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July 26, 2017

¿Discriminación en el futbol? Esta noticia sobre la Liga MX Femenil resucitó la polémica

La primera temporada, de toda la historia, del torneo femenil arrancará este viernes 28 de julio. Los directivos han salido a desmentir la información.

The Justice Department Just Argued Against Gay Rights In A Major Federal Case

Lawyers under Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in federal court that a 1964 civil rights law does not protect a gay employee from discrimination.

Este 'Qué prefieres' cachondo te hará sentir muy, muy sucio

Por ejemplo: ¿que tu mamá te cache teniendo sexo o tú cacharla a ella?

If "True Detective" Season 3 Happens, Mahershala Ali Will Be Its Star

HBO confirmed that the Moonlight actor has signed on for the new season, which is close to getting the green light.

Esta maravillosa teoría dice que la abeja de 'Bee Movie' es el papá de Freddy, de 'iCarly'

Ahorita no nos crees pero, una vez que lo leas, no podrás dejar de verlo.

The Bernie Faithful Wait For A 2020 Signal

Part of Bernie Sanders' surprise success in 2016 was that he didn’t do politics like other people. Now he’s a frontrunner for president. Does he wing it all over again, or start building the kind of campaign operation he never embraced the first time?

¿Qué personaje de "Game of Thrones" eres según tu estilo?

¿Eres más como Cersei o como Sansa?

Teen Who Livestreamed Crash That Killed Her Sister Pleads Not Guilty To Manslaughter

Obdulia Sanchez, 18, has previously been convicted of reckless driving without a license.

Here's What The President Of HBO Had To Say About The "Game Of Thrones" Showrunners' Controversial Slave Series

"My hope is people will judge the actual material as opposed to what it could be or should be or might be. We will rise or fall on the quality of that material."

このマグカップ、何に見えますか? ここには人生の哲学がつまっている


25 Mess-Free Foil Packet Dinners For People Who Hate Cleaning

Bake them in the oven, grill them on the BBQ, or cook them over the campfire.

15 brincadeiras antigas muito melhores que qualquer fidget spinner

Esse negócio de "brinquedo manual para desestressar" nem é tão novo assim, viu?!

This Guy Made His Puppy Clean Up Her Mess And People Have Thoughts

"She gotta start learning what comes after the fun."

13 vezes em que as pessoas viram rostos onde bem entenderam

E talvez você até concorde com elas!

Democrats And Republicans To Betsy DeVos: Don't Keep Campus Rape Investigations "In The Dark"

Lawmakers sent the education secretary a letter urging her to keep up the practice of publicizing the names of colleges under investigation for mishandling of sexual violence.

16 Low-Carb Dinners That Aren't Boring

Because low-carb doesn't have to mean low flavor.

¿Podrías gastar tanto dinero como un senador mexicano en Fiji?

Tu objetivo en este viaje de trabajo es gastar 200,000 pesos del erario.

Read This If You Just Got An Amazon Echo

These are the essential Alexa skills and commands you should know about.

This Woman Threatened To Send Any Man’s Unsolicited Dick Pics To Their Mom And One Guy Tried Her

Madi Kohn believes she was able to track down, and message, the mom of one man who sent her a dick pic. "Girls are better stalkers than the FBI," she told BuzzFeed News.

ノリが良すぎの19歳 衣装店で踊りまくる動画が大人気に


CW Stars Play Would You Rather?: Superhero Edition

Stars from The Flash, Arrow & Legends Of Tomorrow get real about their superhero preferences.

McDonald's Is Reportedly Planning A New Value Menu Because We Like Cheap Food

After scrapping the Dollar Menu, McDonald's reportedly sees value in lower-priced options.

16 Datos loquísimos de los Teletubbies que harán explotar tu cabeza

¿Sabías que hay rumores de que tuvieron hijos entre ellos?

Amy Schumer Responds To Anne Hathaway Taking Over The Role Of A Live-Action Barbie

Sounds like Anne is about to find out if life in plastic is indeed fantastic!

