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    16 Tips For Talking To Short People That You Didn't Know You Needed

    Just a little conversational etiquette to make life with short friends a little easier.

    A few years ago, an Imgur user called RequiemofHorror uploaded the following comic they found on a now-defunct Tumblr page to express how frustrating it is when tall people try to talk to them.

    1. The internet just took it and ran with it. (Apologies to any shorter individuals reading this post.)

    2. Some drew inspiration from the world of video games:

    3. While others looked to the King of Pop for guidance:

    4. Some people wanted to make life easier for shorties:

    5. A lot of people turned to accessories to solve the problem:

    6. Others had less gentle approaches:

    7. Others still sought to empower short people:

    8. Or their taller companions:

    9. Some people turned to the dark side of the Force:

    10. And in extreme cases, wrestling moves:

    11. There was actually a surprising amount of ingenuity:

    12. And a lot of clever problem-solving:

    13. And there were plenty of people who saw this as more of a problem with tall people than short people:

    14. But still, short people usually ended up putting in all the effort:

    15. And even though this problem seemed insurmountable...

    16. ...there's nothing that can't be solved without a little teamwork.

    This post was translated from Spanish.