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Turns Out We've Been Using Glass Sauce Bottles Wrong This Whole Time

No arm workout required.

Whether you call it tomato sauce or ketchup, it's one of the most versatile and beloved sauces out there.

Put it on a burger, on chips, on a hot dog, on potatoes, on a steak, on eggs, on chicken nuggets, on sausages... The possibilities are endless.

And while there's sometimes nothing better than tomato sauce... there is nothing WORSE than the struggle of getting it out of a near-empty glass bottle.

Well, I'm here to save your meal and your life. Not to sound like an infomercial, but did you know there's a real easy way to get around this problem?

If you look really closely, there's a "57" etched into the glass bottle. Next time you need to get sauce out, invert the bottle over your plate, and gently tap this spot. The ketchup will slide on out.

It's even listed as a FAQ on the Heinz website.

You're welcome.