Demi Lovato And Halsey Have Made Up After Some Twitter Drama

They had some ~drama~ but it seems to be over.

36 Regular People Who Neville Longbottomed And Made Puberty Their Bitch

No one likes talking about eighth grade for a reason.

Quantas destas coisas te irritam MUITO?

Melhor tomar um suquinho de maracujá antes e depois do teste.

20 Perfect Posts About "The Bold Type" That Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

"Jacqueline walking on a treadmill in her work clothes and heels is the kind of grace I aspire to achieve in life."

Stateless Ex-Georgian President Is Holed Up In New York

The polarizing politician who fought a war with Russia in 2008 and later moved to Ukraine has been stripped of his Ukrainian and Georgian citizenship. Now he’s camping out in New York.

Tech CEOs Are Calling For Trump To Let Trans Service Members Stay In The Military

After Trump tweeted that transgender people can't serve in the military, Twitter, Facebook, and Google were first out of the gate to advocate for trans military members.

The White House Doesn't Have A Plan For Banning — Or Removing — Transgender People From The Military

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the White House will work with the Department of Defense to "lawfully implement" the policy, but gave no details.

Das Bachelorette Finale war wow, mega, hey, Wahnsinn, wie diese 22 Tweets beweisen

Lass alles stehen und liegen: Das Finale der Bachelorette in 22 Tweets.

A Landmark Lawsuit About An Intersex Baby’s Genital Surgery Just Settled For $440,000

After a four-year legal battle, the family of 12-year-old M.C. Crawford has settled with the hospital they sued for performing genital surgery on their intersex son.

30 Things You Should Know About Braison Cyrus

The singer/songwriter takes our Q&A!

15 Impactantes datos que confundirán tu percepción del tiempo

Anne Frank, Barbara Walters, y Martin Luther King Jr. nacieron el mismo año.

58 fatos impressionantes sobre Kim Kardashian antes da fama

Você sabia que ela fugiu para se casar em Las Vegas quando tinha 19 anos?

Angelina Jolie Tells Her Side Of The Story About Her Divorce From Brad Pitt

“We care for each other and care about our family."

The 9 Types Of Cooks Who Work In Fine Dining Restaurants

Every restaurant has at least one of them.

LA's Mayor Says OJ Simpson Won't Be Welcomed Back After Release From Prison

Eric Garcetti said he doesn't think "most Angelenos would welcome" the former football star, who is set to be released from prison later this year.

O quanto você manja realmente de comida italiana?

Ou, o quanto você "mangiare" de comida italiana? Risos.

51 ideias fantásticas de tatuagem para amantes de livros

"Um leitor vive milhares de vidas."

26 fatos sobre o sono que vão te despertar

Sim, algumas pessoas fazem sexo ou enviam mensagens de texto quando estão dormindo.

Can You Ace This "Hunger Games" Quiz Without Cheating?

May the odds be ever in your favor.

"Timeless" Fans, Here Are 12 Pretty Cool Secrets You Never Knew About The Show

C'mon, you know you want to know what Rittenhouse is named after.

33 Ryan Reynolds Facts That Prove He Really Is That Weird

Did you know he can say every curse word in Greek?

Which Disney Animal Are You?

This quiz will take you to the happiest place on Earth.

As Their Bills Get Voted Down, Here’s The Republicans' Actual Plan To Repeal Obamacare

Several GOP proposals to repeal Obamacare are expected to be voted down this week, but the only one that truly matters is the final one. And on that vote, Republicans may have found a way to keep the dream of repeal alive — at least for a while longer.

This Teen Said He Was Fired From McDonald's After Sharing Photos Of Mold In The Ice Cream Machine

The former employee said he is not trying to slander the entire company, but he believes the conditions at his Louisiana location were "disgusting."

