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9 Products That People With Eczema Truly Recommend You Try

For when nothing else is helping, these might soothe your sore skin.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. An alternative to using laundry detergent, that's supported by the National Eczema Society.

Promising review: "Suffering from allergies isn't fun and finding a washing powder that works is a constant battle because they all change the formula on a seemingly regular basis, so I was dubious of this product. It's not the greatest cleaning product if you want sparkling whites but it does a good basic clean without the the allergic problems."– Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon, £9.41

2. A non-steroidal cream that will help with uncomfortable itching.

Promising review: "The best, best, BEST cream for my discoid eczema and eczema craquelé. It actually DOES sooth the itch, and moisturises really well, without being greasy. I have recommended it to several friends with eczema, with very good feedback, including a teen who now won't use anything else. It hasn't got rid of my eczema, but it certainly soothes better than anything else I've tried (and there's been lots!)." – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon, £14.50

The same brand also do a shampoo btw.

3. A pair of silk gloves that help hand cream sink in, without smearing it everywhere.

Promising review: "I suffer with eczema on my hands and was fed up of applying lotions to just end up covered in fluff, or buying gloves that could fit 2 hands in one!! These arrived really quickly and I absolutely love them! I have small hands and they are a perfect fit for me, I lathered up and put them on straight away. They seem a lot cooler than cotton ones which is great if you're going to be wearing them overnight or for the majority of the day.

"I tend to switch between coconut oil and aveeno creams for my hands and both have been fine inside these gloves, my only slight issue was that with the aveeno creams really lathered on it tends to seep a little through the gloves, mainly around the wrist area which then leaves the bottom of the gloves feeling a little soggy against your skin. However, these are by far the best gloves i have tried and I'm glad I spent a little extra getting them. – nynjakitty

Get them on Amazon, £7.99


4. A wash cream that is gentle enough to use every day.

Promising review: "I have been using this product for 5 years now. I have eczema which now I can finally say is under control however the usual stress flares it, should be noted this product is not the only contributor towards my eczema control. I use this product on a regular basis." – amazonlover

Get it on Amazon, £4

5. An oatmeal-based old favourite that will save your skin in a hurry.

Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! I've had really bad eczema all my life and have never found anything that made a long lasting effect, the only other thing that worked for me was getting steroid based creams but can't get them on repeat prescription. I've felt like I've tried everything so thought I would give Aveeno Eczema Therapy a go and the results were outstanding! I've never had this kind of relief from any other moisturisers before! I literally wish I had taken before/after pictures because the areas that were very inflamed, dry and itchy are completely gone! I still use it every day on the areas that were the worst so it doesn't come back and it's not bothered me at all since I've started using Aveeno, I'm totally amazed! ❤" – Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon, £14.99

6. An all-natural balm created to let skin breathe and repair.

No Ordinary Soothe was created by mum Anya Lawrence to help soothe her son's eczema, and contains all-natural calming ingredients, like calendula, camomile and cocoa butter. They're a small supplier, so there aren't many eczema-specific reviews on Etsy – but it's a great product, and Anya is really responsive on Etsy if you have any concerns before you buy.

Get it on Etsy, £9

If you'd prefer to buy on Amazon, this is a similar product that has great reviews.

7. These genius sleeves that will help stop young babies from scratching.

Promising review: "Normal mittens didn't work for my daughter as they keep slipping off or she takes them off. These mittens are great and soft as the tips are covered with silk. My daughter's persistent eczema on her face has got better since using these. We have bought 4 pairs!" – KR

Get them on Amazon, £9.99


9. An all-over cooling and soothing cream that you can try a sample of before you buy.

Promising review: "I found that Lush's Dream Cream was very effective for us. Gets us to the same state as using hydrocortisone 1%. As you can guess, I'm one of the exasperated mothers who has tried everything possible and in my desperate state thought I'll give this a try too... Zoe's eczema has gone from being wet, red and inflamed to just slightly dry skin. Find that the cream really calms the redness and later on deals with the dryness." – babycentre

If you live near a branch of Lush, you can ask for a free sample before you commit. If not, buy online for £13.50

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.