Canadians Are Pretty Much Done With America Fawning Over Trudeau

    The latest 6,800-word cover story on Trudeau is not going over well with many people.

    Rolling Stone just published a profile of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which is also the magazine's cover story.

    Rolling Stone

    "Why can't he be our president?" the cover asks.

    However, the reaction to the latest glowing Trudeau profile has been less positive.

    this bad...i dont even know where to begin

    Let's just say that many people have had quite enough of fawning US coverage of Canada's prime minister.

    God this Rolling Stone profile is Trudeau is stupid

    I think I'm gonna be sick.

    Seriously, is Trudeau paying for these?

    Is this sponsored content?

    Even people who like the prime minister are starting to get tired of the Trudeau™ brand.

    I voted for him and I find this cover massively cringe-inducing.


    I like Trudeau but is he secretly Taylor Swift in a mask because HE IS EVERYWHERE FOR NO REASON

    Besides, Rolling Stone already had a Canadian Justin on the cover, and it was basically the same thing.

    Then there's the actual article, which has some hilarious errors.

    This Rolling Stone thing on Trudeau is fine as a profile aimed at a foreign audience. But it's full of stuff like:…

    Just FYI: It's the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    Not to mention some of the cringeworthy lines in the piece.

    Good lord, the lines in this Rolling Stone piece. "For Trudeau, listening is seducing."

    "For Trudeau, listening is seducing." 😷

    What does this even mean???

    Here's my Q. How do you expect someone to read past this line: "His dark hair is a color found in nature."

    Some people tried to defend the article.

    There have been a lottttttt of brutally cringe-worthy Trudeau profiles written abroad. This, by @stephenrodrick, is…

    Or argue that not every profile of Trudeau is required reading, and that's OK.

    Guys, we don't actually have to read every profile of our prime minister.

    But if international outlets are going to keep doing this, people just want something a bit more nuanced and critical.

    peak uncritical int'l fawning over Trudeau

    Chill out, everyone.

    "His dark hair is a color found in nature." Global media, please stop this inane celebration of neoliberal cute.

    People say the fawning over Trudeau from US outlets glosses over his shortcomings and broken promises.

    @JoyAnnReid @kylegriffin1 @RollingStone Trudeau doesn't get a thumbs up from me until he stops breaking his promise…

    Indigenous people, especially, see little reason to celebrate Trudeau or his government.

    Justin Trudeau & his administration are crap for the indigenous ppls of Canada so NO! Stop deifying this dudebro bc…

    Anyway, here's the writer of the Rolling Stone article.

    Man, don't tell all these angry Canadians that I'm moving to Vancouver in January!

    Welcome to Canada!

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