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July 11, 2017

Trump Jr. On Meeting With Russian Lawyer: "I Probably Would Have Done Things A Little Differently" Now

Donald Trump Jr. spoke Tuesday to Fox News' Sean Hannity in his first interview after reports he had sought information from a Russian government-connected lawyer to damage Hillary Clinton.

In This Remote Town, Amazon Prime Is The Cheapest Way To Go Shopping

Residents of Iqaluit, Nunavut, say that Amazon Prime helps them save boatloads of money, but they're scared the company will take that away.

"The Bachelorette" Ratings Are Falling Hard

This season of The Bachelorette has featured its first black lead in Rachel Lindsay — but its ratings are down considerably.

The Man Leading The Grenfell Recovery Operation Has Described The Emotional Trauma Of Searching For Victims

Sergeant Alistair Hutchins, who is jointly leading the recovery, said in an interview that he understood the frustration of victims' families that their loved ones haven't been found.

Este sencillo examen te dirá si en verdad sabes leer

¿Puedes entenderle a un libro para niños?

Isso é o que muda com a reforma trabalhista aprovada no Senado

A terceirização vai crescer e o acesso à Justiça do Trabalho vai ficar mais caro e mais difícil.

The Last Line From The Final Episode Of 23 Classic '90s TV Shows

"I love you all. Class dismissed." —Mr. Feeny

A New Study Says Offline Bullying Is Still A Much Bigger Problem Than Cyberbullying

Despite the hype, children are much more likely to be bullied offline than on, and it's very rare for cyberbullying to happen on its own, according to a new report.

27 Tweets That'll Make Anyone In A Relationship Fall Over Laughing

"Every year, thousands of boyfriends are hunted for their jeans alone."

Como uma região do Sudeste Asiático está se tornando a incubadora para extremistas

O Estado Islâmico está perdendo terreno no Oriente Médio, mas pode se voltar para disputada região filipina de Marawi.

A Single Share Of Blue Apron Now Costs Less Than A Single Blue Apron Meal

Following a brutal research report, the company's share price fell to just above $7.

17 Cosas que odias que te digan cuando tienes el corazón roto

"No necesito escuchar que hay más peces en el mar cuando me acaban de cortar, gracias".

A Trump World Whodunnit As Allies Wonder: Who Is Going After Don Jr.?

“What would be smart about attacking the president’s son?”

Investors Are Hoarding Money As The Government Runs Out Of It

Investors are deferring income in hopes of lower taxes for high earners.

"I’m Not Going To Answer Any Questions On That Matter"

"Once again, to repeat myself, I’m gonna refer you to the outside counsel and I don’t have anything else to add."

Twitter Hires A New CFO After An Eight-Month Search

Twitter appoints Ned Segal as its CFO after a long search.

17 Completely Insane Things You Can Buy In A Russian Gift Shop

How could you leave Moscow without picking up a few souvenirs?

Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Hollaback Girl"?

Ooh it's still my shit 13 years later.





10 séries para ver enquanto a nova temporada de "Stranger Things" não chega

Vai começar só em 27 de outubro!!! Tá longe demais.

Only A True Swiftie Can Name 13/17 Of Her Biggest Hits

"The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate."

This Couple Is On An Adventure To Visit All 87 "Heritage Minutes" Locations Across Canada

"We’re both history nerds and were kids in the '90s, so we have a lot of nostalgia for the Heritage Minutes."

The US Isn’t Ready To Stop Deporting Veterans Just Yet

“The issue of expanding eligibility to broader groups of veterans is something we very much want to do,” Veterans Affairs Secretary David J. Shulkin told BuzzFeed News, but not until ongoing VA issues are resolved.

40 pensamentos ao assistir "Glow" pela primeira vez

No começo achei ridículo, mas já estou AMANDO o sotaque russo!

I’m Sick Of How Commercial Prime Day Has Become

The corporations ruin everything.

Are You A Soup Freak?

You like soup, but do you love soup?

Qual diva clássica da música brasileira é você?

Vai buscar quem mora longe, sonho meu.

Você é safado(a), careta ou meio-termo na cama?

Até onde você está disposto(a) a ir?

19 Cosas que siempre habías querido saber acerca de dar a luz

A veces te desgarras de la vagina al ano, a veces no.

These Canadians Are Fighting To Get Nonbinary Birth Certificates

"I have a right to my nonbinary birth certificate."

Hoje o Senado está tendo cenas dignas de 5ª série

Grupo de senadoras de esquerda invadiu a Mesa Diretora e impediu o presidente da Casa, Eunício Oliveira (PMDB-CE), de dar início à sessão. Aí ele mandou apagar a luz.

Este sanduíche gigante de costelinha é tudo o que você sempre quis na vida

Perfeito para uma galera ou para você que REALMENTE gosta de costelinha.

