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31 Things For Your Next Flight That'll Make You Feel Like You're In First Class

Last row, middle seat, next to the bathrooms, with no reclining ability? No problem! The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A pillow that twists and adjusts with you, so you always have a comfortable place to rest your head.,

Promising Review: "I have a hard time getting comfortable when sleeping on a plane. Once I double wrapped this pillow over my neck, I was in comfort heaven! No matter the angle, my head was supported with the right amount of firmness. I took it off to support my back while eating, and propped it against the window so I could lay on it. It helped to cancel out white noise, and kept me cozy during a chilly flight." —RacerX CDG

Get it from Amazon for $39. (Available in in gray or navy.)

2. A face mask to bring your skin back to life.

Promising Review: "Love this mask! It's the only face mask I've tried that doesn't slip and fall off my face. It makes my skin feel so hydrated afterward!" —kwenbee13

Get a six pack from Amazon for $13.25.

3. A tablet stand you can attach to your tray for a totally hands-free experience.

Promising Review: "Used it for toddler entertainment on a plane, and it worked really well. Considering that it has a stretchy strap that comes together with Velcro, it easily fit around the tray table. Glad I purchased it, and will use in the car at some point, I am sure." —D. Blair

Get it from Amazon for $14.98.


4. A portable charger that lets you charge two devices at once.

Promising Review: "I bought this for a week long hiking/camping trip to keep my phone and GoPro charged. It worked amazingly and still had juice left for more charges at the end of the week. It holds its charge for a very long time as well — I grabbed it several weeks after my trip and plugged in my phone and it still had juice left for charging. It charges very quickly, too. I think my phone fully charges from almost dead in less than an hour." —GeoRockGirl

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+. (Available in white or black.)

5. Some noise-minimizing headphones so you can block out all those talkative neighbors.

Promising Review: "Nice headphones and great for travel. I had been using the ear buds that come with the iPhone whenever I watched movies on a plane, but they were starting to hurt my ears. I wanted a cheap, nice, and decent-sounding pair of headphones for travel and these perfectly fit those qualities. They are pretty durable as I just throw them in my carry-on without much thought, and they have survived numerous business trips so far." —CaraDawn

Get them from Amazon for $14.99. (Available in white, blue, or black.)

6. An eye mask designed to not put pressure on your face -- and potentially save your eye makeup.

Promising Review: "When you need a nap but don't need your eye makeup to look like Alice Cooper, this little cutie does the trick! I've had eye masks before that only work well by squeezing your head tighter than my belt on Thanksgiving. But this mask is comfortable and perfectly contoured to hug your face without leaving marks, disrupting sleep, or letting in any unwanted light. I'll have to get another one because my husband keeps stealing mine!" —KCyalater

Get the set on Amazon for $12.90. (Available in five colors.)


8. A cozy blanket you can roll up and take on the go.

Promising Review: "This blanket is SO MUCH better than the ones the airlines (almost never) offer. It is clean, fresh, big, warm, and easily packable in carry-on luggage." —Noelle

Get it from Amazon for $6.71+. (Available in a variety of prints and colors.)

9. Some Purell wipes to disinfect your hands — and table tray.

Promising Review: "These packs are great for everyday use, travel, or anyone with kids. They are perfect for airplane armrests and headrests. Great to have around kids, especially when there are no bathrooms to wash hands, particularly after diaper changes. I found the wipes were adequately wet per use and dispensed easily without tearing. Smell great, too!" —digital | epitome

Get a box of 120-packs from Amazon for $13.39.

10. A pair of compression socks so you can actually get your shoes back on at the end of the flight and not have to walk off the airplane barefoot...aka me, more times then I'd care to admit.

Promising Review: "My ankles got really swollen after a 14-hour plane ride last year, so I thought I would give these a try. I recently completed another 14-hour plane ride and these socks really did the job! I had them on for a good 24 hours straight and they remained comfortable the whole time. My ankles were not swollen, my legs and feet felt really good after the ride, and the socks stayed in place the whole time." —MYamo

Get them from Amazon for $21.57.

11. A footrest you can attach to the seat in front of you for a little added support.

Promising Review: "I have trouble with ankle swelling on flights. This not only helped keep my legs elevated, it made me much more comfortable in the terrible airplane seat by taking pressure off my lower back. It is very portable and easy to install. Fantastic item!" —silverfilings

Get it from Amazon for $11.90.


