20 Next-Level Selfie Tips That'll Seriously Glo Up Your Instagram Game

    Rule no. 1: Just do you!

    1. Professional pics are cool and all, but NOTHING beats a fly selfie.

    2. So we flipped the script at this year's Curlfest and had people snap their own style pics. Keep scrolling for a masterclass in slaying:

    3. ICYMI, laughing is the new smizing.

    4. Sunlight is the OG highlighter.

    5. Mixed prints are everything.

    6. And a bold lip is your BFF.

    7. If issa struggle fitting all your magic into the shot...

    8. ...Stretch your arms out realll far...

    9. ...And work those angles!!!

    10. Smiling is totally optional, ofc.

    11. But, serving face is an absolute MUST.

    12. A solo pic means ALWAYS getting your good side...

    13. ...And making whatever kinda face YOU wanna make.

    14. Cuz life is a movie and you're the star!

    15. We're also here for a fierce usie, tho.

    16. The more ~lewks~, the better!

    17. So, whether you're solo dolo...

    18. ...Or squaded up...

    19. ...Just strike a pose and get to werk!

    20. ~CLICK!!!~


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