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July 25, 2017

We Have Online Ancestry Databases Suggesting A One Nation Senator Travelled On A UK Passport

In response to BuzzFeed News questions, Malcolm Roberts refused to release evidence to the public that would prove he has renounced his British citizenship.

17 Debbie Downer Facts To Whip Out At The Next Party You Go To

The world is awful and it's time to acknowledge that.

Arma una pizza y te diremos qué personaje de 'Friends' eres

Deja que el queso y el pepperoni revelen tu verdadera identidad.

Can You Protect This Egg From Gravity?

Remember the "egg drop" experiment from middle school science class? The goal was to protect your egg from being tossed off a ladder. If your egg broke back then, here's a chance to redeem yourself.

A Victim In The Sweltering Tractor-Trailer Was A DREAMer Attempting To Reunite With His Family

Frank Guisseppe Fuentes was one of 10 victims who died Sunday while trapped inside a broiling tractor-trailer in Texas.

The House Just Voted To Limit Trump’s Ability To Alter US–Russia Relations

On a nearly unanimous vote, the House passed a new package of sanctions targeting Russia, Iran, and North Korea on Tuesday that would require the Trump administration to check in with them before making changes.

People Extract Their Own Earwax

“That’s like a kidney stone in his ear!"

I Gave My Friend's Studio Apartment A DIY Makeover For $400

Real friends build each other coffee tables.

¿Cuántas de estas 52 cosas te parecen completamente insoportables?

Si traes tus audífonos es para que no te hablen, ¿estamos de acuerdo?

The Cast And Creator Of "Teen Wolf" Told Us What To Expect From The Final 10 Episodes

"It's a season about fear, about divisiveness, and about coming together and overcoming adversity."

Women Try Scented Tattoos

"It smells like the garden section of a hardware store".

A Pastor Faces Deportation After Living In The US For More Than 20 Years

Pastor Noe Carias, who is married to a US citizen and has two children, had been checking in with immigration officials for years, but under the Trump administration, he now faces deportation.

Which Answer Do You Think The Fewest People Will Pick In This Poll?

How good are you at game theory? Pick the answer below that you think the FEWEST people will choose.

Is This A Real Oreo Flavor Or Something Made Up?

This is harder than it looks.

19 Times Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Were Cute AF On Social Media

"Shit, I have to sit next to that daddy-wannabe?"

20 dicas de maquiagem para olhos pequenos

Cada formato com a sua beleza.

A Top Justice Department Nominee Shared New Details About His Work For A Russian Bank

Brian Benczkowski, nominated to lead the Justice Department's Criminal Division, did legal work earlier this year for Alfa Bank, including overseeing analysis of the bank's computer traffic and weighing potential defamation claims against BuzzFeed.

21 Veces en las que deseaste ser Eiza González

Claramente no es de este mundo.

After Four Years, Uber Is Still Fighting A Class-Action Lawsuit From Drivers

And the ride-hail giant isn’t pulling any punches.

Your Roomba Is Making A Map Of Your House, And It Might Give It To Other Tech Companies

Your smart vacuum has been mapping your house since 2015, and it's considering selling that data to Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Everything That's Happened Since A Bunch Of YouTubers Got A Ship To Stop Refugees Getting To Europe

The ship was supposed to pick them up in Italy. But on Wednesday, the captain and the crew of the ship were detained in Cyprus. Here's everything we do know, so far.

Kristen Stewart Crashed This Couple's Wedding And Everyone Loved It

Wedding Crashers + Twilight = best wedding ever?



Iraq Military’s Human Rights Abuses Draw Few US Complaints

Extrajudicial killings of suspected ISIS members at the hands of Iraqi security forces in Mosul are no secret. But US troops embedded with Iraqi forces have reported only a handful of possible human rights violations, none as serious as what human rights groups and news reports say have taken place.

Which "Game Of Thrones" Character Are You Based On Your Taste In Food?

It's time to find out how you'd do in Westeros.

24 Brutally Honest Confessions From EMTs And Paramedics

We have to care for everyone, and sometimes that means the person who got stabbed...and the person who did the stabbing.

A Deadline Is Coming For Jeff Sessions To Weigh In On A Big Gay-Rights Case

The attorney general could argue that existing civil rights laws do — or don't — cover sexual orientation.

