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18 Moments That Will Make You Say "OMG ADULT NA KO!"

Millennial ka pa ba? Or millennial adult na?

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1. Minsan, you remember that you once had to go to school. But you're an adult now, which means no more homework!

Avid Liongoren / Via

Exams? Registration? Tapos na!

2. But you still have assignments and due dates at work.

Star Cinema / Via

At least ang homework, pwede sa bahay nalang gawin.

3. Mondays become the worst day of the week. (And Sunday nights too because you know you have to go to work the next day.)

Viva Entertainment / Via

4. If you have free time, you'd rather hang out with your amigas.

Star Cinema / Via

5. You still like going to malls... but you find yourself heading straight for the home section.

The SM Store / Via

6. You realize that you can now stay up as late as you want, but you'd rather be in bed sleeping instead.


7. But you find it hard to fall asleep sometimes because of all the coffee you drink during the day.


8. Mas masarap ang buhay mo pag nakatulog ka ng 8 horas.

Marisa Patrinos / Via BuzzFeed

9. But if you don't get your 8 hours of sleep, you rely on 8 cups of coffee instead.

Well, well, well, caramel.

Well, well, well, caramel.

10. Pag merong coffee, keri lang.

11. For some reason, you’re now anxious about parties.

ABS-CBN Star Cinema / Via

Normal social interaction with people I don't know na hindi awkward?? Paano yun?

12. Even your own birthdays make you weep kasi tumatanda ka na.

GMA / Via

Nasa kalendaryo ka pa ba?

13. You notice that half of your friends are either married or engaged.

Jollibee / Via

Pati yung "friend" mo kinasal na.

14. You don't cry over petty things anymore.

Star Cinema / Via

Hindi ko kailangan ng tissue, I dont nid tisyu, PLS ISTAP JUDGING ME!

15. You're now more afraid of the light than the dark because of your Meralco bill.

Star Cinema / Via

Kasi kelangan palaging bukas ang ilaw, 'di ba?

16. And the mail is nothing to get excited about these days.

Karvic / Via Instagram: @karvic

17. But it's all worth it in the end because it's your life and you get to live it how you want to.

Star Cinema / Via

Depende sa leave credits.

18. And you realize, “OMG ADULT NA KO” doesn’t sound so bad after all.

Star Cinema / Via

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