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July 31, 2017

What's The Best Thing A Teacher Has Ever Done For You?

Tell us about the best thing a teacher ever did for you.

Which Barbie Movie Should You Star In?

Are you more Swan Lake or The Princess and the Pauper?

Venezuela Arrests Two Opposition Leaders Hours After US Imposes Sanctions On President Maduro

"The threats and sanctions from the Empire don't intimidate me," President Nicolas Maduro said after the US announced sanctions on Monday.

¿Puedes adivinar cómo se llaman estos personajes secundarios de Disney?

Sólo un verdadero fan se sabe los nombres de todos, aunque no sean princesas.

Republican And Democratic Groups In Talks With Encrypted Messaging Company

After hacks during the 2016 election, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee moved to Wickr, an end-to-end encrypted messaging service for internal communications. The company says it's in talks with — and has trials in place for — groups from both political parties.

The '90s Really Are Back! MTV Is Bringing Back "TRL"

We're going back to 1515 Broadway!

Which Member Of "Off The Hook" Are You?

Don't get cooked, stay off the hook!

Trump’s Biggest Online Defenders Are Sad To See Scaramucci Go

The Mooch quickly became popular among some of Trump’s biggest supporters. Some in the base are disappointed he didn’t get more of a chance in the White House.

18 Señales de que eres un abuelito viviendo en el cuerpo de alguien joven

Te emocionas con promociones del súper y te encanta ver videos de recetas.

21 Hilarious PMS Tweets For Anyone With A Vagina

"PMS symptoms may include: irritability, fatigue, bloating, cramps, and crying about Batman."

Trump Is Winning On Judges

It’s not all chaos at the White House: Trump has been steadily delivering on his promise to appoint conservative judges.

The Cheesecake Factory Just Released A New Flavor And We Tried It So You Don't Have To

"I like my cheesecake like I like my men: thick, creamy, and simply mouth-watering."

祝!Tasty Japan1周年♪ ネイキッド・フルーツケーキ


Rebekah Mercer’s Pro-Trump Group Goes Silent

Making America Great formed amid complaints that President Trump’s allies outside the White House weren’t doing enough to promote his priorities. But after spending a quick $1 million, the group led by a GOP mega-donor was missing in the latest health care debate.

For The First Time, Republican Senators Are Drawing A Hard Line With Trump

“If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay.”

People Are Laughing At This Mom Who Thought A Purse At A Cafe Was A Dog

Turns out there are a lot of things out there that look like dogs.

Here's A List Of People Who've Left The Trump Administration So Far

A running list of those who have left the White House since Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2017.

Mark Ruffalo Geeking Out Over His Own "Thor" Co-Stars Is All Of Us

"When your friends are kind of a big deal..."

Construye un Transformer y te diremos si eres un Autobot o un Decepticon

¿Eres valiente y bondadoso o inteligente y determinado?

24 Pequeños cambios que mejorarán tu vida

A veces es bueno llorar mientras te bañas.

10 Dumb Things We Do Making Characters In Video Games

Trying to make a virtual version of yourself always results in a self-own.

Who's Making Adult Films In The Dorm?

Unmask the rogue bondage pornographer!

We Tried An Indoor Surfing Workout Class

Three people try their hand at a workout class that utilizes surfing movements and skills.

Putin's New Limits On US Diplomacy Are Likely To Affect Russians Most

Russian support staff will feel the brunt of Putin's order that the US reduce its staff in Russia by 755 positions.

【更新】妊婦の観光客であふれる「ジカフリー」の島、バミューダ リスクの指摘も




Answer These Questions About Sex And We'll Guess If You're Still A Virgin Or Not

Your taste in movies, music, and television can be revealing.

Disney's Princess Gathering Left Sarah Silverman Speechless

"I got a little choked up," Sarah Silverman said.

21 Historias de terror con juguetes sexuales que te causarán pesadillas

Life hack: no compres bolas anales de baja calidad.

If You Can Get 10/15 On This Simpsons Quiz… Congratulations, You Know More Than 90% Of The World!