You Might Not Have Noticed, But You Could've Totes Celebrated Xmas Yesterday

What’s. In. The. BOX??? A hidden camera, of course.

Justin Bieber Is Friends With A Pastor And He's Hot As Hell

I want him to give me the holy spirit.

The Pro-Trump Media Is Full Of Offensive Memes And Trolls, But Is It A Hate Group?

Mapping hate online is more treacherous than ever, and the pro-Trump media feels it's been wrongly accused.

These 8 Modular Homes Will Future Your Face Off

There’s an evolution happening in American housing. Learn about modular living then learn how to make it yours with Chase Lending.

The Veteran Who Created The Trans Pride Flag Reacts To Trump's Trans Military Ban

"What Trump did was strictly to serve his bigot followers and nothing else," said Navy veteran Monica Helms, who created the trans pride flag in 1999.

Contesta estas preguntas y descubre tu % de godipster

Godinez + hipster: invariablemente tiene la chamarra de Mexico is the shit.

36 problemas que toda mulher que veste acima de 42 entende

Você sabe muito bem o que é sair de mãos abanando de uma loja porque eles não têm o seu tamanho.

Which Teletubby Are You?

Who cares about Hogwarts Houses? This is the sorting that really matters.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on steak knives, a rabbit wine opener, baking sheets, and more!

Quantas nojeirinhas de casal você já fez?

Você conversa durante o cocô?

21 Backpacks All High School Archetypes Will Love

Full disclosure: some of these are just archetypes I wish existed.

Can You Make A Meal At Chipotle Without Eating A Ridiculous Amount of Salt?

You shouldn't be eating more than a teaspoon of salt per day, according to the American Heart Association.

LA Mayor Says He Will Defy Trump Administration On Immigration

“We will not change what we are doing and our values are not for sale."

If You Check Off At Least 17/24 Things On This List, You're Definitely A Middle Child

If you ever had to sit in the trunk of the car because there weren't enough seats, then you're definitely a middle child.

Here's What Trans Veterans Are Saying About Trump's Trans Military Ban

"I, a trans person, have done more for the defense of America than Trump ever will."

23 Of The Funniest, Most Liked, And Retweeted Scottish Tweets Of All Time

"Ever wanty wrap yersel in foil get inty the microwave and blow yersel up tae fuck?"

This Transgender Veteran Has A Message For Trump

Navy SEAL veteran Kristin Beck slammed Trump's announcement this morning that transgender people will be excluded from the military.

22 vezes em que o Brasil fez o mundo pensar "que porra é essa?"

Não tem nada que os gringos façam que a gente não possa melhorar.

19 Clever Products That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Invent That?"

Such simple (but very annoying) problems, such simple solutions.

Canadians Are Pretty Much Done With America Fawning Over Trudeau

The latest 6,800-word cover story on Trudeau is not going over well with many people.

Disney Is Resurrecting Scar From "The Lion King"

He did warn us to be prepared, guys.

Expulsion de Nadine, 85 ans: y a-t-il eu des négligences de la fondation chargée de sa curatelle?

Cette octogénaire a été expulsée de son appartement après de nombreux loyers impayés. Derrière cette expulsion, la gestion d'une fondation qui devait gérer sa curatelle pose question.

Se acusan entre sí los Gobiernos federal y de Morelos por tragedia en paso exprés de Cuernavaca

Hoy fue anunciado que se construirá un nuevo Viaducto sobre el área donde está el pasó exprés, el cuál será pagado por las constructoras Epccor y Aldesa.

18 Moments That Will Make You Say "OMG ADULT NA KO!"

Millennial ka pa ba? Or millennial adult na?

Colton Haynes Might Be The One To Thank For Derek And Stiles Returning To "Teen Wolf"

"We're all a family, you can't let the show go on without us!"

17 Helpful Things That'll Make Sleeping On A Plane Suck Less

Solutions to sleeping on a plane that won't be such a pain in the neck.

