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When The Horror Of Losing Your Baby Turns Into Years Behind Bars

In a region wrestling with alarming rates of gender-based violence, El Salvador stands out for its relentless persecution of women suspected of having abortions.

Karla Zabludovsky 19 days ago

Prosecutors Are Going After A Woman Acquitted For Having A Stillbirth — For A Third Time

Evelyn Hernández’s acquittal last month was hailed as a victory for women’s rights, but prosecutors are appealing.

Karla Zabludovsky 2 months ago

The US Is Doing Everything It Can To Make Central America Its Southern Border

Brenda Rivera and her three children are fleeing Honduras, but every step of the way face new hurdles because of Trump's anti-immigrant policies. BuzzFeed News followed her journey.

Karla Zabludovsky 2 months ago

The Woman Who Was Tried Twice For Having A Stillbirth Has Been Acquitted

Evelyn Hernández was put on trial — again — last week for aggravated murder after she delivered a stillborn in 2016. After weeks of uncertainty, a judge ruled on Monday that she was innocent.

Karla Zabludovsky 2 months ago

This Woman Had A Stillbirth And Is On Trial For It — Again

Evelyn Hernández was convicted of aggravated murder after a stillbirth, but was released after serving 33 months. This week, she is going back to court for the same alleged crime.

Karla Zabludovsky 3 months ago

She Wants The Workers Off Her Land. They Say It’s Their Socialist Right.

A standoff at the top of a hill between a once-wealthy landowner and some impoverished farmers has been going on for 10 years, and neither side is backing down.

Karla Zabludovsky 4 months ago

Venezuela's Opposition Leader Has Called On Soldiers To Join His Uprising. The Government Says It's A Coup.

Clashes between protesters and soldiers have taken place in Caracas, including armored vehicles driving into demonstrators.

Matthew Champion 6 months ago

How Doctors And The Church Conspired To Stop An 11-Year-Old Girl From Having An Abortion After She Was Raped

Lucía was raped at 11. Her family’s demands for a legal abortion became the center of a global firestorm — and she still doesn’t know the whole story.

Karla Zabludovsky 7 months ago

This Woman Performed Her Own Abortion — And Was Lucky To Survive

After barely surviving two illegal abortions, Beatriz sells birth control on the black market to help other women in Venezuela, as the economic and political crisis deepens.

Karla Zabludovsky 8 months ago

20 Years After Hugo Chávez Launched The Revolution, Venezuela Is Falling Apart From Within

Despite Donald Trump's bellicose rhetoric, the real threat to Venezuela comes from within, as once-loyal supporters turn against the government.

Karla Zabludovsky 8 months ago

Venezuela Is Refusing To Allow In Aid, Calling It A “Rotten Gift” From The US

The embattled president was defiant in an hour-long press conference, even as the power went out around him.

Karla Zabludovsky 9 months ago

Fuel Theft Is Rampant And It's Destroying Mexico's Farmland

Fuel theft is out of control in Mexico, with gangs targeting the country's vast network of pipelines. Last week 96 people were killed in an explosion at a punctured pipe.

Karla Zabludovsky 9 months ago

A Viral Video Of A Venezuelan Stabbing His Girlfriend Led To Attacks On Refugees

When a Venezuelan immigrant stabbed his young girlfriend to death on the streets of Ecuador, the police stood by watching. Hours later, mobs attacked other Venezuelan refugees.

Karla Zabludovsky 9 months ago

Mexican Troops Stood By As People Crowded To Steal Fuel From A Punctured Pipeline. Hours Later, It Killed Dozens.

The blast comes amid a weeks-long government crackdown on fuel theft in parts of Mexico.

Karla Zabludovsky 9 months ago

Trump's Plan To Make Asylum-Seekers Wait In Mexico Is Likely To Be Challenged In Court

The announcement is a massive shift in immigration policy.

Hamed Aleaziz 10 months ago

A Mysterious Imposter Account Was Used On Facebook To Drum Up Support For The Migrant Caravan

Days before the migrant caravan left Honduras, a fake Facebook account was used to try to bolster its numbers. The social media giant has since deactivated the account but has refused to provide information about who created it.

Ken Bensinger 11 months ago

Mexico’s New President Is Finally Taking Office — But He May Have Already Blown His Honeymoon

Andrés Manuel López Obrador showed a sneak preview of his ruling style during a busy transition period, one filled with broken promises and big changes.

Karla Zabludovsky 11 months ago

Migrants Being Teargassed At The Border Is The Inevitable Consequence Of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Trump's policies to discourage migrants from coming to the US have only made the situation worse at the border.

Adolfo Flores 11 months ago

The US Has Fired Tear Gas And Closed The Largest Border Crossing With Mexico After Migrants Marched To The Border

At least one member of the march made it into the United States and was apprehended. Mexican police urged the marchers to return to the stadium in Tijuana where many have been living for days.

Adolfo Flores 11 months ago

Trump’s Nationalist Rhetoric Has Trickled Down To Mexico — And Turned People Against The Caravan

Marches in support of and against the migrant caravan faced off in Tijuana on Sunday, underscoring the increasingly polarized debate over immigration in the border city — and the country.

Karla Zabludovsky 11 months ago