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July 16, 2017

Top Republicans Aren't Signing Up For Trump's War With The Media

"I love the media," said the Freedom Caucus chairman.

21 Hipsters Who Are Too Hipster For Other Hipsters

Is any of this toothpaste gluten free?

Does Your Crush Like You?

We're making it easy for you.

Only A True Bookworm Has Read 45/66 Of These Young Adult Novels

Are you as into YA novels as you think you are?

How Do You Break The "Mom" Stereotype?

Moms do more than just cook dinner.

If You Can Pick The Right Birds In This Tree, They'll Give You Personal Advice

Unless you pick the one grumpy bird. He'll curse you the f*** out.

Fill Up Your Closet And We'll Reveal Who Your Fashion Role Model Should Be

"If you can't be better than your competition, dress better." - Anna Wintour



17 RA Horror Stories That Are Literally The Stuff Of Nightmares

"And I wasn't even on duty that night..."

24 Smart Duct Tape Tricks That Actually Solve Everyday Problems

Like the force: it has a dark side, a light side, and holds the universe together.

OK, So On "The Office," Who Was The Scranton Strangler? Here Are Some Theories

It might have been Toby...or it might not have been Toby.

Bodies Of 10 People Recovered After Flash Flood Sweeps Through Popular Swimming Hole

More than a dozen people were swept away by flash flooding when a thunderstorm began pounding the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

21 Times Having Bangs Was More Than You Signed Up For

"I'm sorry for what I said when I was growing out my bangs."

Which Pair Of Sisters Are You And Your Sister Most Like?

Anna and Elsa? Daria and Quinn? Who are you?

People Are Making The Most Hilarious Jokes About People Who Are Not Okay With A Woman Playing The Doctor In "Doctor Who"

"What next? Female real doctors? Female pilots? Female scientists? Female sisters and mothers? Female WOMEN?!"

The 9 Most Hilarious Moments From Karan Johar And Saif Ali Khan Hosting 2017 IIFA Awards

From nepotism to the Censor Board, the shade spared nothing.

Virtual Reality Is Medical Training's Next Frontier

"Are you just going to let him die?"

21 Tweets About Having A Niece Or Nephew That Are Too Fucking Real

"Played I Spy with my 4 year old niece. Obliterated her."

17 Token Vegetarian Menu Choices, Ranked

Soggy veggie wrap >>> portobello mushroom on a bun.

We Tried To Do Barbie Makeup Looks IRL And It Turns Out They Are VERY Extra

"I'm looking a little bit like a murder clown."

Build A Wand In Six Steps And We'll Sort You Into A Hogwarts House

But remember, the wand actually chooses the wizard.

Can You Pass This Supermarket Budget Challenge?

Time to prove your prowess as a bargain shopper!

22 Useful Tips And Tricks For Anyone Living In A Small Space

Because you need room to breathe and stretch your limbs once in a while.

3 Credit Cards With Outrageous APRs

I have been looking around to replace my old credit cards that I got way back from when I was in college. I figured with my improved credit history I would have an excellent chance at being approved for one with great rewards. During my search I found three credit card offers with outrageous interest rates! I had to share these so others wouldn't fall prey to them.

Only Old Millennials Did This Awesome Stuff When They Skipped School

Raise your hand if you ever took some of that pink medicine out of an alligator spoon.

Trump's Lawyer Tried — And Failed — To Use The Secret Service To Justify Trump Jr.'s Meeting With The Russian Lawyer

The Secret Service says Trump Jr. was not a protectee at the time of the meeting.

What It's Like Doing Journalism In Russia's Shadow

A conversation with Latvia-based journalists Ivan Kolpakov and Inga Springe

This Iron Phone Throne Is The Perfect Gift For Any GoT Fan

Winter is coming, but is your phone gonna be ready?

7 Easy Bathroom Organizing Ideas You'll Actually Want To Try

Get clean in a clean, organized place.

8 Food Safety Facts That’ll Make You Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

From drinking old milk to storing butter at room temperature to double-dipping chips.

Jodie Whittaker Is The First Woman To Play The Doctor In "Doctor Who" And People Are Getting Super Emotional

The actor, known for her roles in Broadchurch, Venus, and Attack the Block, will take over from Peter Capaldi in December. There's been a huge reaction on social media, with many praising the casting.

We Tried Laura Mercier's New Foundation And It's The Beauty Product Of Your Dreams

"It just looked like my actual SKIN was good — not that my 'makeup' looked good."

36 Breastfeeding Tips And Products That Moms Actually Swear By

Tips, tricks, and products to help make breastfeeding a little easier.

17 Useful Hairstyling Hacks You Should Know About

I've been brushing my hair wrong this whole damn time.

Ranking The Major "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theories, From Least To Most Likely

Tyrion Lannister is NOT a time-traveling fetus.

24 Tweets That Will Make You Swoon 24 Times

Let's melt that cold heart of yours.

Just 17 Of The Funniest Tweets From Women This Week

"I wish strangers didn't automatically know I have genitals." Same.

37 Products You'll Love If You're A Complete And Total Weirdo

In a good way, of course. (Updated on March 5, 2018.)

Labour's John McDonnell Just Said The Grenfell Victims Were "Murdered By Political Decisions"

The chancellor Philip Hammond hit out at McDonnell's comments as a "disgraceful suggestion" and said there was not a "shred of evidence" to support them.

We Tried Ice Cream-Filled Doughnuts And Our Lives Were Changed

"I like my doughnuts like I like my men: hot, round, and with a sweet, creamy center."

31 Aristocrats Are About To Give Another Aristocrat A Say Over Brexit In Britain’s Most Exclusive Election

31 aristocrats are about to elect another aristocrat to join them in the UK’s upper house, where they will get a say in crucial Brexit debates. Hugh Somerleyton hopes it will be him.

27 Tweets That Are Real AF For Anyone Who Grew Up With An Asian Mum

A wooden spoon is a VERY versatile object.

Here's What Bollywood Celebs Wore To The 2017 IIFA Awards

Alia Bhatt looked like a high fashion firefly, Shilpa Shetty started a goddamn smokestorm and Abhay Deol's swag was rad AF.

A Man Was Denied Entry To A Mall In Kolkata Because He Was Wearing A Dhoti And Kurta

"This is unambiguously a new low for this city... Now public spaces are also threatened and a culture of segregation based on class is been practised unhindered."





19 chiens qui rendraient heureux vraiment n'importe qui

Voici un post à envoyer à quelqu'un qui passe une mauvaise journée.

19 photos qui ont été prises pile au bon moment

Vraiment des photographes hors pair.

Des femmes nous racontent comment la société a rendu les règles honteuses

«Les serviettes sont vendues enveloppées dans du papier journal.»

Health Care Vote Delayed While John McCain Recovers From Surgery

Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office score of the bill has reportedly been delayed.

People In Turkey Have To Listen To A Message From The President Before Connecting A Phone Call

Turkey's president is marking the anniversary of a failed military coup by making people listen to a message from him before they can make a phone call.



PTAの伝統 ベルマークを集める単純作業 実は貼らなくてよかった


生活を変えてくれた! 2017年上半期買ってよかったもの


Only A True American Has Eaten 12/16 Of These Regional Foods

Yum yum yum, Poughkeepsie Nubbins just like my mom used to make!

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