The Ministry Of Justice Has Been Accused Of Sitting On Evidence That Undermines Its Drive To Close Courts

Exclusive: Survey data left out of a published MoJ report showed that users of the justice system had a significantly more positive appearance if they had physically been in court.

Emily Dugan • 2 days ago

The Home Office Is Still Owed Most Of The Fines It Has Issued To Employers Using Undocumented Migrants

“It’s just a failed system, really,” the former head of enforcement at the Home Office told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Dugan • 27 days ago

A Home Office Job Advert Is Seeking Low-Paid Admin Temps To Decide If People Are Trafficking Victims

“The low level of pay and the requirements for this job go hand in hand with consistent low quality of decisions for slavery victims in the UK.”

Emily Dugan • One month ago

The Home Office Is Building A Massive Database Of Migrants

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said without proper scrutiny the project could lead to "the same discriminatory mistakes that saw Windrush citizens wrongly labelled as illegal."

Emily Dugan • One month ago

Victims Of Discrimination Will No Longer Have To Go Through Phone Vetting Before Meeting A Lawyer

The move is one of several announced in a review of legal aid changes, though many feel it does not go far enough. One judge told BuzzFeed News: "To call it a damp squib would be an understatement."

Emily Dugan • One month ago

A Man With Credible Fears For His Life Was About To Be Deported To Jamaica Despite Living In The UK Since He Was 5

Romaine, 24, has lived in the UK since early childhood and came to Britain after his father fled the Caribbean following serious death threats for his police work.

Emily Dugan • One month ago

The Home Office Is Being Sued Over Delays In Unaccompanied Child Asylum-Seekers’ Cases

Exclusive: Figures obtained by BuzzFeed News show that in August 2018 more than 1,600 children who arrived in Britain alone to seek asylum had been waiting more than a year for a decision.

Emily Dugan • One month ago

This Leaked Report Says Moving Justice Online Might Lead To Innocent People Pleading Guilty

Exclusive: The Magistrates Association says court reform proposals present “a very real risk of unfair or disproportionate outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our courts”.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

Ministry Of Justice Staff Called A BuzzFeed Journalist “Crazy” And A “Bitch” After She Published A Leaked Report

A senior lawyer said heavily redacted internal MoJ messages obtained by BuzzFeed News showed staff were “deliberately frustrating legitimate journalistic inquiry”.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

Judges Warn Video Hearings Could Lead To Witnesses Being Coached Off Camera And Footage Appearing On YouTube

Exclusive: A leaked report seen by BuzzFeed News reveals district judges warned of the risk of "the likes of Tommy Robinson" posting videos or broadcasting live on social media.

Emily Dugan • 2 months ago

This Leaked Document Shows Judges Are Furious About The State Of The Courts

Exclusive: “The reality is that there has been ... a haemorrhaging of experienced staff, a serious decline in staff and judicial morale, delays in all aspects of process and court systems that are even more broken.”

Emily Dugan • 3 months ago

This Woman Was The Victim Of An Elaborate Visa Fraud But The Home Office Is Not Giving Her Another Chance

Exclusive: More than 40 people thought they had been found executive jobs with visas attached by Amita Solutions. Instead they lost thousands of pounds and their chance of legal status in Britain.

Emily Dugan • 3 months ago
Emily Dugan • 3 months ago

This Man Finally Has Asylum And Can Go To University After A Home Office U-Turn

“I’m free now; I can get a job, I can study. I still can’t believe it. I woke up this morning thinking, is this real?”

Emily Dugan • 3 months ago

This Former Judge Has Condemned The Government For Leaving People In Court With No Lawyer

Exclusive: Sir James Munby, former president of the family court, said there is “a very real concern” about the state of justice.

Emily Dugan • 3 months ago

This Is How Universal Credit Could Cost Women Fleeing Domestic Violence Money

Exclusive: Ministers have been warned that women fleeing abusive partners could see a sudden cut in their benefits because new transitional protections stop if a relationship ends.

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

Family Lawyers Are Turning Away Thousands Of People In Child Access Battles Thanks To Legal Aid Cuts

Exclusive: New research seen by BuzzFeed News shows that the number of people being turned away by family lawyers has risen fourfold since 2014.

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

The Home Office Said This Gay Couple Weren’t In A Long-Term Relationship Because Their Utility Bills Were In Only One Name

“Honestly, how many people when they find their soulmate ring up the utility companies saying, ‘Hello, Mr Water Company, I’ve got great news. I’m in a relationship!’”

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

Their Relatives Were Crushed To Death At Work. Now These Families Are Having To Crowdfund For Justice.

Five men were killed by a wall collapsing at Hawkeswood Metal plant in Birmingham. Their families were expected to represent themselves at the inquest despite not speaking any English.

Emily Dugan • 4 months ago

People Taking The Government To Court Were Denied Legal Aid After Whitehall Officials Were Briefed On Their Cases

Exclusive: Internal emails seen by BuzzFeed News show officials in ministers’ private offices discussed legal aid applications with supposedly independent decision-makers before they were rejected.

Emily Dugan • 5 months ago