Quanto dinheiro você teria para um rolê de acordo com suas experiências de vida?

Imagine que você tem R$ 20 e para cada coisa que já fez na vida vai perder R$ 1. E aí?

McCain Makes Dramatic Return To The Capitol, Blasts Fellow Senators For "Getting Nothing Done"

"We are the servants of a great nation," McCain said after returning to the Senate on Tuesday to vote to open debate on a Republican health care bill.

Google responde a ação no Cade pela mesma prática que ocasionou multa de R$ 9 bilhões na Europa

Buscapé iniciou o processo em 2011. De lá para cá, a empresa virou aliada do Google e até quis desistir da ação, mas agora já não pode mais.

It's Kid Rock's Party Now: The GOP Is About Annoying Liberals, Not Conservatism

Kid Rock is not really a conservative, or even someone who pretends to be one. And that’s just fine with many Republicans.

20 Years Later, Here's What The "Good Burger" Cast Looks Like

"I'm a dude, he's a dude, she's a dude, 'cause we're all dudes — HEY!"

People Are Petitioning For A Confederate Statue To Be Replaced With A Statue Of Snooty The Manatee

"The best news out of Florida today is that 4,000 people want to replace a confederate statue with a manatee statue."

A Man Dumped A Bottle Of Water On A Fox News Host's Head At A Brooklyn Event

"Verbal assault on Twitter not enough anymore?" Kat Timpf tweeted after Monday's incident.

Why "Broad City" Is Treating Trump's Name Like A Curse Word

"We just didn't want to share airtime. He's got enough." —Ilana Glazer

Celebrities Re-Created Awkward '80s Portraits And It's Hilarious

These actors got totally righteous at BuzzFeed’s Comic-Con suite.

Fachin deve homologar delação de Pedro Corrêa no início de agosto

Depois de idas e vindas, versão final da delação do ex-presidente do PP, que atinge Lula e o PT, deve ser homologada pelo STF.

15 Fan-Demanded "Scrubs" Questions Answered By Zach Braff Himself

"Rowdy? Funny story about Rowdy. I tried to take him home — he was our dead, taxidermy dog — and the network wouldn’t let me have him."

People Try Argentinian Dulce De Leche For The First Time

"Of course I love dulce de leche, I'm Latino as f*ck"

Surprisingly Cute Facts About The World's Scariest Animals

Vampire squids from hell: they're just like you.

Donald Trump Falsely Claimed That The Crowd Size At His Boy Scout Jamboree Speech Was "Record-Setting"

The largest jamboree on record was in 1960, the Boy Scouts of America told BuzzFeed News.

Senator Says Susan Collins Could "Beat The Shit Out Of" Congressman Who Challenged Her To A Duel

"You know why he challenged you to a duel? 'Cause you could beat the shit out of him first!"

32 Things That'll Make You Say "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From flowy tops to oversized sunnies to Bob Ross chia pets: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

18 Makeup Products Every Glamour Ghoul Needs On Their Vanity

Because you're weak for good packaging and you're tired of waiting 'til October for coffin-shaped compacts.

It’s Not Easy Being A MILF In Tom Perrotta’s New Novel

"She still found herself visiting the Milfateria from time to time, usually on nights like this when she was bored and lonely and looking for something to cheer her up, or at least distract her for a little while."

This "Hitler" Bag Proves Why Design Matters

"Idk guys, you kinda can't unsee it at this point."

SeaWorld's Last Baby Killer Whale To Be Born In Captivity Has Died

Three-month-old Kyara came down with an infection over the weekend before dying on Monday, SeaWorld announced.

I'm One Of The People Investigating Trump On Twitter. You Should Work With Us, Not Mock Us.

Within the conspiracy-hunting culture that the media loves to dismiss, there’s a budding group of passionate researchers and writers finding their feet.

18 Photos Of Jeff Sessions That Seem Appropriate Today

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!"

De quantas comidas você gosta?

Só pode dizer "todas" depois de fazer o teste.

Anthony Scaramucci Says He's Willing To "Fire Everybody" To Stop White House Leaks

And Assistant Press Secretary Michael Short apparently resigned under pressure on Tuesday.

17 Reasons Why We Should Immediately Stop Stereotyping Mothers

"I've been a phone sex operator since my son was 7."

