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P!nk's Latest Instagram Should Single-Handedly Convince Instagram To Change Its Boob Policy

Superf*ckingstar. Extreme ass-kicker. Fashion Icon. Mom.

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P!nk is an international pop star and one of the few who can pull off using punctuation in the middle of her damn name.

Superf*ckingstar. Extreme ass-kicker. Fashion Icon.

Since becoming a mom, the pop star has never been shy about sharing intimate moments with her family — or just generally giving me serious parenting goals.

Instagram: @pink

She's also been very open about breastfeeding her kids, doing her bit to normalize the practice on social media.

"Jameson can multitask too," she wrote of her son in this pic she posted on Friday. "#workflow."

Instagram: @pink

Hi. You're beautiful. Thank you.

Instagram: @pink