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July 8, 2017

16 Tips For Talking To Short People That You Didn't Know You Needed

Just a little conversational etiquette to make life with short friends a little easier.

16 Times Pop Stars Were Shady As Shit In The '90s

And you thought today's stars were shady?

Trump's Inner Circle Met With A Kremlin-Linked Russian Lawyer During The Election

Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort took part in a meeting in Trump Tower with an attorney with ties to the Kremlin.

Shia LaBeouf Apologizes After Alleged Public Drunkenness Arrest And Racist Rants

The actor was charged with drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction on Saturday.

19 Memes de borrachos que te harán decir "la última y nos vamos"

Mándaselos a tu amigo al que siempre le tienes que pedir un taxi.

"True Blood" Star Nelsan Ellis Has Died At 39

Ellis played Lafayette Reynolds on the HBO show.

How Worldly Are You?

Layovers don't count.

Voters Are Withdrawing Their Registration Over Trump's Election Commission. Democrats Say That's A Bad Idea.

In Colorado, hundreds of voters are withdrawing their voter registration after the state said it would comply with the commission's request for voter information.

Can You Guess Google's Suggested Search For These Famous Celebs?

You're all googling some crazy stuff out there.

We'll Reveal Your Best And Worst Qualities, But First Build A Life For This Man

Tell us who he is, and we'll tell you who you are.

These Women Got Transformed Into Barbie Dolls And Couldn't Believe How Small Their Feet Became

"What if I see myself as a Barbie and I think that I look better as a Barbie?"

If You Check Off More Than 60 Things, You Hate EVERYONE

Everyone hates a little. Some people hate a lot.

This Stag Beetle Loves To Draw And It’s The Most Wholesome Thing

His name is Spike, and he is a very good boy.

Diese Demonstranten haben sich Wasserwerfern, Polizei und Staatschefs in den Weg gestellt

Keine Randale, aber auch kein ganz friedlicher Protest: BuzzFeed News hat junge Menschen zwei Tage lang durch den G20-Protest begleitet.

We'll Give You A Puppy, You Tell Us The Dog Breed

This isn't even my final form!

Theresa May Says She’s Feeling Good About The “Powerful” UK-US Trade Deal Promised By Trump

"We’re working on a trade deal, which will be a very, very big deal, a very powerful deal, great for both countries, and I think we’ll have that done very, very quickly," Donald Trump had earlier said at the G20.

31 Things For Your Next Flight That'll Make You Feel Like You're In First Class

Last row, middle seat, next to the bathrooms, with no reclining ability? No problem! The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

23 Incredible Vintage Pictures Of Summertime At Coney Island

Sunshine, sideshows, and — of course — Nathan's.

19 Golden Retrievers To Remind You Of The Good In The World

They're honestly the purest animals on this planet.

Order Brunch To Find Out Which "Sex And The City" Woman You Are

In case you couldn't help but wonder whether you're actually a Carrie, or really more of a Charlotte.

Can You Renovate And Re-Sell A House For A Huge Profit?

Tear that wall down, flip it, and reverse it.

People Get Tricked Into Watching Pimple Popping Videos

... and they will never trust us again.

17 Awesome Denim Jackets You Need ASAP

Because denim can do no wrong.

Leopoldo Lopez Granted House Arrest

Venezuela's Supreme Court granted the jailed opposition leader house arrest on "humanitarian grounds" on Saturday as the country's political crisis continues.

Can You Avoid Social Ruin By Throwing The Perfect Victorian Dinner Party?

You woke up in 1877 and now you have to prove that you're a proper lady. Welcome to Victorian England!

22 Ways To Have An Absolutely Legendary Barbecue

Like the cookout. Not the scrumptious, meaty food by the same name.

22 Tips For Eating Lower-Carb Without Hating Your Life

Great, doable advice from people who’ve been in your carb-loving shoes.

What Are Your Best Tips And Tricks For Living In A Small Space?

Tell us the tips, tricks, and things that help you survive and thrive in a tiny-ass space!

Die USA sind zum Ende des G20-Gipfels in Sachen Klimawandel isoliert

BuzzFeed News liegt das Abschlussstatement des G20-Gipfels vor. Bei den Themen Migration und Handel konnten sich die Staatschefs offenbar weitgehend einigen.