Donald Trump Blocked These People On Twitter. Now They're Suing Him.

"I’m troubled that the president can create a space on Twitter — where there are millions of people — that he can manipulate," one plaintiff said.

18 Posts With Actually Amazing Advice For Your Vagina

Basically everything you need to know about having the happiest, healthiest vagina possible.

How Normal Are Your Opinions On "The Office"?

It's not as easy as it might seem.

10 Things I Hate About You, Lil' Snapchat Hot Dog

The rumors are true: I'm in love.

Here's How The Pro-Trump Media Is Handling The Don Jr. Emails

"There's no evidence they colluded at all."

These Marijuana Coffee Pods Will Get You High AF

Consumers can get as much as 50 milligrams of THC from a single pod.

What's The Funniest Thing On The Internet About Ghosts?

“Can a ghost and a zombie come from the same person?”

22 Fotos impresionantes de "Harry Potter" que probablemente nunca habías visto

Mira todas las cosas divertidas que sucedían tras bambalinas.

20 fotos que toda pessoa alta vai reconhecer imediatamente

Se você já se agachou para tirar uma foto com alguém, este post é para você.

Queer Women Have A Lot Of Feelings About "The L Word" Coming Back

"I can literally feel the gayness rushing through my body."

The Definitive Worst 34 Photos Of Human Feet

This is upsetting...unless you're into this sort of thing.

The Truth Behind Instagram Pictures

50 attempts= one good photo.

This Guy Accidentally Read NSFW Harry Potter Fan Fiction Instead Of The Real Thing And He Was Confused

"Does the book even start with Hermione sending Harry a picture of herself in a bikini?"

Matthew Taylor Says Brands Should Show How Many Zero-Hours Workers Want Permanent Jobs

Matthew Taylor, who published a long-awaited report into modern working practices on Tuesday, told BuzzFeed News it's up to brands to be more transparent about the use of agency workers and people on insecure self-employed contracts.

23 coisas que todos apaixonados por papelaria já fizeram em segredo

Você provavelmente já mentiu que não tinha uma caneta sobrando porque não queria emprestar a sua.

Esta foto de Maluma leyendo a Camus inspiró los memes mas intelectuales de México

Y envidia, celos, lujuria y enojo. El mexicano es una criatura muy divertida.

Jovem vítima de estupro é condenada a 30 anos de prisão após ter bebê natimorto

A adolescente está entre as muitas mulheres condenadas pelas rígidas leis de aborto de El Salvador.

23 Tweets About Amazon Prime Day That'll Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

"When I'm president we're going to say 'Merry Prime Day' again."

At Least 56 Prisoners So Far Have Killed Themselves After Taking Psychoactive Substances

The health risk to prisoners is such that guides on how to safely take psychoactive substances have been distributed in prisons – BuzzFeed News has seen one.

Are You A Hipster?

Have you Instagrammed your breakfast? This morning?

Post-Prime Day Deals You Can Still Snap Up

Don't cry because it's over—smile because here are some other deals!

19 Sex, Love, And Dating Quizzes That'll Have You Debating All Goddamn Night

These debates might get a little heated, you've been warned.

If You've Done 26/38 Of These Things, You're A True Londoner

You ALWAYS have your Oyster card ready.

Jay-Z Opens Up About Saving His Marriage With Beyoncé After Cheating Scandal

"I'm not saying it wasn't uncomfortable because obviously it was."

Theresa May Is Facing Calls To Help British-Born People Who Suddenly Discover They're Not Citizens

After BuzzFeed News revealed the case of Cynsha Best, Labour and the Liberal Democrats said she was just the tip of the iceberg and accused the government of throwing people into legal limbo.

What's It Really Like To Work On A Cruise Ship?

Tell us the secrets most people don't know!

Die AfD darf nicht beim Lesbisch-Schwulen Stadtfest mitmachen

350.000 Menschen werden am Wochenende in Berlin erwartet. Die AfD möchte gerne dabeisein, aber die Veranstalter sagen Nein. Das teilten sie BuzzFeed News auf Anfrage mit.

Lucy Liu Is Directing The "Luke Cage" Season 2 Premiere

That's why she was on set in Harlem in June!

An "L Word" Sequel Is Officially In The Works

The groundbreaking lesbian drama is in development at Showtime with three original stars attached.

These Are All The Popular Hair Colors Over The Past Century

Raise your hand if you've tried all of these.

A situação no Rio está tão ruim que um secretário pediu demissão ao vivo na rádio

"A gente não entende por que um enfermeiro do nosso hospital Pedro Ernesto sofre a discriminação em comparação aos profissionais de saúde da Secretaria de Saúde", disse à CBN Pedro Fernandes (PMDB), que é do mesmo partido do governador Pezão.

Quão preguiçoso você é?

