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July 18, 2017

Are Women Equal?

A look into the Equal Rights Amendment and why it's never become law.

Give Us The Receipts On Why You Stan Lady Gaga

We know you have a million reasons.

Trump Is Showing The World What A Weak American Presidency Looks Like

More than just the health care collapse, Donald Trump has so far failed to bring the “Art of the Deal” to the White House.

JWoww's Husband Just Might Be The Funniest Dad On Instagram

I can't wait till his kids are old enough to read the captions.

Este reporte acusa al Gobierno mexicano de usar bots y trolls para manipular las críticas

El documento “Tropas, trolls, buscapleitos: inventario de la manipulación organizada de las redes sociales" fue elaborado por la Universidad de Oxford.

New Videos Of Trump Inauguration Day Protests Show Chaos And Mayhem

Videos that appear to be recorded by police during demonstrations in Washington on Inauguration Day offer new perspectives on clashes between law enforcement and protesters.

23 Simply Stunning Visuals Of Matt From "Big Brother"

Because all that he's done in the game is just look really, really good.

Tá todo mundo passado que tem sacola de grife à venda na internet

Existem sacolas de papel de lojas como Burberry sendo vendidas por até R$119. Só não sabemos ainda para quê.

The Russian Government Is Trolling Americans With These Ads In Moscow Airports

"Come closer and find out who we are planning to hack next."

Una maestra de kínder es acusada de abusar de sus alumnos en Jalisco

Las autoridades investigan si la mujer forma parte de una red de pornografía más amplia vinculada con un ciudadano estadounidense.

Arma un elote y te diremos qué carrera es tu verdadera vocación

¿Por qué hacer un test de orientación vocacional cuando puedes hacer uno de orientación esquitil?

Trump's Pick For EPA Post Writes “Science-Bible Stories” And Has Ties To The Chemical Industry

Michael Dourson is a toxicologist known for mingling science and religious ideas. Two religious leaders were quoted in an Environmental Protection Agency press release announcing his nomination.

Não importa quão frio esteja aí, em Curitiba com certeza está mais

Pelo menos é essa a fama dos curitibanos na internet.

Do You Hate The Same Stuff Everyone In Your State Hates?

Because this map shows what everyone hates in all 50 states.

As 20 pessoas mais intensas do Brasil

Uma montanha-russa de sentimentos.

Only A True Marvel Fan Will Score 7/9 On This Quiz

In each question, one character is the odd one out. Can you figure out the difference we're thinking of?

46 motivos pelos quais é impossível gostar do frio

Acordar é ruim, botar a cara na rua é horrível, deitar no edredom gelado é péssimo.

Trump's Name Was Taken Off The Trump Tower In Toronto

That leaves only one other Trump Tower in Canada.

11 People You Dated In Your Twenties

One thing they all have in common: They all make you wonder, What are you even doing with your life??

Twitter Is Still Dismissing Harassment Reports And Frustrating Victims

Even with a sharper focus on abuse in 2017, a concerning number of reports of clear-cut harassment still seem to slip through the cracks.

Kardashians Rally Around Rob As He Deals With Blac Chyna Restraining Order

"His family supports him," a source said. "They are his backbone and they are always there for him."

Which Of These Disney Princesses Would Win In A Fight?

We all know most of them can throw punches

What Fact About Time Totally Messes With Your Mind?

Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

17 Secrets Your Dentist And Hygienist Will Never Tell You

"Not flossing is like wiping your buttcheeks and not the crack."

36 coisas que quase todas as irmãs já fizeram

Fez drama e exagerou no choro, mesmo quando a irmã mal tinha encostado em você.

An Uber Eats Delivery Guy Sent This Woman A Smart-Ass Response And People Are Losing It

"This the type of dude that probably eats your fries on the way there."

Justiça está dando razão a quem entra com ação para receber passaporte

Verba suplementar foi aprovada pela Câmara, mas não foi sancionada por Temer. Com judicialização, passaporte sai ainda mais caro para cidadãos.

Guys Wear Pocketless Pants For The First Time

Ever wonder why women love purses? Or why we get so excited about dresses with pockets.

Así podría ser castigado Del Mazo por ocultar el valor de su casa en Lomas

El nuevo Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción abre la puerta para que este tipo de casos sean sancionados.

