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Thoughts You Have When You Can't Sleep

There has to a be a better way.

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It happens every time. You need to wake up early, so you try your best to get to sleep early, but...

Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

You get so anxious about falling asleep that you can't fall asleep. Instead, you think about all of these things instead...


Except, you can't think about nothing.

Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

Instead, you worry about whether or not you can wake up on time, and you start counting how many hours of sleep you'll get if you go to sleep right now, and then you worry if you'll ever sleep again. How are you supposed to think about nothing?!

You've already tried every method you've ever heard for getting to sleep quickly.

Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

You've drunk the warm milk, you've swaddled yourself in blankets... nothing works.


You constantly check to clock, and you're surprised by how late it is each time you look.

Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

How is it 4 a.m. already?! I'm only going to get three hours of sleep at this point!

This post was translated from Japanese.


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