Scientists Say The Government's Air Quality Plan Is Not Ambitious Enough

Diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040, but there are no plans yet for scrappage schemes to help people trade old cars in, or for new clean-air zones.

14 Real AF Situations That Will Make You Cringe To Your Core

When you're not sure if someone is waving at you but you wave back anyway.

Trump Actually Likes Making People’s Lives Hell, As Sessions Is Finding Out

Trump — famous for firing people on TV — doesn't relish doing so in real life. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a particular skill set to get them to resign.

21 Cats That Could Pass As Dogs

Woof! I mean, meeowww.

25 Memes That Are Literally You At Work

This is where I come to cry.

These Are The Climate Myths Being Spread By A Powerful Congressman

“It is an extremely unbalanced assessment and has many things wrong,” said one climate scientist about Rep. Lamar Smith’s climate op-ed.

Coke Zero Is Gone. Welcome Coke Zero Sugar.

The company calls it "our best-tasting zero-sugar Coca-Cola yet.” Sorry, Diet Coke.

How Witchcraft Became A Brand

It's a spirituality, it's an aesthetic, and it's more popular than ever.

Only A True Cat Lover Will Get 7/10 In This Quiz

How crazy about cats are you really?

30 Ways To Stay Cute Even When It's Raining

It's raining. Get into it.

24 Shocking Shark Facts

Sharks are friends, not violent killers.

8 Secret Little Things That Give All Girls Pleasure

Plucking out a chin hair in one pull.

19 Tragedias que todos los mexicanos viviendo en el extranjero han vivido

Que te pregunten si hablas "mexicano" y buscar con desesperación las tortillas perfectas.

Nur wenn du 19/24 von diesen Dingen gegessen hast, bist du in Deutschland aufgewachsen

Du hast nicht gelebt, wenn du noch nie Toast Hawaii gegessen hast.

EXCLUSIVO: Meirelles lucrou R$ 217 milhões em 2016 com firma de consultoria

Valores se referem à distribuição de lucros de sua empresa entre 2015 e abril de 2016. Responsável pela economia brasileira, Meirelles mantinha seu dinheiro no exterior.

The Best Socks In The World Are On Sale Right Now

They're called Smartwool for a reason.

18 Embarrassing Things Kids Did In Front Of Their Poor, Poor Parents

"Gee, where are that kid's parents?" (Looks around awkwardly.)

The Mother Of All Disney Trivia Quizzes...No Really...Seriously!

For all those Disnerds that are looking for one heck of a challenge on their knowledge of all things Disney, here's a real doozy! Don't believe me? were warned!

26 Sexszenen, die dich verdammt nochmal antörnen werden

Flüster mir schmutzige Worte ins Ohr, Oscar Isaac.

30 Kitchen Products That'll Make Your Guests Say ‘Where’d You Get That?’

Wow anyone who steps foot into your (probably underutilized) kitchen.

9 Products That Will Make You Say "Huh! That Actually Works!"

Including an exfoliating foot mask that gives gross-but-satisfying results.

40 Absurd Facts About The Worst Movie Ever Made

With the trailer for James Franco's The Disaster Artist out this week, this is the perfect time to take a close look at The Room, the earth-shattering masterpiece that it's based on.

Can You Spend At Least A Tenner In Greggs?

You can get a lot of sausage rolls for £10.

Score 13/15 In This British Towns And Cities Quiz, Win An Imaginary Speedboat

The speedboat may be fictional, but the fun is real.

27 Menschen, die nicht begriffen haben, wie grundlegende Dinge funktionieren

"Meine Cousine hat noch nie 'nen Stuhl gesehen."



30 Feminist Children's Books That Every Child Should Read

There are no stories about princesses being rescued in here.

7 der 10 erfolgreichsten Artikel über Angela Merkel auf Facebook sind Fake News

Falsche Nachrichten über Angela Merkel sind auf Facebook erfolgreicher als wahre Artikel traditioneller Medien. Das zeigt eine Analyse von BuzzFeed News.