Príncipes William e Harry divulgam fotos inéditas de Diana

As fotos, do álbum privado da família, foram divulgadas 20 anos após a morte da princesa britânica.

Cops In Manitoba Pulled Over A Drunk Driver On His Lawn Mower Getting Smokes

He said he was being "responsible" by not driving a car.

You're Only Allowed Houseplants If You Can Get 7/10 In This Quiz

These questions are super simple and you should definitely know the answers, right?

Iconic Indigenous Australian Musician Dr G. Yunupingu Has Died At 46

The singer's incredible voice led to him becoming the highest-selling Indigenous artist in Australian history.

A DC Federal Court Just Ruled Carrying Guns In Public Is A "Core" Second Amendment Right

A federal appeals court in Washington, DC, ruled on Tuesday that the city's laws restricting public carrying of firearms amounted to a "total ban" on exercising that right. The decision breaks with courts elsewhere that found otherwise.

These Young People Don't Want An Age Limit To Run For President

The push for the #NotTooYoungToRun bill comes as Nigeria’s ailing 74-year-old leader is publicly pictured for the first time in almost 80 days.

A French Philosopher Who Encouraged Risk-Taking Died While Saving A Drowning Child

Anne Dufourmantelle wrote a book called In Praise of Risk.

Esto es todo lo que necesitas saber para entender en qué va lo de Javier Duarte

¿De qué lo acusan? ¿Lo van a meter a la cárcel? ¿Saldrá impune? Aquí te explicamos con peras, manzanas (y emojis) lo que necesitas saber.

While The Democratic Party Is Trying To Reinvent Itself, Tim Kaine Is Just Doing Tim Kaine

The former vice presidential nominee has no interest in 2020 and is just happy being a senator from Virginia again. Even if you don’t know who he is.

Oh Look, Drake Dressed Like An Embarrassing Uncle At A Function Again

"Brothers and sisters, quick announcement — If you own a white Toyota Camry, can you please move it? You're blocking the mosque exit."

Now You Can Complain About Your Uber Ride Without Lowering The Driver's Rating

Plus, it's introducing a slew of other new features aimed at making drivers' lives a little easier.

These Two Women Want To Take Their Fight For Northern Irish Abortion Rights To The European Court Of Human Rights

A mother and daughter who travelled from Northern Ireland to England for an abortion are planning a new appeal after their compensation claim, known as the "A and B case", was turned down by the Supreme Court.

Drake Got A New Tattoo Of Lil Wayne And...Just What?

"Tat on [his] arm like [he] do not know what permanent is."

12 Binge-Worthy Scottish TV Shows You Might Not Have Heard Of

Run out of things to watch? Don't worry, Peter Capaldi will save the day.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a crop top, Cuisinart dish, Roku streaming device, and more!

Iran Tried To Deny Their Education, So These Baha’is Went Underground

Canadian universities are now recognizing degrees from an underground school for the religious minority.

17 People Whose Food Ideas Were Actually Pretty Genius

Some of these are bizarre but they're all kind of brilliant.

22 Things You'll Immediately Want To Buy And Share With Your BFF

Because they're your person and nobody else's.

Which Real Housewife Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

"If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you."

Immigration Lawyers Aren't Being Allowed To Use Electronic Devices In Court, And It’s Hurting Clients

Government lawyers aren't blocked from using laptops and tablets during immigration proceedings, and immigration attorneys say they should have the same right.

25 Amazing Sex Toys You Can Get On Sale Right Now

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me!

Syrische Flüchtlinge müssen Assad bis zu 760 Euro zahlen, um in Deutschland bleiben zu können

Manche Flüchtlinge aus Syrien müssen sich in Deutschland neue Pässe besorgen. Andere nicht. Einheitliche Verfahren gibt es nicht. Für die Syrer kann das nicht nur teuer werden, sondern auch große Probleme bedeuten.

Si has hecho 40 de estas 61 cosas asquerosas, felicidades, eres una mujer normal

Y quien no haya hecho alguna, que lance la primera piedra :p

MST invade fazendas de Ricardo Teixeira, ex-CBF, e de coronel amigo de Temer

Ação acontece simultaneamente em 8 Estados e teve como alvos propriedades de políticos, como o ministro Blairo Maggi (Agricultura) e o senador Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI).

