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These Women Got Transformed Into Barbie Dolls And Couldn't Believe How Small Their Feet Became

"What if I see myself as a Barbie and I think that I look better as a Barbie?"

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If you had Barbie dolls as a kid, you spent most of your time either cutting their hair or wondering if they were what you would look like as an adult. So the women of Ladylike were more than a little curious...what would our bodies look like if we were styled and photoshopped to look just like our childhood Barbies?

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For our Barbie makeovers, Chantel picked her favorite Barbie doll, Sparkle Beach Barbie's friend Sparkle Beach Teresa, because that was the doll that bore the closest resemblance to her.


Chantel definitely struggled to find dolls that looked like her as a kid, and so Teresa's tan skin and dark hair meant that she bore at least somewhat of a resemblance to child Chantel...even though she wasn't quite what Chantel was looking for (representation is important for kids, y'all).

The Barbie that I (Kristin) chose for my transformation was my childhood favorite Totally Hair Barbie, mostly because I liked to cut all of her totally hair right off.


My mom told me recently that apparently I wrote a letter to Mattel when I was a kid complaining about how Barbies never had brown hair, so maybe I was exacting revenge??

Anyway, I am used to most things not looking like me, so I was expecting a pretty big change after being photoshopped into my Barbie.

And for her Barbie transformation, Freddie chose 1980 African-American Barbie, since this was the first black doll in the Barbie universe that was named Barbie, and wasn't just a sidekick or a friend.


Then we had to pose like our chosen Barbies, which involved a lot of stiff arms and plastic forced smiles.

We never noticed this before, but Barbie's facial expressions always sort of look like she's really mad at you, but she'll talk about it when we get home, Ken.

So, how did we end up looking after being styled and photoshopped?


And here's Chantel on the left after being styled into Sparkle Beach Barbie (well, technically Sparkle Beach Teresa), and then on the right, here she is after being photoshopped into the doll's proportions (swipe left to see the differences).

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A previous version of this article misspelled Sparkle Beach Teresa's name.