Si vous réussissez à avoir 27/38, vous êtes une mamie de 20 ans

Si vous êtes du genre à vous coucher à 21h30, vous avez de bonnes chances.

Just Shut Up Pannify And Join #OviyasArmy Already

In case you've been living under a rock, we've got a new national feminist icon. Here are the receipts.

Der erfolgreichste Artikel über Angela Merkel auf Facebook ist eine Fake News

Die Geschichte dieser Fake News führt dich auf einen katholischen YouTube-Klon, dessen Server in Moldavien registriert ist und aus Moskau betrieben wird. Ja, ernsthaft.

Trump Says Transgender People Cannot "Serve In Any Capacity" In The Military

He made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday.

These Stars Of "The Hills" Want A Reunion About Motherhood

With all four of the original cast members recently announcing pregnancies and becoming mothers, Audrina thinks that they'd be united in a way viewers haven't seen before.

Verletzte Polizisten bei G20: Hier sind die neuen, offiziellen Zahlen der Polizei Hamburg

Wie schlimm waren die Ausschreitungen bei G20 wirklich? Seit Wochen wird darüber diskutiert – auch anhand der als verletzt gemeldeten Polizisten. BuzzFeed News liegen nun exklusiv die offiziellen Zahlen vor.

37 "Broad City" Facts That Are Utterly Delicious

Ilana and Abbi were going to be called Carly and Evelyn.

Amber Rose Just Had Her Say On The Rob And Chyna Fallout

Amber said that Rob should have dealt with their issues privately for the sake of Dream, and suggested that the negative response to Blac Chyna is born out of sexism.

What Are The Best Tips Or Products For Getting Rid Of Body Acne?

Tell us about your journey to clear skin.

¿Cómo serían las series y películas si tratasen literalmente de lo que dicen sus títulos?

¿Y si "La playa" de Leonardo DiCaprio hubiese estado en Benidorm?

23 absolut irre Disneyfilm-Fakten, die du bis jetzt wahrscheinlich nicht kanntest

Die ~wundervolle Welt~ von Disney ist tatsächlich ziemlich verrückt.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Happy Socks, Bloom That, Asos, and more!

She Survived Near Starvation. Then Cholera Killed Her.

"The world is not paying attention," Yemeni charity worker Ahmad Algohbary told BuzzFeed News. "Many, many people are really suffering."

17 Hilarious Tweets From The Premiere Of "The Bachelor" Australia

"I don't believe in love at first sight" – well you've obviously never had a Honeycomb Maxibon have you?

33 Lebenserfahrungen, die jede Lesbe nur zu gut kennt

"Du siehst gar nicht lesbisch aus."

If You've Had Food From 24/36 Of These Places, You're A True Brit

Have you even lived in Britain if you've not had a Wetherspoons meal?

An Illustrated History Of Women's Cricket In India

India is just waking up to its women's cricket team, but their success has been many decades in the making.

18 moments pendant le sexe que toutes les personnes enceintes ont déjà vécus

Tout ça est très agréable, jusqu'à ce que quelqu'un lâche une caisse.

UK Officials Have Privately Told Senior Bankers The Brexit Divorce Bill Will Be Close To £50 Billion

Theresa May's government has so far publicly refused to say how much it's willing to pay to secure a trade deal when it leaves the EU.

¿Qué excusa de Mariano Rajoy eres?

¡Hay una para cada situación de tu vida!

Diese Theorien zur Mauer in „Game Of Thrones“ machen wirklich was her

Warnung: Enthält kleine Spoiler und Spekulationen.

19 einfache Tricks, wenn du zu faul zum Putzen bist

Merke: Du solltest IMMER weißen Essig im Schrank haben.

Boots Won't Say When It's Actually Going To Cut The Price Of The Morning-After Pill

The high street pharmacy said on Friday that it was "committed" to lowering the cost of emergency contraception, but it appears to have no imminent plans to actually do so.

Les photos impressionnantes des incendies qui ravagent le Sud de la France

Depuis plusieurs jours, des feux destructeurs, attisés par des vents violents, ont ravagé plus de 4000 hectares dans le Var, le Vaucluse, ou en Corse. Une vingtaine de secouristes ont été blessés et une centaine d'habitations ont été évacuées.

Diese "Hitler"-Tasche ist der Beweis, dass Design wichtig ist

"Ich weiß auch nicht, Leute. Ich kann's irgendwie nicht mehr anders sehen jetzt."

Gib uns 3 Sekunden deiner Zeit und stimme hier ab, wer Die Bachelorette 2017 gewinnt

Die wichtigste Abstimmung des Tages. Mega, hey, Wahnsinn.

You May No Longer Have To Pay To Take Your Employer To Court

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that employment tribunal fees – introduced in 2013 – are unlawful.

19 Times Jackie Aina Was The Most Real Makeup Guru On Twitter

"I still don't know who Harry Styles is"

16 Times Kangana Ranaut Was Quite Fucking Hilarious

Can we please have her doing more comedy films?

Michael Gove Just Said "No" To Chlorinated Chicken, Contradicting Liam Fox

Asked whether chlorinated chicken should be allowed in the UK as part of any trade deal, the environment secretary said: "No."



16 faits étranges qui vont perturber votre perception du temps

Nous sommes plus proches de l'an 2033 que de l'an 2000.

Voici la preuve que «Wonder Woman» est un film important pour les petites filles

Cette petite fille a éclaté en sanglots lorsqu'elle a rencontré son idole au Comic-Con de San Diego.



Here Are All 27 Cuts National Dimwit Pahlaj Nihalani Ordered For "Lipstick Under My Burkha"

Cuts include women kissing, women talking about issues, women having sex, and women showing their "naked backs".

32 Dinge, die nur Frauen mit kleiner Plauze kennen

Diese rote Linie, die du bekommst, wenn du den ganzen Tag nur rumgesessen hast.

Four Men Accused Of Gang-Raping A Teen Have Been Found Not Guilty

Outside court, one of the men said he felt relieved.

Aquí puedes ver cuánto cuestan en realidad los pisos de tus comedias románticas favoritas

Para todos los que no pueden evitar preguntarse cómo de caro es el piso de ensueño de Carrie y Big.

So "Ninja Warrior" Finished Last Night With No Winner And People Are Confused


Women Say A Popular New Device To “Get Rid Of Cellulite” Left Them Injured

A device called the FasciaBlaster promising to “get rid of cellulite” designed by a self-identified scientist has gone viral on Facebook. But women are complaining about the severe bruising it causes.

Build A Playlist And We'' Reveal What Decade You Belong In

Because every era is truly defined by its music.

Corey Lewandowski To Raise Money For Pro-Trump Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate

President Trump has not endorsed in the 2018 race to succeed term-limited Gov. John Kasich. But Lewandowski’s involvement with Rep. Jim Renacci is the latest evidence that the congressman could be the White House favorite.

It's Time To Find Out If You're Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry

Do we have bad blood or are you gonna swish swish?



Senate Republicans Just Killed One Of Their Health Care Plans

Nine Republicans voted against a major plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, in a bigger-than-expected blow to the GOP effort. Sen. John McCain was a surprise “yes” vote.

Youngstown Loves A Fighter, But Eventually Trump’s Spiritual Base Will Want Results

"This is Youngstown, Mr. President," a supporter said Tuesday night during Trump's rally here. "But this is also the Steel Valley. Every one of these people love you, sir.” Still, the tough politics in Ohio usually involve a key metric: results.

19 Things You'll Relate To If You Grew Up In A Three-Sister Family

If you were in a fight with one sister, you did everything to try and get the other on your side.

Can We Guess Your Favorite Demi Lovato Song?

♫ Take me down into your paradise ♫