Deixou a bateria do celular descarregar porque o carregador tava a mais de 30 centímetros de distância?

Trois soldats français blessés, dont deux grièvement, par un engin explosif au Mali

Info BuzzFeed News - Trois soldats français de la force Barkhane ont été touchés par un engin explosif d'origine inconnue alors que leur convoi roulait dans le Nord du Mali. Deux d'entre eux, sérieusement blessés, ont été rapatriés en France.

Donald Trump Jr. Released The Emails Setting Up His Meeting With The Russian Lawyer

"This is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump."

Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50: Amazon Prime Day Edition

A fence window, a tri-blade slicer, and a salt & pepper wand: How far can *you* get without buying something?

Si haces 10 de estas 17 cosas, eres una persona 100% vanidosa

¿Tu fondo de pantalla es una foto tuya?

16 Trucos de cocina que te harán la vida muchísimo más fácil

Y te pondrán a cocinar como todo un chef.

We Found 81 Incidents Of Trump-Inspired Bullying That Happened Last School Year

BuzzFeed News has verified 27 more incidents of white students using Trump’s words and slogans to bully classmates, bringing the total to 81. Will the bullying resume when kids go back to school?

19 Things You Know If You Always Get Bitten By Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes do nothing but spread hate and disease.

7 Life-Changingly Useful Products For Anyone Who Wears A Bra

Including a stick-on bra that actually works, and stays put all day long.

If You Do More Than 10/16 Of These Things, Congrats! You're The One Who's Always Late In Your Group Of Friends

It should be a rule that there's always a 30 minute grace period for everything.

18 Wholesome And Perfect Tweets About Women Supporting Women

"Drunk women in bar bathrooms are my support group."

Answer These Seven Questions And We'll Reveal Which "Harry Potter" Marauder You Are

Are you more of a Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot or Prongs?

18 Strangely Satisfying Posts That Will Calm You Down Immediately

Take a long, deep breath because this is gonna be good.

31 Things All Pet Owners Should Buy On Amazon Prime Day

Your dogs and cats are really hoping you'll check out these deals.

How You Use Makeup When You're 15, 25, And 30 Years Old

5: I just need something that'll make me look less oily. 25: I just want something to make this look deliberate. 30: I was born with this GLOW!

Which Trump Child Are You?

Question 1: How much gold do you like?

Can You Survive A Day Eating Low-Carb?

(Not that you'd want to.)

17 fobias tão reais que talvez você possua uma delas

Alguém falou medo de se apaixonar?

Em seis meses de governo, Doria perde seu terceiro secretário

Eliseu Gabriel, do Trabalho, vai voltar a ser vereador na Câmara de SP.

Only A Real "Game Of Thrones" Fan Can Name 75% Of These Dead Characters

With less than a week to go until Season 7, is your memory of who's who up to scratch?

20 regras loucas que as pessoas tinham que seguir em casa quando eram crianças

"Minha vó falava que eu tinha que peidar no banheiro. Eu saía correndo, colocava a bunda no banheiro, peidava e voltava."

If You've Done 35/43 Things On This List You're Definitely Sisters

Left bite marks and then begged them not to show your parents.

14 Strange, Creepy, And Surprising Welsh Myths And Legends

Is there any story more heartbreaking than Gelert?

23 petites anecdotes sur le cinéma que vous ignoriez sûrement

Le Titanic a coûté moins cher à construire que le film.

Otro profesor del CIDE renunció tras comprobarse que acosó sexualmente a sus alumnas

El doctor Carlos Vilalta fue suspendido tres años por la escuela y se le instruyó a tomar un curso sobre perspectiva de género, pero él decidió renunciar cuando fue notificado de la sanción.

The Theme Song For The New "That's So Raven" Spinoff Is Definitely A Bop

Raven's Home brings us another theme song that's soon to be iconic.

21 Tweets That Are Funny Because They're Fucking True

"Ur weird if ur on holiday n u don't go up to ur hotel room and lay on the bed naked eatin Lays."

16 School Quirks That Scottish People Think Are Normal, But They're Not

We'll give you our play piece if you let us copy from your jotter.

17 tweets que vous ne pourrez comprendre que si vous savez à quel point les chats sont relous

Ou tu sors, ou j'te sors, mais faudra prendre une décision.

17 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Gone To School In India

"12 Years A Slave is about a guy going to school."

24 Things You Should Buy In Bulk On Amazon Prime Day

The perfect excuse to stock up on clothing storage bags, cleaning supplies, boxer briefs, and more.

39 horribles expériences d'épilation que la plupart des filles ont déjà vécues

Vos poils pubiens incarnés vous démangent en public.

25 Memes Only Awkward Humans Will Laugh At

"When you try to use sarcasm as an icebreaker and it backfires and you make everyone uncomfortable."