12. Some on-the-go mini toothbrushes because nothing is worse than horrible breath.

Promising Review: "Love these things! They're very convenient when you're on the run or in an airplane. Also, love that they seem to massage my gums at the same time. I wind up brushing my teeth longer than I would have done with a regular brush." —T. R. of Santa Cruz, CA

Get a 24-pack from Amazon for $4.99.

13. Some ergonomic ear buds that'll literally mold to your ears so they never fall out.

Promising Review: "These headphones sound AMAZING. Honestly, I've sweated, and ran over 1,000 miles in these headphones. I just finished my second marathon, and these suckers have been in my pocket in nearly 40 states. I wear them every single day. There's a reason they have so many five-star reviews." —Brett

Get them from Amazon for $6.97+. (Available in a variety of colors and with or without a microphone.)

14. An inflatable headrest you can roll up and don't have to wear as a pillow necklace.

Promising Review: "Just took this on a 14-hour flight to Australia, as someone who has great trouble sleeping upright, this definitely made the journey much more pleasant. I also used it on a bunch of short three- to four-hour flights, and it worked great as a chin rest or side pillow while I watched TV and read. It inflates and deflates MUCH quicker than the other travel pillows I have. I also didn't have the problem of falling forward when dozing off." —David

Get it from Amazon for $27.95+. (Available in gray, blue, red, or green.)

15. Some under-eye masks to help your tired eyes feel refreshed and enriched.

Promising Review: "These are very moist and leave the area under the eye feeling refreshed and hydrated for a long time. They stay exactly where you place them, I can even slip my glasses on if I need to and they don't interfere." —Krycek

Get two packs of 30 sheets from Amazon for $6.99.


16. A pack of super portable reusable towels that expand when you add water so you always have a way to wipe everything down — even yourself.

Promising Review: "Just add a little water to plump these up to full size. They are stronger than I expected and good for all kinds of cleanups — sticky hands, car window smudges, wiping shoes, carrying for travel and in your car. We usually have a bottle of water when traveling so these are convenient to use." —Sukie62

Get a 25-pack of multi-use towels from Amazon for $7.98.

17. Some delicious-smelling hand cream to keep your skin nice and moisturized, regardless how many times that air is recirculated.

Promising Review: "I love this hand cream. I have tubes of it everywhere. It's the best hand cream for dry skin. It absorbs quickly, and leaves very little greasy feel. It has a very light scent, which is great for those of us that are smell sensitive, (or for others that may be near by)." —Austin Mama

Get it from Amazon for $12.

18. A collapsible water bottle you can take through security empty, fill up at a water fountain, and have enough water to stay hydrated throughout your flight.

Promising Review: "We purchased two of these for our trip abroad and I have only one thing to say about it — it was the best purchase we made for the trip. They flattened down and fit into our backpack just fine. The minute we made it through the TSA checkpoint, we filled it up. It holds quite a bit of liquid, so we didn't have to fill up every five minutes during the trip like with some smaller capacity bottles." —Sheryl

Get it from Amazon for $20.95+. (Available in a variety of colors.)

19. Some body wipes for that I just showered feeling after an all-night flight.

Promising Review: "I used these on a 22+ hour international flight so I could freshen up. I loved it for that purpose, but also for excursions while on vacation. I took them when I went horseback riding, or if I was away from my hotel all day in very hot climates. They really did a great job of refreshing me just enough so I could be comfortable until I could actually shower."—Ashley M.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.


20. A silk eye mask to help relax you to sleep — even on the most stressful of trips.

Promising Review: "I just got back from a long trip to a country on the other side of the world. I used this eye mask and it worked AMAZINGLY. I can't say enough good things about it!! It is incredibly soft, and lightweight. The adjustable strap allows for a looser fit that doesn't put too much pressure on the eyes/forehead. I'm very glad I picked this one because of the softness and comfort." —Scott Wilt

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

21. Some wireless headphones so you don't accidentally tangle yourself up in cords while you sleep...again.

Promising Review: "I'm not a techie or gamer, so this is just your average person's review. I love these because they are completely around the ear, (your ear ends up in a little soft house), comfortable for my bigger-than-average head. I can wear them over my large plastic framed glasses without issue, the controls on the side are great. They are mic wireless and speaker wireless, easy to set up with both PCs and Macs, (I am using them across several devices at home and at work), rechargeable (no more need for constantly consumed batteries), and there is no sound leakage. For the money, these headphones are AWESOME! I'm seriously glad that I purchased them." —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $33.99+. (Available in different color variations.)

