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18 Things In Brighton That Will Make You Say "Fuck, I Wish I Lived There"

Basically everything is taken to the extreme.

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1. Wood-fired pizza at Fatto a Mano.

A Brighton institution, the pizza here is fresh and delicious – and they do dairy free and gluten free pizza.

3. A burger that you need to sign a disclaimer to even attempt.

Our biggest one yet 🍔🍔🍔❤❤❤

Burger Off asks diners to sign a waiver before ordering their XXX Chilli Challenge. Well it’d be a good way to go…

4. A celebrity death board.

Instagram: @mashtunbrighton

Predict a celebrity death and make a few quid while you have your Friday night pint.


5. The Real Patisserie.

Instagram: @gembeb

Incredible bread, pastries, and cakes: The boulangerie of dreams.

6. A startlingly lifelike zebra with a keyboard.

Mellow Zebra’s favourite place to busk is in the Pavilion Gardens. Who needs to waste money on flights to Africa when this is on your doorstep?

7. A festival of cheese.

Flickr: 28369035@N05 / Creative Commons /

On its way in March 2018, The Big Cheese Festival will salute masterpieces such as fondue, mac ‘n’ cheese, mozzarella sticks, cheese toasties, and so much more. Expect Michelin-starred chefs for demonstrations and to leave about two stone heavier.

8. Doughballs served on vinyl at Hobgoblin.

Instagram: @tilfabott

Who needs plates when records will do just fine?


9. Events dedicated to celebrating all things nerdy.

One night a month Nerd Nite takes over a pub to talk about a whole host of topics, from the science of rock, paper, scissors to how we can ensure rhinos get horny.

10. Choccywoccydoodah’s legendary hot chocolate.

Flickr: paulafunnell / Creative Commons

This literally tastes like it’s a mug of pure melted chocolate bar. It’s chocolate and fudge topped with whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate-dipped fudge, and chocolate straws.

11. The Booth Museum of Natural History.

Instagram: @kirbeelawler

It’s free entry and there are SO many treats for the eyes such as these poker-playing squirrel chaps!

12. Glow in the dark crazy golf with dinosaurs.

If there’s anything that screams romantic first date, it’s golf and neon reptiles at Globalls.


13. A Jurassic Park safari jeep.

Instagram: @dinochloesaurus

Sticking with the Jurassic period, if you’re lucky you might spot this 4x4 on the streets of the Hanover area.

14. Gelato Gusto.

Made fresh every day, they have over 20 constantly changing flavours of ice cream, ranging from Banoffee Pie and Dark Ecuadorian Chocolate to Syrup Sponge Pudding and Jaffa Cake.

15. Secret tunnel tours.

You can explore the tunnels underneath the Royal Pavilion, built for the then overweight and unpopular George IV so he could cross his estate without being seen by the public. Creepy? Yes. Fascinating? Also yes.

16. A 300m long zip wire crossing the seafront.

If you have 10 minutes to cram in all the sights before your train home, screaming for your life as you go, this one’s your fella.

17. The Chilli Pickle’s Railway Tray.

One of the best Indian restaurants in Brighton, The Chilli Pickle, has designed a takeaway that can be eaten on a train. Talk about fast service.

18. And Christmas lights as welcoming as the locals.

Instagram: @adamkemptown

It’s the people who make Brighton and everyone’s welcomed with open arms.