Kylie And Kendall Don't Care That Bella Thorne Hangs Out With Scott Disick

"I've never seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians..."

Uber Is Giving Thousands Of Employees Raises

Starting today, employees on Uber's tech teams will see a small bump in their pay.

Deliveroo Drivers Say The Police Are Too Scared To Chase Moped Thieves

Jabed Hussain, who was injured in an acid attack last month, told BuzzFeed News about his experience.

Chipotle Customers Test Positive For Norovirus After Getting Sick

The two Virginia customers who tested positive for the highly contagious virus were among more than 100 people who reported falling ill after eating at the restaurant, health officials said.

Can You Go On A First Date And Stay Under Budget?

Love doesn't have to be expensive.

32 fotos quase eróticas para os apaixonados por papelaria

Você não vai conseguir tirar os olhos destas imagens.

Are You Actually A Weasley?

Everyone loves this warm and friendly bunch.

Arabie Saoudite: une femme arrêtée par la police après s'être promenée en mini-jupe

Sur les réseaux sociaux, beaucoup de personnes ont fait remarquer que si elle avait été étrangère, personne n'aurait critiqué sa tenue.

Tofu Scramble

Quick, easy, and healthy for ya!

The Cast Of "Wet Hot American Summer" Is Still So Hot

♫ Show me the fever, into the fire, taking it higher and higher... ♫

Live Updates: Trump Mentions His "Complete Power To Pardon" In An Angry Saturday Tweetstorm

This week in Washington: The Republican effort to repeal Obamacare keeps flatlining while the White House continues to grapple with Russia investigation.

21 Breezy Tops To Wear When It's Hot AF Out

The less fabric sticking to your skin, the better!

17 Everyday Objects That Are Useless To Left-Handed People

It's a righty's world, and we're just living in it.

¿Qué personaje de "Hey, Arnold!" es igualito a ti?

¿Eres cool como Gerald o impaciente como Helga?

Here's The Origin Of Those Pictures Of Dogs Looking At Kittens Through A Shop Window

Dogs will always be cute, and dogs looking at kittens will always go viral.

Now The Republican Plan To Just Repeal Obamacare Is Dead, Leaving The Path Forward Uncertain

Three senators said on Tuesday that they would not vote for a plan to repeal Obamacare without a replacement plan, killing Senate Republicans' Plan B. "I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it," Trump said of the loss.

This American Grad Student Was Sentenced To 10 Years In Iranian Prison

Xiyue Wang, who was conducting research for his dissertation in Iran, has been charged with spying for the United States.

18 Products That Will Make Your Dog Love You Even More

It's ruff being a doggo.... these products make it easier. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

ABC Pulled That First "Bachelor In Paradise" Promo As A Result Of The Response

"We thought it was cheeky and funny ... the response told us otherwise so we pulled it."

These Photos Of Young Stephen Colbert Are Actually Melting My Entire Brain

Not a single part of me was ready to see such beauty.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a kitchen sink caddy, sushi knife, dog treat ball, and more!

This Teen Genuinely Cried Upon Seeing His Girlfriend's Selfies And It Has A Lot Of People In Awe

Nathan's emotional response also has some people (mostly men) unable to relate and highly skeptical.

20 Hot Dogs That Will Make Your Entire Day

Happy National Hot Dog Day, ya'll!

Ariana Grande canceló de imprevisto su concierto en Monterrey y sus fans están en negación absoluta

No hay nada más feo que despertarte con la noticia de que tu cantante favorita siempre no viene a tu ciudad.

The Police Officer Who Killed 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards Has Been Indicted For Murder

Former Balch Springs Police Officer Roy Oliver argues that his actions were justified because he believed his partner's life was in imminent danger.

19 Mums Who Are Really Nailing This Whole Mum Thing

"Just discovered my mum goes through the tv schedule and sets timers for what she thinks the dog will want to watch when we're out."

18 Of The Best Fans You Can Get On Amazon

I'm sure they will BLOW you away!

Drake Still Gets Checks From "Degrassi" And He's ~Rich~, TBH

Money, money, money, moooooneeeeey...

This Kendrick Lamar Fan Story Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

"For all the years of inspiring me, the least I can do is make sure you're comfortable driving..."