22. A memory foam travel pillow that'll let you can bring the comfort of your bed with you onboard.

Promising Review: "I had a 20-hour flight to Thailand and was extremely pleased with this pillow. The flat-back surface made it very comfortable, and not protruding. It was so plush and soft, it put me to sleep immediately." —MilitaryMom

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+. (Available in a variety of colors and prints.)

23. A comfortable bra you won't feel like ripping off two seconds into your flight.

Promising Review: "While these are not the 'sexiest' bras on the market, they are the most comfortable I have found. I want good support with plenty of comfort. We all know that no bra is 100% as comfortable as none, but I almost forget that I have this one on it's so comfortable. So, if you want a bra that looks good under your clothes, gives plenty of support, and is the most comfortable bra, then this is the bra for you! You can also machine wash them, but just don't dry them in the dryer." —Judy Rowland

Get it from Amazon for $14.84+. (Available in a variety of colors and sizes.)


24. A golden face mask specifically designed to help rehydrate your skin during air travel.

25. A portable phone charger because nothing ruins a flight more than being stuck without the ability to mindlessly play Candy Crush for hours on end.

Promising Review: "We bought these to take with us on a trip to Disney World. I was paranoid about having enough phone battery to last through a long day. It quickly charged my two phones and left plenty of extra juice to share with our other family members. It weighs about as much as an egg, so it was barely noticeable in my pocket. I can't recommend this enough!"—J. Palmer

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+. (Available in different color varieties.)

26. A pack of lip balm you won't ever want to live without, especially on a dry AF flight.

Promising Review: "It's great until you lose yours, and then you immediately turn into an addict in withdrawal. Being without it is like being out with your phone and no charger, except now not only is everyone annoyed that you keep asking for theirs, but you end up in that lip-licking-until-they-crack cycle — it's vicious."—Bobby B

Get a pack of four on Amazon for $7.13.

27. Some noise-canceling ear buds for total silence without all the bulk.

Promising Review: "As a professionally trained audio engineer, I get spoiled by the high-end commercial equipment I use. Perhaps it's the use of real wood, but the bass and midtones are rich and full like a fine pair of commercial over-the-ear phones. I couldn't believe the quality at this price. I have $180 earbuds that don't sound this good!" —Andrew Sweet

Get them from Amazon for $25.49. (Available in a variety of colors.)


28. A single-serve coffee brewer because airplane coffee is f#@%ing terrible.

Promising Review: "I am an avid coffee lover. I travel for work each week, and finding a good cup of coffee to start my morning can be quite a challenge, (and can come with hefty prices). This little device tucks right into my bag, and takes very little space. I like a strong cup of coffee, so I let mine set a bit after pouring the water. Clean up is quick and easy. AND, there's a bonus with this dripper, I use it in the evening for my loose tea. Two devices in one!" —Brenda Henderson

Get it from Amazon for $6.20.

29. A pair of comfortable AF lounge pants so you can transition from sleeping on your flight to sprinting to catch your connection straight to a first-class upgrade.

Promising Review: "This is my fifth pair of these pants. They are soooo comfortable and soft." —Carol A. Brown

Get them from Amazon for $11.31+. (Available in sizes S-XXL and in dark gray, black, or light gray.)

30. A sleep mask that'll block out all the light so you can black out.

Promising Review: "Amazing. For years I've been using a plush velour sleeping mask, I need to sleep in total darkness and any other sleeping mask always had huge gaps where the light would flood in. The problem is they would rub my eyes and I was losing eyelashes, not to mention it was probably soaking up my expensive eye cream. This mask though is perfect. There's plenty of room to flutter my lashes, (good if you have lash extensions), and it completely cancels out the light. I don't ever want to be without one." —meowmeow

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+. (Available in a wide variety of prints and colors.)

31. And this machine-washable neck pillow so you can make sure it's totally clean for every flight.

Promising Review: "Wrap it around your neck, positioning the built-in support to cradle your head to one side, or the other, and you're set. It will adjust to fit anyone, is comfortable, and will easily fit in even the smallest carry-on bag or purse. I've tried the horseshoe pillows, the memory foam 'logs', and just about everything else you can think of. This is, by far, the best for those seats that don't have a window." —Thomas

Get it from Amazon for $29.99. (Available in black, red, coral, or gray.),

Comfortable travels, everyone!

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.