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    21 Times Disney Was Too Damn Real

    Wow, Disney can be deep.

    1. When Hades couldn't help but tell the damn truth.


    2. When Pocahontas was summarised in one line.

    3. When Esmeralda fought for justice.


    4. When Megara stood up to the patriarchy.

    5. When Colette Tatou told us just how sexist the culinary industry is.

    6. When Megara gave us this very, very, real speech on consent.

    7. When Hans' betrayal cut really, really, deep.

    8. When Gaston truly was a sexist pig.

    9. When Jasmine spoke out against her objectification.

    10. When Mulan gave us this belter.

    11. And when the sexist expectations put on her were a little too real.

    12. When Sebastian spoke the absolute truth.

    13. When Pocahontas called out John Smith's prejudice.

    14. When Bing Bong sacrificed himself in Inside Out.

    15. When Ariel was just so done with being belittled.

    16. When Nani had to give this brutal advice to Lilo.

    17. When Mother Gothel played the victim and we saw just how abusive she can be.

    18. When Tiana just couldn't let herself have fun.

    19. When Elstigirl proved The Incredibles and the world would be nothing without women.

    20. When Esmerelda was there for Quasimodo.

    21. And finally, when Merida was done with this marriage bullshit and decided to compete for herself.