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    22 Ways To Have An Absolutely Legendary Barbecue

    Like the cookout. Not the scrumptious, meaty food by the same name.

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    1. First things first, a solid grill that works for your lifestyle and storage needs.

    2. If you're using charcoal, a chimney starter will be your new BFF — and eliminate the need for lighter fluid.

    3. Some fire extinguisher spray for when emergencies do happen. Safety first!

    4. And a couple of spray bottles on hand with one filled with water for flare ups and another filled with vinegar for major ~flavor~.

    5. This useful apron so you can protect your clothes and reap the benefits of quick reference guides.

    6. An 18-piece set of grilling accessories to get you started.

    7. Some heat-resistant gloves to make turning kabobs a cinch.

    8. A kabob set so your skewers will be on point.

    9. A drink station with a self-serve water dispenser to encourage hydration.

    10. Some form of shade so elderly people, kids, pets, and your palest friends have a *safe* place to hang.

    11. A reinforced magnetic screen door to make trips inside to grab ingredients less of a hassle.

    12. An anti-mosquito method or product to keep the pests at bay.

    13. A bunch of washable party cups guests can easily write on and rinse out when they switch bevs.

    14. An equally large set of compostable plates because you'll already have enough dishes to wash, but you don't want to wreck the environment.

    15. Some napkins and plastic cutlery because people will lose all sense of decorum when faced with your delicious food.

    16. At least one cooler to keep food at safe, healthy temps!

    17. A variety for food options to meet your guests' dietary restrictions.

    18. And some hearty summer sides that'll fill up guests, but won't turn into a health hazard out in the sun.

    19. Squeezable condiments so kids can help themselves without making a total mess.

    20. A trash bag holder that says "I'M HERE TO HOLD YOUR GARBAGE."

    21. Some string lights to keep the party going past sundown.

    22. And a fire pit you can gather 'round at the end of the night to roast some marshmallows for s'mores.

    First-timers are going to MARVEL at your skills.