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    24 Things So Wholesome You Can't Help But Smile

    There's still good in the world.

    1. The real-life princess and her biggest fan:

    2. Chuck, the loyal duck:

    3. The smooth-talking grandpa:

    4. The penguins' lesson in patience:

    5. The school lunch reminder:

    6. The important notice:

    7. The graffiti artist with respect for his roots:

    8. The well-intentioned boyfriend:

    9. The proud granddad:

    10. The curious and persistent dog:

    11. The faithful dinosaurs:

    Twitter: @YareYareZawa

    12. The best kind of friend:

    13. The Bob Ross party:

    14. The grandma who is universally the same:

    15. The hair twins:

    16. The ultimate push for teamwork:

    if both basketball teams just worked together they could score so many more points

    17. The kind Captcha exchange:

    18. The father-son duo:

    19. The most important character on Blue's Clues:

    20. The dog-walking ad:

    21. The aunt who went all out:

    22. The popular jeans:

    23. The supportive passenger:

    Some baby on this plane is singing the ABCs all out of order and a guy just shouted "yes girl remix!!"

    24. And the anxious dog: