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Tory Leadership Hopefuls Are Piling Into Social Media But Mostly Their Campaigns Have Fallen Flat

Analysis by BuzzFeed News shows that Boris Johnson is way ahead of the dozen-or-so other contenders at driving the conversation online, even when he's not trying.

Alex Spence • 15 days ago

The Owner Of Guido Fawkes Is Running A Social Media Campaign To Make Boris Johnson Prime Minister

A new website,, urges voters to lobby MPs to support Johnson’s campaign for the Tory leadership. It was registered to Paul Staines, founder of Guido Fawkes.

Alex Spence • 18 days ago

Researchers Say Many Of The Brexit Party’s Twitter Followers Aren’t Behaving Like Genuine Voters

High volumes. Short intervals. Odd times of day. Twitter thinks this is the online behaviour of regular British voters, but researchers have raised doubts.

Alex Spence • 28 days ago

Under Siege For His Comments About Rape, UKIP’s Star Candidate Carl Benjamin Has Recruited Milo Yiannopoulos To Join His Campaign

The former Breitbart editor and conservative troll is returning to the UK for a week to support Carl Benjamin's bid for a seat in the European Parliament.

Alex Spence • One month ago

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party Is Outspending Bigger Rivals On Facebook In A Push For Voters Over 40

The popularity of Farage's own Facebook page is also helping to raise the insurgent Eurosceptic party's profile ahead of the May 23 poll.

Alex Spence • One month ago

Here's What Happened When Nigel Farage Officially Launched A Hard Brexit Political Party

The Brexit Party's MO is "principle heavy, policy light", a spokesperson said.

Alex Spence • 2 months ago

Two Secretive Campaigns Using Facebook To Push A Hard Brexit Are Facing Scrutiny By MPs

Britain's Future and We Are the 52% have spent heavily on Facebook ads. Now senior MP Damian Collins has told BuzzFeed News that a new subcommittee investigating disinformation will look into their activity.

Alex Spence • 2 months ago

Parliament Has Again Failed To Agree On Any Alternatives To Theresa May’s Brexit Plan

After MPs rejected all the alternative proposals for the second time in a week, a leading Conservative MP announced he was quitting the party because it “refuses to compromise”.

Alex Spence • 2 months ago

Hard Brexit, Dark Money: Links Between These Secretive Campaigns Raise New Questions For Facebook About Political Ads

We Are The 52% has spent more on Facebook ads recently than the Labour Party, while saying almost nothing about its origins or donors. MPs say it’s another example of why the social media giant's transparency measures don't work.

Alex Spence • 2 months ago

Parliament Has Once Again Rejected Theresa May's Brexit Deal

On the day that Britain had initially been scheduled to leave the European Union, the deal was voted down by 58 votes, deepening Britain's political crisis.

Alex Spence • 2 months ago

How Theresa May Went From “The New Iron Lady” To The Leader Who “Betrayed Brexit”

The prime minister’s promise to stand aside if her Brexit deal passes will bring an end to one of the shortest and most turbulent premierships in modern British history.

Alex Spence • 2 months ago

Theresa May Will Ask The EU To Delay Brexit After MPs Voted To Support An Extension

Brexit will be delayed until June 30 if MPs can agree a deal by the end of March, or potentially for much longer if they can't.

Alex Spence • 3 months ago

Theresa May Says Brexit Will Be Delayed After MPs Voted To Reject No-Deal Under Any Circumstances

The prime minister suffered two more humiliating defeats in the House of Commons, but no-deal remains the legal default option until Parliament backs an alternative.

Alex Wickham • 3 months ago

Theresa May's Brexit Deal Has Suffered A Crushing Defeat For The Second Time

MPs voted 391-242 against the prime minister's new deal, a margin of 149.

Alex Wickham • 3 months ago

Britain's Future Stopped, Then Restarted Its Massive Facebook Ad Campaign Just Before A Key Brexit Vote

UPDATE: Following a BuzzFeed News investigation into Britain's biggest political advertising campaign on Facebook, Britain's Future recommenced targeted ads on Monday afternoon.

Mark Di Stefano • 3 months ago

A Mysterious Hard Brexit Group Run By A Young Tory Writer Is Now Britain’s Biggest Spending Political Campaign On Facebook

Tim Dawson is the only person publicly associated with Britain's Future. The group has spent almost £350,000 on Facebook since November, raising questions over the influence of "dark money" at a crucial point in the Brexit process.

Alex Spence • 3 months ago

The Tories Have Reinstated A Councillor Who Posted A Meme Comparing The Burqa To A Rubbish Bag

Exclusive: Mick Murphy shared a post mocking Muslim women wearing the burqa. He has recently shared an image mocking Diane Abbott.

Alex Wickham • 3 months ago

Pro-Trump Activists Are Boosting A Twitter App Used By Banned Personalities And It Appears To Have Already Stalled

“Twitter was successful because of conservatives. Because of Donald Trump tweeting. Because of people like me and Charlie (Kirk) tweeting.”

Mark Di Stefano • 4 months ago

Food Industry Leaders Say They're So Busy Preparing For A No-Deal Brexit There's No Time To Think About Anything Else

In an extraordinary letter to Michael Gove that was leaked to BuzzFeed News, the UK food industry begged the environment secretary to pause a host of major consultations until after Brexit.

Alex Spence • 4 months ago

Candace Owens: "If Hitler Just Wanted To Make Germany Great And Have Things Run Well, OK, Fine."

Owens' comments came during the invite-only London launch of a pro-Trump activist group.

Mark Di Stefano • 4 months ago