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    Jul 31, 2017

    10 Dumb Things We Do Making Characters In Video Games

    Trying to make a virtual version of yourself always results in a self-own.

    by ,

    1. Choosing a "hilarious" name that is definitely going to get old 30 hours into the game.

    Nintendo/Tim U.

    Although, tbh, once hour 31 rolls along, Asslord will probably be funny again.

    2. Accidentally making your character look basic as hell.

    Bethesda/Tim U.

    Hello, I am the light mayo of people.

    3. Creating a character that is WAY hot and you're too horny to continue playing.

    BioWare/Tim U.

    Oh fuck, is that me? Why do I want to fuck me?

    4. Screwing up the face proportions to create an ungodly monster.

    BioWare/Tim U.

    Who is he?

    5. Attempting to even touch the body proportions.

    Activision/Tim U.

    You can either be a rail or a trash bag filled with broken Ikea furniture. No in between.

    6. Choosing a "trendy" haircut and wanting to pop on the first head armor that drops.

    BioWare/Tim U.

    The Macklemore undercut really sticks out in the kingdom of Ferelden.

    7. Why only face tattoos, and why do I have to look like an Avenged Sevenfold fan?

    BioWare/Tim U.

    8. Realizing that dwarf-you is just yourself 10 years in the future.

    BioWare/Tim U.

    9. But elf-you is just Marilyn Manson.

    BioWare/Tim U.

    10. And completely fucking up your ability tree/attributes early on.

    Bethesda/Tim U.

    Maybe doubling down on "charisma" to pick up virtual chicks was a bad idea.

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