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    17 Awesome Denim Jackets You Need ASAP

    Because denim can do no wrong.

    1. A cropped denim jacket with a frayed hem that takes distressed to fab new levels.

    2. A sexy open-shoulder jacket for a standout piece all your crew will love.

    3. A zippered jacket, which is a nice change from those sometimes annoying buttons.

    4. A western-inspired jacket crafted from stretch denim — so you’ll never feel too constricted in your fierce fashions.

    5. A stonewash jacket for a hella-comfy layer you’ll want to add to all your looks.

    6. A midnight black jacket you can rock on the days you're feeling moody AF.

    7. A light-wash crop jacket with an easy-fit silhouette to give you all the ‘90s vibes.

    8. A pretty embroidered denim jacket that unfortunately still smells like denim — despite its lovely floral stitching.

    9. An always dependable trucker jacket people will swear you've owned for decades.

    10. An oversized jacket with dope distressing and vibrant patches to top off any outfit with perfection.

    11. A fuss-free vintage-look jacket that has all the style without the added drama.

    12. A button-front denim jacket with extra-long sleeves — so you’ll never have to wear a watch again.

    13. A worn-in spread collar jacket, which features subtle Shibori patch details for an immediate fashion win.

    14. And a timeless trucker jacket that’ll get better with every wear.

    15. A patched jacket with sleeves full of personality.

    16. A stretch-denim jacket with adjustable side tabs and gorgeous brass-colored buttons.

    17. And a breathtaking embroidered rose jacket you can guarantee will make your style legendary.

    #DENIM4ALL !!!