Are you a true Simpsons fan? Or are you more like one of those people from Shelbyville?

People Are Hilariously Sharing Things That Were Longer Than Scaramucci’s Term At The White House

"I've had sunburns that have lasted longer than Scaramucci. They were less painful to deal with too."

Este é o quiz mais difícil sobre as falas de "Friends" de todos os tempos

"Eles não sabem que a gente sabe que eles sabem que a gente sabe."

Pick Out Five Fast Food Items And We'll Tell You What Color To Paint Your Room

Hope you have an empty stomach because it's time to eat up!

It's Official: The Olympic Games Will Be In Paris In 2024, And Los Angeles In 2028

The bids were made official Wednesday after deals were struck with the cities earlier this summer.

People Keep Discovering That Outback Steakhouses Can Be Linked To Form A Pentagram

Is the home of the bloomin' onion home to much more?

32 Cosas que solo las mujeres con barrigita entenderán

Conoces esa rara sensación cuando te inclinas mucho hacia adelante y tus pechos tocan tu panza.

32 coisas que apenas garotas com uma barriguinha vão entender

Você se identifica com esculturas clássicas (como Afrodite!) em um nível espiritual. Se uma deusa pode ter uma barriguinha, você também pode!

Can You Guess Which Furniture Is Most Expensive?

I'll just sleep on the floor, thx.

People Call For A Boycott Of "The Breakfast Club" After A Guest Joked About Killing Trans Women

A week after Janet Mock's appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, the hosts are coming under fire for their interview with comedian Lil Duval, who joked about killing trans women.

21 Massive Things J.K. Rowling Has Revealed About "Harry Potter" On Twitter

We've all been pronouncing Voldemort's name wrong...

Anthony Scaramucci Just Lost His Job

The new chief of staff, John Kelly, forced him out minutes after being sworn in on Monday.

McDonald's Sent The "Rick And Morty" Creators A Bottle Of Szechuan Because The Internet Is Magic

"I'm not driven by avenging my dead family, Morty, that was fake. I'm driven by finding that McNugget sauce."

Thoughts You Have When You Can't Sleep

There has to a be a better way.

Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

A mountainous incense holder, an inflatable fort, and some water rockets. How far can *you* get without buying something?

Women Try $1 Makeup

“I feel wet…and not in the good way"

Stand - Up Comedians Try To Make Preschoolers Laugh

Kid humor is a special kind of humor

5 Body-Positive Men Open Up About Loving Their Bodies

"It means genuinely loving the skin that you are in, fully and wholly."

Chris Christie Yelled At Some Dude While Cradling Nachos And People Really Can't Handle It

"Don't ever again question Chris Christie's humanity after seeing him cradle those nachos like a mother primate cradling its young."

Hackers Have Leaked Some "Game Of Thrones" Episode Outlines From HBO

"HBO recently experienced a cyber incident, which resulted in the compromise of proprietary information," the network said in a statement.

Ya existe una nueva profesión en México: cruzador profesional de charcos

En Ecatepec, por sólo 5 pesitos, te ahorras la mojada y te hacen caballito.

"Se quiser fazer uma tatuagem com o Temer eu patrocino pra você", diz deputado

Wladimir Costa (SD-PA), o Wlad, marcou o nome do presidente no ombro direito. Ele afirma ter outros quatro desenhos pelo corpo, três em homenagem ao Pará e um "íntimo": "No pênis. É sério. Eu gosto de tatuagem, eu sou entusiasta."

The Campaign To Get "Confederate" Scrapped Trended On Twitter And HBO Has A Response

HBO said in a statement that they have "great respect for the dialogue," but that they "hope that people will reserve judgment."

17 Beauty Blender Dupes That Are Actually Worth Buying

Why spend 20 dollars when you can spend 10 and dab all the way to the bank?

West Midlands Police Say They're Looking Into A Video Of An Arrest That Has Raised Concerns Over Use Of Force

"We are continuing to gather as much information as swiftly as possible to understand exactly what has happened," they said in a statement.

