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    25 Things You Can Get On Sale Right Now That Only Look Expensive

    We won't tell anyone how much it *really* cost.

    1. A lace bra that looks like it came straight from a French lingerie store.

    2. A copper cocktail set so fancy you'll look like a professional when using it.

    3. A pair of earrings with glass center stones.

    4. A lip stain with no sticky residue for a glamorous, intense look.

    5. A rose gold watch that's water-resistant (so you don't have to worry when it rains).

    6. A clear vase with a gold trim, because your flowers deserve the best.

    7. A set of two cat-eye sunglasses in different colors so you can always match your outfits.

    8. A strappy sandal in faux python to slither your way around town in.

    9. A candle in a ceramic holder that burns for 30 hours!

    10. A gold rhinestone ring that you can wear with anything.

    11. A velvet hat with an adjustable back just in case your head is a little large.

    12. A mascara and eyelash curler set so you can curl your lashes in style.

    13. A vegan leather wallet with 12 card pockets so you can keep on shopping.

    14. A set of nesting tables that have a simple and elegant look.

    15. A perfume with floral scents to use in the evening.

    16. A foundation brush set to bring out your inner unicorn.

    17. A tote that's large enough to carry everything you can't part with from home.

    18. A decorative mirror to bring classy elegance to your room.

    19. A set of six wine glasses that are dishwasher safe so you won't have too much cleaning after your party.

    20. A gold chain necklace set made of natural stone.

    21. A natural wood sconce hand-carved by artists in India.

    22. Bulb string lights that shine through vintage-style bronze globes.

    23. A gold planter with a stand, because your plants deserve to be on a pedestal.

    24. A set of bath bombs made with natural sea salt to use at the end of a long day.

    25. A wooden box handcrafted to store your precious trinkets.