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This Is What Your Summer Will ACTUALLY Be Like

Sun, sun go away, come again some other day.

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1. You expect to look fly AF in all your breezy summer outfits.

ececrown / Via

But end up drenching them with 100 gallons of your own sweat.

2. You think you'll spend the entire summer going on endless road trips.

But instead spend 99.9% of the time eating Cheetos from your bed while watching weird YouTube videos.


3. You expect to soak up the sun and achieve a beautiful summer glow.

lia_so_crazy / Via

But end up resembling a human tomato.

theskiny / Via

4. You think you'll lay on a chill, sandy beach, and get rid of all of life's problems.

tianadavis138 / Via

But instead realize that literally everyone else had the same idea.

rdianukas / Via

5. You think this will finally be the summer you find love.


But end up finding it through other means.

cwp1222 / Via cwp1222

6. You assume you'll escape humanity by going on a relaxing camping trip.

anna_rischitelli / Via

But instead you'll dive into a community of bugs who just loveeee to bite.

zachcramer11 / Via

7. If you're in school, you think you'll have so much more free time to do the things you love.

State Farm

But your parents will use the summer to make you do a million more chores than you had before.

8. You assume you'll capture some sort of cute jumping photo on the beach.

chau_nguyen_07 / Via

But end up fighting your friend who can't even take one damn photo.

Lara Parker

9. You expect to beat the heat by chillin' poolside.


But just end up wetting yourself with the hose.

10. You expect to be careless, happy, and thriving at every summer party.

But realize that nothing (even summer) is what it's made out to be.

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