«Paris maltraite sa bibliothèque féministe depuis des années»

La mairie de Paris veut que la bibliothèque Marguerite Durand quitte ses locaux actuels pour intégrer la bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris l'année prochaine. Mais ce déménagement soulève de nombreuses critiques.

18 True Signs Na Crush Ka Na Ng Crush Mo

Alam na this! Madapa ka sa na, haba ng hair mo!

Here’s How You React To Your Son’s Autism When Your Language Has No Word For Autism

At first, Nura Aabe avoided her son’s autism diagnosis. Now she uses her experience to change the lives of other families.

14 Of The Most Savage Children Who Have Ever Existed

"My child told a woman she had a butt like Barney. I almost left town."

If You've Done 18/30 Of These Things To Your Food, You're Definitely British

Have you ever covered your baked beans in ketchup?

16 Superheroes Who Are So Beautiful, You'll Wish They'd Come And Save You

The thirst is intense from here on, you've been warned. Also Jason Momoa, hi.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a pet bed, travel reading glasses, food storage containers, and more!

49 Inexplicable Things Everyone Does But Doesn't Really Know Why

Licking your lips when someone starts talking about dry lips.

25 Things You Can Get On Sale Right Now That Only Look Expensive

We won't tell anyone how much it *really* cost.

10 Times Mr. Feeny Was Perfect On "Boy Meets World"

The greatest teacher the '90s ever had.

Playwright And Actor Sam Shepard Dies At 73

The writer of Buried Child and True West was also known for his robust acting career.

Si identificas 20 de estas 32 cosas, tuviste computadora antes que muchísima gente

Like si eras de los que te conectabas a Internet usando el teléfono de tu casa.

23 vezes em que Olenna Tyrell de "Game of Thrones" foi uma rainha lacradora

Rainha dos Espinhos, rainha dos nossos corações. Aviso: contém spoilers!

Here's Why The Government Will Struggle To Meet Its Promise On Mental Health Staff

The government is planning to recruit thousands of additional nurses, consultants, and therapists working across mental health services, but many have said the numbers don't add up.

4 recettes plus saines grâce à la banane

4 façons d'avoir la banane!

Buy An Outfit At Hot Topic And We'll Tell You What % Emo You Are

You're definitely emo, but how emo are you?

31 trios tão icônicos quanto Anitta, Pabllo Vittar e Diplo

Se tem uma coisa que o Brasil sabe produzir são trios porretas.

«Dans le TGV de l’enfer»: des voyageurs partagent les photos du bordel à Montparnasse

De nombreux usagers se sont retrouvés sans train ou dans des voitures bondées après la panne technique survenue samedi soir dans la gare parisienne.

This Girl Has Been Missing For 19 Years, But You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Her

Lost amid the flurry of attention that focuses on missing white girls and women are the names of black girls who disappear. Veronica Pate's daughter, ShyShy, is one of them.

This Man Just Got A Jacob Rees-Mogg Tattoo

We live in strange times.

Só um verdadeiro fã de terror já viu pelo menos 30 destes filmes

"O Massacre da Serra Elétrica", "A Bruxa de Blair", "Babadook"...

23 Magical Products To Celebrate Harry Potter’s Birthday

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is your bank account.

Quão amorzinho você é?

Seria você a pessoa mais fofa do mundo?

¿Qué tan bien recuerdas la primera generación de 'La Academia'?

Cuesta subir la cuesta, ¿pero qué tanto te cuesta recordar sus nombres?

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Eloquii, Asos, H&M, and more!

16 WTF Moments In Food History That Are Creepy, Weird, Or Both

Some people like to watch the world and their steaks burn.

"Riverdale" Has A New Reggie And He's Honestly Hot AF

There's a new daddy on the block...

RNC Tells Staff To Preserve All Documents Related To 2016 Campaign

According to the memo, the RNC “has not been contacted regarding any of the ongoing investigations” — but the committee has instructed employees not to delete or modify any documents related to last year’s campaign.

11 Gorgeous Makeup Experts Share Their Absolute Favorite Products

'Cause we can never have too many brow or highlighter recommendations.