CNN Is Blaming The White House For Press Attacks On Jeff Zucker

“This smells of 1600 Penn, not Columbus Circle or Dallas,” said a CNN TV executive.

We Have Been Lead Poisoning Ourselves For 2000 Years, Glacier Ice Shows

The Black Death, when people were too busy dying to mine for lead, was the only time period when lead in the air dropped back to its natural, undetectable levels.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a pineapple float, lotus flower earrings, and a vintage-style ice cream maker.

“G19” Reaffirms Commitment To Paris Climate Deal Without The US

But elsewhere — including trade and migration, as well as other areas of climate change — the leaders of the world’s biggest economies have compromised around President Trump’s positions.

24 Adorable Matching Outfits For Parents And Their Kids

Everything you need to basically be #TwinningGoals. The products in this post were updated on October 26th, 2017.

Can You Eat Exactly 200 Cupcakes?

How well do you add cupcakes in your head?

Sicherheitsbedenken: BKA verweigert Journalisten Zugang zu G20-Gipfel

Sie waren bereits akkreditiert. Doch nun wird etlichen Journalisten der Zugang zum G20-Gipfel verweigert. Die Regierung nennt Sicherheitsbedenken als Grund.

18 Tumblr Posts About Sex That Are Really Weirdly Funny

(During sex) girlfriend: why are u laughing? me: thought of a meme.

Why Muhammad Ali’s 11 Million Facebook Followers Won’t Hear About His Religion

“The Greatest” was one of America’s most famous Muslims, but you wouldn’t know that from his official social media pages — and that's a problem. “To ignore Muhammad Ali as a Muslim is to ignore Muhammad Ali as a man.”

39 der ekelhaftesten Haarentfernungs-Erlebnisse, die die meisten Frauen schon hatten

Deine eingewachsenen Schamhaare in der Öffentlichkeit kratzen.

Ivanka Trump Sat In For Her Dad At A G20 Leaders Meeting

Having accompanied Ivanka to the meeting, POTUS left before returning to later take his place among world leaders. A source told BuzzFeed News, "Incredible!!!"

【九州豪雨】命の希望を嗅ぎつけた災害救助犬 NPOが奮闘する支援現場のいま

BuzzFeed Newsは現地入りし、認定NPO法人「ピースウィンズ・ジャパン」の活動を追った。


カブレラ? デストラーデ? それともメヒア?

9 Products That People With Eczema Truly Recommend You Try

For when nothing else is helping, these might soothe your sore skin.

These Scientists Say Brexit Is A "Mess" For British Nuclear Research And Industry

The decision to leave Euratom, the body that oversees European nuclear safety, will have profound impacts – and may not have been necessary, according to nuclear scientists.

41 problèmes que toutes les filles aux cheveux épais ont rencontrés

Tellement de cheveux dans les fesses après une douche.

9 produits de beauté qui vont bientôt changer votre vie

Un pinceau de maquillage rotatif, un masque qui change de texture et des coton-tiges anti-bouton. Bienvenue dans le futur.

6 choses à essayer au mois de juillet qui pourraient bien vous changer la vie

Des produits miracles, une série dystopique, un livre de poésies sur Beyoncé.

This Woman Always Thought She Was British. Now, After 30 Years, The Government Says She’s Not.

Within the space of a few minutes of questions in a bland cubicle in Croydon’s Home Office building, Cynsha Best went from proud British citizen to illegal immigrant.

「家を失っても、思い出まで諦めてほしくない」 九州豪雨の被災地で高校生が立ち上がった。






A Police Officer Injured In The Deadly Baton Rouge Ambush Is Suing Black Lives Matter

The officer was shot in the head and abdomen by a gunman who appeared to be a fan of the movement, but didn't have any formal connection to it.

Buffalo Cauliflower


Which Vegetable Do You Trust The Least?

Which vegetable do you trust the least?

Healthy & Hearty Black Bean Soup

Soup sounds good to me.

Pick 9 Miranda Lambert Songs To Find Out Which Disney Villain You Are

"Hey there, Mister Tin Man, you poor unfortunate soul."

Can You Pass This Very Difficult Exam About Rivers?

Where's the Nile? (Aside from Egypt. Everyone knows that one.)

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