You're Only Allowed To Pet Dogs If You Score 12/14 On This Quiz

Do you know your pugs from your Pomeranians?

Only A Genius Can Solve These City Visual Riddles

SEE-oul if you can get them all.

Você consegue torrar R$ 15 mil em um look básico?

"Imagina, isso aqui? É só uma roupinha simplinha que eu comprei!"

MS-13 Gang Members Have Been Charged With The Murders Of Young Men On Long Island

The new charges are part of a long-running investigation into the MS-13 gang by local police and the FBI.

A Millennial-Bashing Job Advert Posted By A London Theatre Has Been Removed By The Arts Council

The full-time office administrator role at the Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall, south London, was advertised with a salary of £15,000 to £20,000 per year.

29 Products That'll Fool Everyone Into Thinking You're A Professional Photographer

"Yeah, you can post that! I look good!" —all you friends, to you, after they see your mad photo skills.

Behold, Amazon's New Meal Kits. No, They're Not Cheap.

Amazon Fresh has launched some meal kits in Seattle. They cost about $8 to $10 per serving.

25 Escenas de 'Dumbo' que te dañaron para toda la vida

Viajes psicotrópicos, maltrato animal, violencia y humillación.

Drags do "RuPaul's Drag Race" dublaram Pabllo Vittar e os fãs brasileiros tão no chão

O vídeo editado por um fã mostra Shangela, Laganja, Latrice e Jujubee dublando ao som de "K.O." em português.

Do You Even Know Anything About Wearing Clothes?

Would you wear a hat in a coffee shop?

Egg-Freezing And IVF Are Tech’s Hottest Perk

Talking about IVF and egg-freezing used to be taboo. But at a growing number of tech companies — not just Apple and Facebook — women and other employees are starting to push for fertility coverage.

Which TV Show Should All Women Watch?

Because nothing is better than girl power.

Os brigadeiros mais incríveis num vídeo só!

Você não vai conseguir escolher um só!

23 Things You'll Totally Relate To If You're Anxious AF

Personality: "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!" Anxiety: "But I do."

Existe uma teoria que a Taylor Swift andou por aí dentro de uma mala para escapar dos paparazzi

"Eu não ligo se é verdade ou não. Ainda é a minha verdade."

17 Tweets That Will Make You Say, "FML, That Is Me"

Hairdresser: do you like it? me: yes thank you. *goes home and cries*

29 Fotos, die Deutsche raffen und den Rest der Welt total verwirren

Mit den Top-Hits: „Tja”, „Aha” und „Na”.

25 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up The Difference Between American And Filipino Parents

American parents: "Take care. Love you!" Filipino parents: "Aalis ka na naman?! San ka punta?! Sino kasama mo?!?!"

The "Thong Song" Is Back And Better Than Ever

♫ She had dumps like a truck (truck, truck). Thighs like what (what, what). ♫

Test VPS Videos

Test VPS Videos

Make 10 Food Decisions To Reveal Which Celebrity Should Be Your Best Friend

From burgers to salads, your taste in these delicious dishes will reveal which celebrity you'd click with!

28 Times The Kardashians Were Savage As Hell To One Another

A family that shades together stays together.

Comment la Turquie a changé depuis le coup d'État manqué de l'an dernier

La tentative infructueuse de prise de pouvoir par une faction des militaires du pays a divisé la Turquie, tout en incitant son chef à durcir sa politique.

12 Things Donald Trump Jr. Said He Loved Before The Promise Of Clinton Dirt From Russia

"If it's what you say I love it especially later in the summer."

Tinder's New Look Puts Even More Emphasis On Your Profile Pics

Here's what you need to know about Tinder's brand-new design.

30 Things Priyanka Chopra Can Do Better Than Your Basic Ass

This isn't a contest because you can't win.

Faites tourner ces biscuits «hand spinner»

Pour une fois qu'on peut jouer avec la nourriture!

Paula Vázquez tiene mucho que decir sobre machismo en medios, por eso la quieren callar

El mundo del entretenimiento audiovisual, es decir, el cine y la televisión, detesta a las mujeres mayores.

Lula diz que Moro se comporta como um "czar" e que seu processo foi uma "mentira"

"O juiz Moro fala o que quer, como quer, sem respeitar a Constituição", disse.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Dot & Bo, Paper Source,, and more!