33 Produkte, die Eltern kleiner Babys den Arsch retten

[ANZEIGE] Ja, du bekommst dein Kind auch ohne diese Dinge groß. Doch sie sind wahnsinnig nützlich und erleichtern dir das Leben!

As imagens impactantes da votação na Venezuela que deixou ao menos 10 mortos

No domingo (30), país promoveu a escolha de uma Assembleia Constituinte. Opositores e países da região dizem que pleito é manobra para ampliar os poderes do presidente Nicolás Maduro.

16 détails marrants que vous ignoriez peut-être sur les films Pixar

Il faudrait plus de 9,4 millions de ballons gonflables pour soulever la maison de Carl dans Là-haut.

Gigi, Don't Drop That Juice!

That's a lot of juice, Gigi!

Only A True '80s Girl Can Check Off 41 Out Of These 50 Things

The truly, truly, truly outrageous decade to be a kid!

Auditoria do TCU quer cobrar R$ 847 mil de assessor de Meirelles por doutorado não concluído

TCU vai julgar nos próximos dias caso do Secretário de Acompanhamento Econômico do Ministério da Fazenda, Mansueto Almeida, que recebeu bolsa do governo para fazer doutorado no exterior mas não defendeu a tese.

21 Times Disney Was Too Damn Real

Wow, Disney can be deep.

Design A Hipster Restaurant And We'll Tell You What Career To Pursue

That avocado toast isn't going to pay for itself.

Angelina Jolie Addressed The "Cruel And Exploitative" Child-Casting Game Controversy

The actor said her retelling of a "game" used in the casting process of her new film – in which it was suggested that money was taken from impoverished children to elicit a reaction – had been "misinterpreted".

18 Savage British Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

"Picked up my mum steaming and she said "can we get chips" to which I replied "no we have some in the freezer", been waiting years to say that."

Indie Rom-Coms Finally Show Black Girls Some Love

By centering a black woman's experience, Netflix’s new film The Incredible Jessica James is the indie rom-com black fans of the genre have been waiting for.

29 komplett unnütze Fakten, die du trotzdem gleich weitererzählen willst

„Yoda und Miss Piggy wurden von ein und derselben Person gesprochen.“

Viele deutsche Medien würden über einen Bundestagsleak vor der Wahl berichten

Wikileaks hat 70.000 E-Mails veröffentlicht, die angeblich mit Emmanuel Macron in Verbindung stehen. Wir haben deutsche Medien von Tagesschau bis RT Deutsch gefragt, wie sie mit einem Leak deutscher E-Mails umgehen würden.

25 personnes qui ont passé une pire journée que vous

Vous n'êtes pas les seuls à passer une journée de merde.

Mike Pence Denies He's Planning A "Shadow Campaign" For 2020

White House staff shake ups, Russian sanctions, North Korea, and a grand jury in the Russia investigation: Here's what's happening in DC.

37 Things That Scottish Mums Say That Mean Something Totally Different

"Och, it's like Blackpool Illuminations in here." – One light is on.

24 Things So Wholesome You Can't Help But Smile

There's still good in the world.

This Celeb Couple Are Engaged After The Most Complicated Relationship Ever

To say that Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor have had a complicated relationship history is an understatement.

【また読みたい……】「#封神演義 」のキャラ名の読み方わかるかな?


11 cosas que los hombres pueden hacer en el trabajo para hacerle la vida más fácil a sus compañeras

Puedes ayudar a convertir tu lugar de trabajo en un espacio seguro para las mujeres.

【森友学園】籠池前理事長夫妻を逮捕 忘れてはいけないもう一つの大きな問題


24 Times Britain Was Almost Too Damn Clever

Spoiler alert: Most of these involve alcohol.

12 Absolutely Must-Try Dubai Food Spots For The Perfect Summer Date

From street food to luxury dining to delicious desserts, Dubai has it all.

15 Low-Key Genius Products On Amazon You Should Try Out

A holy grail blackhead solution and 14 other favourite products from our recent posts.

¿Serías capaz de aprobar el examen teórico del carnet de conducir?

