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    Posted on 26 Jul 2017

    So "Ninja Warrior" Finished Last Night With No Winner And People Are Confused


    The first season of Ninja Warrior Australia wrapped up last night and, to the surprise of many, no winner was actually crowned.

    Put your hands together for Fred Dorrington, who made it the furthest, fastest in our first season of…

    Fred Dorrington, who was disqualified and later requalified earlier in the show, ended with the fastest time.

    A total of nine contestants made it to stage two of the final course, one of which was the late Johann Ofner who died earlier this year.

    Channel 9

    However, the 65-second time limit proved too much for the competitors, and the show abruptly ended, leaving viewers confused over what had just happened.

    So there's no winner ?? #NinjaWarrior what the ??

    #NinjaWarriorAU so glad I let the kids stay up to 9.30pm on a school night to watch NOBODY win

    So I've watched this for weeks and there's no winner? WTF #NinjaWarriorAU


    Though some were aware of how Ninja Warrior works, and that just because people compete, it doesn't guarantee a winner.

    I can't understand why people are surprised no-one completed the course. It took 6 or 7 seasons in the American version #NinjaWarriorAU

    everyone complaining there wasn't a winner in aust ninja warrior have clearly never seen the original version with 5 winners in 33 seasons

    It took 7 seasons in the US for a ninja warrior to be crowned. I thought the Aussies were exceptional! Bring on season 2 #NinjaWarriorAU

    Ninja Warrior works differently to a lot of other competitive shows. You see, there's no guarantee of a winner... ever.

    Channel 9
    Channel 9

    The finals process is simple: You must complete the three stages of the course in time and if you're successful, you tackle the monstrous climb of Mount Midoriyama. If no one beats the clock and the course, no one wins. Period.

    In America it took seven seasons for someone to win Ninja Warrior, and in Japan only three out of 2,900 attempts to pass all stages and climb Mount Midoriyama have been successful.

    So I guess all we can really do is hope for a more successful second season.

    #NinjaWarriorAU meanwhile at Mt. Midoriyama...

    Via Facebook: anwnation

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