The Police Watchdog Says The Number Of Deaths Following Police Contact Has Risen Since Last Year

Fatal shootings are the highest since 2005 and deaths following police pursuit have more than doubled.

37 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Things You Should Buy From Boohoo Right Now

Have you visited Boohoo yet? It's an inexpensive fashion wonderland.

Tell Us About Your Disney Channel Original Movie Preferences And We'll Guess Where You Live

"This is real / This is me / I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be."

The Reason Why Anne Sexton's "Courage" Poem Is Featured In "To The Bone"

"It felt exactly like a rallying cry for people who feel unsafe and unimportant," Marti Noxon, writer and director of To the Bone, told BuzzFeed News.

32 Times We Just Did Not Deserve Chris Pratt

Hot, funny, kind. He's basically perfection in human form.

People Are Praising Chrissy Teigen After She Was Blocked By President Trump On Twitter

"After 9 years of hating Donald J. Trump, telling him 'lol no one likes you,' was the straw," the model said on Twitter.

Senate Committee Withdraws Subpoena For Paul Manafort After He Agrees To Cooperate

The Senate Judiciary Committee said President Trump's former campaign manager is now handing over documents.

Les citations de la députée Claire O'Petit transformées en posters pour vos toilettes

Histoire de mettre un peu de ~bonne humeur~ dans vos vies.

Have You Tried At Least 17/32 Of These Mexican Candies?

There are many ways to eat a tamarindo.

32 Memes That Will Make You Say "Wow, I Needed That Laugh"

Just let go of everything and enjoy the memes.

The Most Annoying British Snack Quiz You Will Ever Take

Like Where's Wally?...only tastier.

L’invitation de Rihanna à l’Élysée déclenche une salve de remarques sexistes

La chanteuse est invitée par l'Élysée pour parler d'éducation, thème sur lequel elle est très engagée depuis plusieurs années.

20 trucs que vous vivez forcément si vous avez des petits seins

Maudit soit le soutien-gorge sans bretelles qui NE RESTE JAMAIS EN PLACE.

34 expériences de vie que celles qui ne sont pas lesbiennes ne comprendront pas

Je ne sais toujours pas ce qu'est une «coupe de cheveux de lesbienne».

Proposta de reforma pode atrapalhar candidatos de siglas nanicas, como Bolsonaro e Marina

Relatório de Vicente Cândido (PT-SP) prevê que distribuição de dinheiro a partidos e horário gratuito de propaganda eleitoral deixem de levar em consideração as coligações partidárias, beneficiando partidos com bancadas grandes na Câmara.

Si marcas 23/28 en esta lista es que eres una auténtica señora

Ser o no ser (señora), esa es la cuestión.

This Bar Only Wants To Hire "Extremely Attractive" Staff And Not Everyone Thinks That's OK

"This post would look out of place even on a dating site, never mind an employment website."

Señalar a las famosas por sus declaraciones sobre feminismo también es machista

Ganar audiencia a costa de avergonzar a mujeres en público no es la mejor manera de luchar contra el patriarcado. De hecho, es puro machismo.

This Guy On "Ninja Warrior" Was Disqualified Then Requalified And People Are Mad

Ninety-nine problems and a small water ripple is all of them.

Les deux rugbymen du Stade français poursuivis pour agression sexuelle et violences jugés en novembre

Info BuzzFeed - Josaia Raisuqe et Waisea Nayacalevu Vuidravuwalu, les deux joueurs du Stade français, seront jugés le 29 novembre prochain pour agression sexuelle et violences. Leur garde à vue doit être levée ce mardi.

Comment faire pousser des fruits à partir de vos déchets de cuisine?

Votre esprit est sur le point d'être époustouflé!

Republicans Just Overcame A Major Hurdle As They Work To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

It came down to the wire: Vice President Mike Pence had to break a tie, and Sen. John McCain, who has brain cancer, had to be flown in from Arizona to vote yes.

灼熱のトラックに詰め込まれた不法移民が大量死 一つの換気口から交代で息を吸う




43 Probleme, die jede Frau mit langem Haar mindestens einmal erlebt hat

Haar, das sich in deiner Achselhöhle einklemmt.

18 Sex-Momente in der Schwangerschaft, die dich total erschaudern lassen

Es ist alles Spiel und Spaß, bis einer kotzt.