Kit Harington Auditioned For Some Other "Game Of Thrones" Roles And It's Actually Hilarious

"If you'll excuse me, I need to have sex with my brother."

You're A True Hipster If You've Eaten 24/36 Of These Foods

Bonus points if it's not served on a plate.

The Shadow Business Secretary Says It's Not "Morally Acceptable" To Take An Uber

Rebecca Long-Bailey was speaking on BBC Radio 4 on the day the government's Taylor report examining the gig economy was launched.

25 raisons pour lesquelles je ne pourrai jamais être serveur

Vous restez calme... jusqu'à ce qu'un client vous siffle pour vous appeler.

17 hechos históricos sobre el parto que te acelerarán el pulso

¡Las mujeres embarazadas solían beber cerveza durante el parto!

China Released Edited Videos Of An Ailing Nobel Laureate — And Germany Is Not Happy

The videos appear to have been edited to show Western doctors praising the quality of treatment the Chinese were providing to Liu Xiaobo.

Amazonの #プライムデー 売り切れてしまった大人気商品はこれ


61 copies du bac français ont été perdues à Cergy

Info BuzzFeed - Des élèves de 1re ES qui ont passé des épreuves du bac au lycée Galilée de Cergy vont devoir repasser les épreuves le 6 septembre. Bonnes vacances!

Amazonプライムデー 人気のウィスキーも安くなってます


Design A House And We'll Guess What Type Of Instagram Account You Have

*prays for anything other than a meme account*

10 Podcast Episodes About India Everyone Should Listen To

Demonetisation, corruption, food, the Indian accent and so much more to learn here.



Les 11 escape games les plus cool de France

Parce qu'il n’y a pas qu’à Paris qu’on trouve des super «jeux d’évasion grandeur nature».

11 Money-Saving Swaps For Everyone Who Wants To Travel

All of these are 100% do-able, I promise!

In 1978, Young Malcolm Turnbull Absolutely Roasted Young Tony Abbott

Almost 40 years ago, Turnbull first suggested that Abbott was a tad too conservative.

Zero Women Were Elected To The Leadership Of Liberal Student Body

“This is an executive that represents everyone,” the president told the room after the election of 11 men, according to a recording obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Health Groups Are Pressuring Australia To Increase Its Family Planning Aid Budget Today

They want the foreign minister to commit an extra $10 million a year.

Which "RuPaul's Drag Race" Drag Queen Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Please pick your zodiac to see which drag queen you are.

22 Weird AF Amazon Prime Day Deals

WTF is this??????? I think I want it?

The First Marine Court-Martialed In The Nude Photo Scandal Is Being Jailed For 10 Days

The Marine was sentenced to 10 days' confinement and will be kicked out of the corps, officials said.

Here Are All The Best Amazon Prime Day Style Deals

Jeans, dresses, lingerie, and accessories for up to 60% off!

Amazon #プライムデー はアウトレットが狙い目 新品で売り切れたものも


How Normal Are Your "Grease" Song Opinions?

Were you born to hand jive?

Australia’s Refusal To Join Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty “Gutting” To Aboriginal Victims

“It really shows where Aboriginal people are at a political level. We are at a very low end of the scale.”



16 People Dead After Marine Plane Crashes In Mississippi

Local officials said all 16 victims were onboard the military KC-130 aircraft when it crashed in rural Mississippi Monday afternoon, leaving no survivors.

31 Things All Food Lovers Should Buy On Amazon Prime Day

Do you pretty much enjoy eating (or cooking) more than any other activity on earth? We have the Amazon Prime Day deals for you!

Here Are All The Best Amazon Prime Day Beauty Deals

L'oreal lip glosses, Clarisonic brushes and heads, and Rusk hair dryers for up to 60% off!

"We Are Fucked": Texts From Penn State Fraternity Brothers Charged In Teen Hazing Death Read Out In Court

Sixteen members of Penn State's Beta Theta Pi chapter are facing multiple charges in the death of Timothy Piazza, a 19-year-old sophomore who died during an alcohol-fueled hazing ritual.

Here Are All The Best Amazon Prime Day Tech And Gadget Deals

Tilting TV mounts, smart plugs, and Bluetooth sous vide precision cookers for up to 40% off!

29 Things To Buy On Amazon Prime Day That Only Look Expensive

Surprisingly inexpensive deals to treat yourself to.

Flash Briefing For July 11, 2017

Here's what's happening in tech.

Here Are All The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

We narrowed down 100,000-plus deals to find the ones actually worth buying.

We Know How You'll Die In Real Life Based On Your Horror Movie Tastes

WARNING: Only take this quiz if you want to know your mortal fate.

Tell Us How You Live Your Absolute Best Life

Apart from "drink water and get 8 hours sleep".

What's Your Commuting Horror Story?

Please just let me get to work.

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