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Ministers Have Repeatedly Refused To Reveal The Legal Basis For Boris Johnson’s Secret Plan To Track User Data

Different departments have given contradictory reasons for withholding the legal basis for a huge data-tracking exercise on the government's website.

Alex Spence One day ago

An Early Election Is Coming But Britain’s Campaign Rules Are “Dangerously Out Of Date”, These Campaigners Say

“We simply cannot leave it up to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg to police our electoral transparency."

Alex Spence 2 days ago

The Brexit Party Doesn't Accept Members Because It Feared Supporters Of Far-Right Groups Would Join

Nigel Farage's party adopted an unusual structure to keep out supporters of the BNP and EDL, according to an email disclosed by the Electoral Commission.

Alex Spence 19 days ago

Boris Johnson Secretly Asked For A Massive Amount Of User Data To Be Tracked. Dominic Cummings Said It’s “TOP PRIORITY”.

Leaked documents show the prime minister’s chief adviser emailed senior officials instructing them: “We must get this stuff finalised ASAP.”

Alex Spence One month ago

Revealed: Transport Officials Watered Down An Alarming Safety Report Soon After The Croydon Tram Crash That Killed 7 People

EXCLUSIVE: Senior managers at Transport for London removed critical comments from an audit of fatigue controls at Tram Operations Limited, documents show.

Alex Spence One month ago

Germany Has Told Britain Its Food Producers Might Not Bother Exporting To It After A No-Deal Brexit

Exclusive: Germany's agriculture ministry has told Britain that the country's food producers would likely sell elsewhere rather than face border queues after a no-deal Brexit.

Alex Spence One month ago

Jeremy Corbyn Is The Social Media King That Boris Johnson Has Yet To Match

Boris Johnson has a long way to go to match the size and engagement of his rival’s online support base, a new analysis for BuzzFeed News reveals.

Alex Spence 2 months ago

A Leaked Email Shows Sadiq Khan Is About To Be Criticised Over His Transport Safety Record

Testimony by a former TfL board member with ties to Boris Johnson will put the safety of the city's bus and tram network in the spotlight, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Alex Spence 2 months ago
Alex Spence 2 months ago

Just 15 Things Boris Johnson's New Key Aide Dominic Cummings Has Said About Tory MPs

*Fast-forward three months...* "Please vote for my deal?"

Alex Wickham 2 months ago
Mark Di Stefano 2 months ago

Boris Johnson Will Be The UK’s New Prime Minister

Johnson will take over with just 15 weeks until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU and with no sign of a solution to the political crisis that has crippled Parliament.

Alex Spence 2 months ago

Boris Johnson Is Viral On Facebook Because People Share Negative Stories About Him In Big Numbers

The articles that were most widely shared were those that emphasised questions about Johnson’s integrity and track record.

Alex Spence 2 months ago

Canada Is Refusing To Roll Over Its EU Trade Agreement For The UK If There's A No-Deal Brexit

UK officials are "furious" at Canada's decision, but it reflects the confusion around trade policy after the failure of Theresa May's Brexit strategy.

Alex Spence 3 months ago

The Conservatives Are Pushing Back Against Calls To Strengthen The UK’s Election Regulator

Campaigners said the Electoral Commission needs tougher powers to stop the influence of “dark money” in British politics, but the Tories “would not support such a move”, according to a submission to a parliamentary inquiry.

Alex Spence 3 months ago

Theresa May Promised To Tackle These “Burning Injustices”. This Data Shows She Improved None Of Them.

Exclusive: A new analysis gives a withering assessment of the outgoing Tory leader’s record on the domestic policy priorities she identified in her first speech outside Downing Street.

Alex Spence 3 months ago

Meet Dakota. She’s 10, She Has Cerebral Palsy, And She’s Taking The Government To Court.

While the Conservative government unravels, a funding crisis is depriving children with disabilities of essential services and pushing them out of mainstream schools.

Alex Spence 3 months ago

Tory Leadership Hopefuls Are Piling Into Social Media But Mostly Their Campaigns Have Fallen Flat

Analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that Boris Johnson is way ahead of the dozen-or-so other contenders at driving the conversation online, even when he's not trying.

Alex Spence 4 months ago

The Owner Of Guido Fawkes Is Running A Social Media Campaign To Make Boris Johnson Prime Minister

A new website,, urges voters to lobby MPs to support Johnson’s campaign for the Tory leadership. It was registered to Paul Staines, founder of Guido Fawkes.

Alex Spence 4 months ago

Researchers Say Many Of The Brexit Party’s Twitter Followers Aren’t Behaving Like Genuine Voters

High volumes. Short intervals. Odd times of day. Twitter thinks this is the online behaviour of regular British voters, but researchers have raised doubts.

Alex Spence 5 months ago