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    16 Superheroes Who Are So Beautiful, You'll Wish They'd Come And Save You

    The thirst is intense from here on, you've been warned. Also Jason Momoa, hi.

    1. First of all, you can't talk about hot men and not include Jason Momoa. That's just the way it is.

    It's ironic that Jason will be playing Aquaman because I'm already wet.

    2. I don't want to be biased, but the true (super)man of my heart is Henry Cavill. I will honestly fight all of you to get to the front of the queue.

    Warner Bros

    I could talk about this man all day.

    3. But let's not forget about the Superman before Henry. Say hi to Brandon Routh.

    Warner Bros

    A bit more clean-cut than Henry, but equally as PLEASE SAVE ME I'M IN DISTRESS hot.

    Warner Bros

    4. We've got to wait a little while longer before we see Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther, but I will be front row at the cinema every night just to see him in action.

    I have confidence he can protect me, and look mighty fine while he's at it.

    5. The Hemsworth gene pool is honestly fantastic. The only thing that makes Chris even hotter is the fact he plays Thor.


    I advise you watch this sitting down. The video may result in weak knees and hot flushes.

    6. The second hot Chris on the list isn't exactly letting the team down. Nope, Evans really has me standing to attention.


    How exactly do you get Captain America to come and save you? What trouble do I need to be in, because I'm willing to risk it ALL.


    7. Luke Cage is... wait, I've suddenly lost my train of thought.


    Even in clothes that chest is really something. Claps to you Mike Colter.


    8. Hi, this is Stephen Amell who plays the Green Arrow. This is him.

    The CW

    I have never seen Arrow, but I suddenly have an urge to start catching up.

    The CW

    9. OK look, I know Deadshot is technically a bad guy, but in Suicide Squad he was kind of a good guy. Like, just a little bit.

    Warner Bros

    And anyway, Will Smith is HOT AF, so I won't hear any arguments about including Deadshot in this list. Sue me.

    Warner Bros

    10. And while we're on the subject of good guys who aren't really good guys, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) was super fine in Suicide Squad too.

    Warner Bros

    And he's actually a REALLY GOOD GUY in real life, so he's staying put.

    11. I'm not saying I have a thing for a caped crusader who goes about town beating up bad guys, but I am saying I have a thing for Christian Bale as Batman, so take from that what you will.

    Warner Bros

    And tbf, he was super hot in American Psycho. It's just a shame he was, y'know, killing people.

    Lionsgate Films

    12. Ryan Reynolds is hot, that's not really up for debate. It's just a shame Deadpool insists on being so covered up, sigh.

    So to make up for that, here's what's going on underneath the suit. But again, it's a shame that in this movie, Ryan was a murderer.


    13. I don't really know if Wolverine is a "superhero" per se, but I don't think he's bad. And he's played by Hugh Jackman so I'm willing to give him a pass too.

    20th Century Fox

    It takes a lot to get past that dreadful haircut, so that's also testament to how good those abs are.

    20th Century Fox

    14. Chris Pratt aka Star-Lord is saying something to us but I can't quite concentrate because just look at his face.

    This GIF will honestly be the cause of my death, so I hope Chris is up for getting his superhero on and saving me.


    15. Cyborg aka Ray Fisher is just ready to come and save you.

    And look at how strong he is. You know he could save you, no problem.

    16. Finally, Bradley Cooper might've voiced Rocket the racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, but let's not forget what he looks like IRL.

    20th Century Fox

    And he comes with his own benefits.


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