19 Dinge, die du verstehst, wenn du schon für den Herbst bereit bist

Der Sommer ist vorbei. Er ist gestrichen. Wir brauchen Sommer nicht, wenn wir Herbst haben.

Ranbir Kapoor Says Actors Are Forced To Come On "Koffee With Karan" Even When They Don't Want To

The actor spilled the revelation during a podcast with All India Bakchod.

甲子園の土を3回踏んだ先輩から母校にエール 「被災した大分に元気を与えられるプレーを」


秋田の記録的な大雨 上空から撮影した動画が伝える被害の大きさ


24 scènes de sexe qui vont vous donner très chaud

Il y a quelques paires de fesses, donc à ne pas regarder au bureau.

15 Fluggäste, die gegen die guten Sitten verstoßen haben

Wenn ich noch ein einziges Paar nackter Füße sehe, RASTE ich AUS.

21 choques culturales que experimentan los extranjeros al llegar a España

Explicadas por diferentes youtubers extranjeros que viven en nuestro país.



Euro 2017: voici les 23 joueuses de l'équipe de France féminine de football

Les Bleues vont devoir tout donner face à la Suisse pour se qualifier en quart, mercredi.

Resources Minister Resigns From Cabinet After Doubts Over Possible Italian Citizenship

The shocking citizenship drama in Australian politics has claimed its next victim.

Gal Gadot consolando a esta niña demuestra que la visibilidad importa

La niña rompió a llorar al encontrarse cara a cara con su ídolo en la Comic-Con de San Diego (y la reacción de Gal Gadot fue absolutamente adorable).

18 momentos de sexo durante el embarazo que te van a causar escalofríos

Todo es muy divertido hasta que alguien acaba con tropezones en la boca.

The Reason Nepotism, Sadly, Isn't Going Anywhere: Economics

We can tweet and rant all we want about Bollywood's lack of justice. Or we can remember that, at the end of the day, it's a for-profit business run by moneymakers, not saints.

Undetectable Viral Load "Completely Effective" At Stopping HIV Transmission, Study Finds

"Essentially, we’re documenting that this is a form of safe sex for couples in this situation."



Guys, Theon Is Not A Coward On "Game Of Thrones"

Stop hating on Theon 2k17. Warning: contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 2.

16 photos de personnes qui sont du mauvais côté de l'Histoire

Puisse le dieu des fromages leur pardonner.

27 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The "Love Island" Final

"Anyone with the surname Hughes who isn't giving serious consideration to calling their next newborn Cash, should think on."



All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Target, BCBG, Redbubble, and more!

Here's What Will Probably Happen On "Game Of Thrones" When Jon And Dany Meet

Everything you need to know about this important event.

Postal Plebiscite Would Overstate Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage, Experts Warn

"In a non-compulsory, postal plebiscite, you are going to overestimate opposition to same-sex marriage. That is absolutely true."

Which Early 2000s Trend Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are the stars more accurate than your mood ring?

Boy Scouts Of America Chief "Regrets" That Trump Inserted Political Rhetoric At Scouting Event

"We sincerely regret that politics were inserted into the Scouting program," BSA's chief wrote in an apology to the Scouting community.

Tell Us Your Thin Hair Hacks/Solutions

Thin hair, definitely care.





Minneapolis Mayor Defends Response To Police Shooting Of Yoga Teacher

In a new interview on the podcast Pod Save the People, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges acknowledged that her reaction to the killing of Justine Damond, a white woman, is different than that of a 2015 incident involving a black man — but she contends it's because the community asked her for stronger responses to shootings.

I Just Realized Something About Jim And Pam's Baby's Name

I'm on my 47th round of re-watching the series and it hits me: If Pam's memaw's name is Sylvia...

Ocurrió algo muy emotivo en "Game of Thrones" y nos puso tristes a todos

No estoy llorando, es la lluvia que cae sobre mí. Alerta de spoilers.

Flash Briefing For July 25, 2017

India has banned driverless cars, Microsoft Paint is dead, and Spencer Pratt is hanging out with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

If You've Done 30/44 Of These Things, You Might Have A Harry Potter Obsession

Are you still waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts?

The Government Is Considering Euthanizing Thousands Of Horses Roaming Free In The West

The Trump administration has proposed allowing euthanasia or selling the thousands of horses that roam the West for slaughter, alarming animal advocates.

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