*No tienes que devolver el carnet si no pasas este test*

Jeanne Moreau, une actrice badass en images

La légendaire comédienne est décédée lundi 31 juillet à l'âge de 89 ans.



This "Game Of Thrones" Scene Had So Many Layers And It Was Amazing

There's a lot to unpack. Warning: contains spoilers.

8 Terrifying Things That Will Put Your Life Into Perspective

Hold on tight, we're in for a bumpy ride.

Responde 9 preguntas y te decimos qué actriz española te interpretaría en una peli

Penélope no puede hacer de todas, es una mujer muy ocupada.

These People Lost Their Blue Badges But Their Parents Are Fighting To Get Them Back

"The government just moved the goalposts and didn’t bother to tell anybody."

8 Weirdly Useful Products You Should Try Out In August

Including a tell-your-friends-good smudgeproof high street mascara.





Marriage Equality Could Come To A Head Next Week And Whew, What A Day

"In our party, backbenchers have always had the right to cross the floor."



14 razones para estar agradecida por ser bajita

Parece que el mundo se hizo para gente alta, pero lo que te falta en altura lo tienes en determinación.

Comment journalistes et politiques se sont fait avoir par une fausse citation de Trudeau sur l'excision

Non, le Premier ministre canadien n'a jamais affirmé que «l'excision n'est pas une pratique culturelle barbare».

Something Big Happened On "Game Of Thrones" And People Are Emotional

This show loves to mess with us. Warning: spoilers!

Brits Are Two Times More Likely To Face Disability Discrimination Than People In Other European Countries

Analysis given exclusively to BuzzFeed News shows people in the UK were more likely to say they faced disability discrimination than those in other major European countries.

This Is What It's Like To Live With An "Invisible" Disability

"Never judge a book by its cover – not all disabilities are visible."

What Inappropriate Jokes Did You Miss In TV And Movies When You Were Younger?

They have to keep the parents entertained somehow....

The Last Of 12 Inmates Who Escaped From An Alabama Jail Has Been Captured

The final escapee was recaptured after two days on the run, officials said.

東京ディズニーランド&シーで入園者7億人 記念すべきゲストにプレゼントも


24 perfekte Reaktionen auf den neuesten "Game Of Thrones"-Tod

Wahrscheinlich der kultigste Tod der Show tbh. SPOILER.

23 Times Olenna Tyrell On "Game Of Thrones" Was A Savage Queen

Queen of Thorns, queen of our hearts. Warning: contains spoilers!!

21 Funny Twitter Reactions From The Latest “Game Of Thrones” Episode That Will Make You LOL

"Find yourself someone who talks about you the way Davos talks about Jon. "

People Are Both Sad And Happy About The End Of "Game Of Thrones" This Week

Probably the most iconic death on the show tbh. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

69 Thoughts I Had Watching This Week's "Game Of Thrones," Including "NICE"

The real tragedy is about Jon and his missing boat.

Pick Five Pairs Of Socks And We'll Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong In

Remember: it's our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.



Who Would Your "The Office" Boyfriend Be?

Who's ready to start their own office romance?

Flash Briefing For July 31, 2017

Putin has ordered US diplomats to leave Russia, police are condemning Trump for telling officers to be rough with suspects in custody, and Frank Ocean wore a t-shirt so perfect it broke the internet.

Peter Dutton's Own Electorate Thinks Politicians Should Get On With A Marriage Equality Vote

As gay Liberal MPs hint at crossing the floor to legislate marriage equality, new polling suggests Dutton's electorate would prefer politicians get on with it.

23 Glitters Even Non-Makeup Lovers Will Want

Pigments, foils, shimmers, sparkles - you name it.

The Number Of Deaths Involving Ice Doubled In Just Seven Years

"Each of these deaths was associated with about 44 years of life [that could have been lived had the person not used methamphetamine] and I think that shows the impact."

We Tried Cryotherapy And Froze Our Titties Off To See If It Was Worth It

What's cooler than being cool? Standing in a tank in your knickers because it'll boost your metabolism.

Answer These Questions And We'll Reveal Which Planet In Our Solar System You Belong On

If other planets were habitable, where would you fit in?

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