民進党の蓮舫代表が国籍法について語ったこと 「守るべきだと思う」。でも…


Here's Why A Group Of Leading Scots Have Called For Brexit To Be Halted

Leading public figures from different industries in Scotland have written an open letter calling for a new "national debate" on Brexit.

Uh, It Turns Out The New £10 Note Has A Pretty Big Problem

The final design for the new polymer £10 note has been revealed by Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

After 2016 Hacks, House Democratic Committee Switches To Encrypted Messaging

The DCCC has moved to Wickr, an end-to-end encrypted messaging system, for all internal communications. They're first to do so after a year in which hacking dominated the news.

9 Secretly Gross Things That Happen To All Girls Who Run

Period or sweat? The eternal question.

T. Rex Couldn't Actually Run, According To This Study

Thanks to Jurassic Park, we all think of Tyrannosaurus rex sprinting after its prey, but a new computer model suggests that if it had tried that its legs would have broken.

Here's What People Actually Use To Clear Up Their Blackheads

Including a holy grail mud mask that will free up congested pores.

Dinge, die du gern vor deinem Coming Out gewusst hättest

Die Mobber werden niemals gewinnen.



These British Guys Are Cycling All The Way To Saudi Arabia For Hajj

Eight men on bikes are cycling 3,500km to raise money for the humanitarian crisis in Syria and then perform Hajj.



16 recetas con huevo frito que demuestran que es el ingrediente estrella de cada plato

¿Hay algo más delicioso que un huevo frito? Yo digo no.


現地にいた男性はBuzzFeed Newsの取材に、「ひょうがぶつかる際にかなり鈍い音がしていたので、危険を感じて外に出られませんでした」と話した。



Bharat Mata And Her Unruly Daughters

The saffron flag-wielding RSS version of Mother India excludes several identities that are just as Indian as her savarna sons.

People Are Filling Nawazuddin's Twitter With Support After He Called Out Racism In Bollywood

Hey Bollywood, it's about time you got over your obsession with fair skin.

Only A True Jane Austen Fan Can Get 10/12 On This Quiz

Do you know your Pride and Prejudice from your Persuasion?

The Liberal National Party Has Committed To New Abortion Controls

"Don’t think I’m working undercover for the Australian Christian Lobby, because I’m not."

Buy An Outfit At Urban Outfitters And We'll Reveal Where You Should Go On Vacation

Because what's a vacation without the perfect outfit?

After A Fire In A Honolulu High-Rise Killed 3 People, The Mayor Has Introduced A Bill To Mandate Sprinkler Systems

The new legislation would require fire-sprinkler systems in all high-rise residential buildings on Oahu.

Two Senators Had To Resign Over Surprise Dual Citizenship And Twitter Can't Stop Making Jokes

"To lose one deputy leader may be regarded as a misfortune..."

OMFG Another Greens Senator Has Been Forced To Resign Because Of Dual Citizenship

In a gobsmacking development, the Greens' two deputy leaders have been forced to resign in the last week after both discovering they are dual citizens.

OK, "The Bachelorette" Kinda Went Too Far With Dean's Hometown Date

People are not so happy with how it all went down.

If You Did 37/42 Of These Things At School You're Definitely Australian

Nothing more Aussie than stuck in the mud and pizza rounders.

What If Trump TV Was Good?

What Russia has going for it. From the NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen podcast.

ひんやりおいしい♪ 4種のベジフルスムージー


Tropical Storm Don Formed And Everyone Erupted With Trump Jokes

"A bigly tropical storm, not yet a hurricane. Sad!"

Mitch McConnell Just Wants To Repeal Obamacare Now That Replacing It Won't Happen Anytime Soon

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would now vote on a bill to fully repeal Obamacare, but delay repeal by two years.

Flash Briefing For July 18, 2017

Meet your new emojis, Amazon *might* crush Blue Apron, and BuzzFeed News investigates R. Kelly.

Este quiz te dirá tu % de fresa y tu % de barrio

Dos lobos luchan en tu interior, pero a uno no lo dejan pasar al antro.

We Went To Trump's Stores To See How Much Of The Stuff Is "Made In America"

Trump is celebrating "Made in America" week, so we went to some of his stores to see how much is actually made in the great US of A. We didn't find much.

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