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26 Couples Who Truly Glowed The Fuck Up Together

Aged like a fine wine.

We asked the long-term couples of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their glow-ups. Here are the badass results.

1. These two, who've always kept it stylish:

"Four years later haha, thank god for the glow up!"


2. These cuties who are so good-looking it's unfair:

"My husband and myself in May 2008 and recently in July 2017."


3. This pair who got on puberty's good side:

4. This couple who're the epitome of cool:

"Just started dating to married for three years!"


5. These two, who glowed up stylishly:

"From high school (2003) to now ❤️ ."


6. These lovebirds who have flawless pearly whites:

"2009 when we started dating and 2016 on our honeymoon."


7. This couple, who're lookin' sharp:

"Our great personalities helped us during those rough years."


8. This always-fancy pair:

"The first one is his senior prom picture in 2011. We were 18. The second is us about a week ago."


9. These adorable newlyweds:

"2012 to 2017. Together for almost six years now and married for almost a year. I love us❤️ ."


10. This pair who ditched the Aéropostale for some formalwear:

"Me and my boyfriend junior year of high school, flash forward eight years later and here we are... minus the Aéropostale shirts and sunglasses inside the house."


11. These two, who know how to clean up nicely:

"Two and a half years together!"


12. This couple who went from middle school babies to pretty much models:

"This is my sister and her boyfriend at sophomore year homecoming and then at college formal, minus the braces and Bieber swoop."


13. These two, who glow so hard they shine:

"2013 to 2017."


14. This duo of glammed-up cuties:

"High school graduation to college senior formal. Now engaged!"


15. These two, who grew up to be pretty snazzy:

"2003 ➡️ 2017. We've come a long way."


16. These two, who just look so damn fly:

"Mind you, the faces don't help us AT ALL. But thank god for puberty. Five year difference."


17. This couple, who just figured it all out:

"10 years later. He figured out his best facial hair, I figured out my eyebrows, and we both figured out our best angles."


18. These two, who ditched the polos and braces for some slick looks:

"11 years."


19. This pair who really upgraded:

20. These two, who dated throughout college and came out strong:

"Four years of college did something weird to us."


21. This pair who are no longer metal-mouthed:

"2010 vs. 2017"


22. These two, who grew out of their '00s style:

"Left is 8th grade at 13 years old, and the right is present day at 26 years old! Still going strong :)"


23. These cuties who flew out of their awkward phase and turned into gorgeous adult humans:

"Left is 2008. We got married in 2016!"


24. These two who went from awkward hand-holding to being an adorable couple:

"2009 homecoming vs. 2016 graduation day. Dating for eight years. He's definitely Longbottomed harder than me."


25. This couple who're the definition of badass:

26. And these two, who truly made puberty their bitch:

"Somebody hit a growth spurt."


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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