Actually Fucking Terrifying

We might be polite but we can still fuck you up.

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2. Because they can be unapologetically savage.

Who the fuck designed this? Aquafresh?!

3. Because they don't give a fuck about basic traffic laws.

Welcome to Blackpool, where the locals drive dodgems down the street

4. Because their pubs resemble something out of a gritty crime movie.

This barred list from the Half Moon pub in Herne Hill is incredible, it's like a Guy Ritchie casting call


7. Because they have the most creative insults.

The home fans behind the goal in the South Stand are chanting "You're just a sh*t Tesco sandwich" at Dagenham keeper Elliot Justham.


9. Because they'll do anything to make a quick buck.

@Tesco transfer me 10,000 club card points and you can have it back

12. Because they can be incredibly patient in their attempts to piss someone off.


13. Because they have no problem letting you know when you've fucked up.

this review someone left on just eat 😂😂😭😭

15. Because their customer service is...unique.

16. And British school kids are equally savage.

A wonder why a was shite at school and then a mind that these type eh things happened