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How To Waste A Day Off In 12 Easy Steps

What happened?!

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On those rare occasions when you do get out of the house on a day off, it's exhausting.

Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

You get back home as quickly as you can and immediately go back to bed. Something about sleeping in and doing nothing really drains your endurance.


At the end of the day off, you freak out because you haven't done anything, so you get up and try to accomplish SOMETHING.

Nozomi Shiya / Via BuzzFeed

Organize your desk a little, cook a simple meal, go for a walk... whatever. (Of course, none of it is the stuff you actually wanted to get done.)

But it's enough to make you feel better, and after a long day of not doing anything, you go to bed, promising yourself that you'll get more done next weekend.

This post was translated from Japanese.