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    26 Jul 2017

    I Went Deep Into Matty J’s Instagram And Here Are All The Shirtless Shots I Could Find

    The evolution of a Bachelor in 32 photos.

    Like any good Bachelor, Matty J clearly has an aversion to shirts.


    In the name of research (ahem), I went deep into his Instagram to learn more about Matty J's shirtless evolution and how it might have helped him prepare for his time on The Bachelor Australia...

    1. We begin our journey back in 2013, with Matty J's very first shirtless shot. As you can see, he was far from mastering that Bachelor aesthetic, but his abs were just waiting for their moment.

    2. Fast forward to 2014, and there hasn't been much progression. Abs are still on point, though.

    3. Ah ha! Here it is. The birth of Matty's true potential as a Bachelor. Gone are the awkward group poses, replaced with this solo "candid" shot. Because it's 2014, there's a bit of a weird filter, but that's understandable.

    4. The next shot, from 2015, sadly hides his abs, instead putting the importance of his relationship with his sister on full display. Emotional depth is a significant part of any shirtless Bachelor's journey.

    5. Matty's abs are still playing coy in the next shot – but he's starting to master that "staring thoughtfully at the ocean" gaze that is an essential Bachelor skill.

    6. Finally, the abs are here! And so are the... thighs? Matty is getting really innovative.

    7. Now Matty's abs show off their mysterious side, as they turn away from the camera ever-so-slightly. Meanwhile, Matty is working hard on that ocean-gazing ability.

    8. But Matty doesn't just gaze at oceans! He's also really good at walking away from them. Thoughtfully.

    9. And now we've reached the next stage of shirtless evolution: MOTION SHOTS. With one slo-mo backflip, Matty demonstrates his willingness to jump right into new adventures.

    10. Continuing on the theme, he shows off his ability to not just back-flip into adventures, but belly-flop into them, too.

    11. He's just really hammering home the point here.

    12. Next up, Matty reveals his goofy side with an interesting hat choice.

    13. Then our journey takes a welcome turn back into abs territory, as Matty communicates what a chill guy he really is.

    14. The abs hang around for what looks like some kind of hike. Such versatility on display!

    15. And now, Matty adds more depth by signalling his resilience. No matter how rough the waves get, he is calm. Ready to be someone's rock – with rock-hard abs.

    16. But he's also so candid, so fun!

    17. Next Matty is joined by a friend, because any well-rounded shirtless Bachelor values his mates.

    18. And then we circle back to the importance of family. Plus the first subliminal signs that Matty J is ready for children.

    19. Yet he's still carefree! And candid!

    20. Next he actively strides towards the ocean. It's symbolic, see.

    21. OOFT. The totally-professional-but-totally-casual black and white shot. This is almost a step too far. Almost.

    22. He dials back to the fun, chill vibe just in time.

    23. OK now this is the moment I'm calling it: Matty J is officially a fully-formed Bachelor. The puppy seals the deal. All he needs is a show.

    24. Just look at his eyes. He's telling the camera he's ready for love. From the camera. And from 22 women.

    25. Which means it's time for the signals about being ready for children to go from subliminal to blatant.

    26. And yes, he's still chill! Casual! Candid! Fun!

    27. Active, while shirtless!

    28. Resilient, and a good friend!


    30. The ocean gaze is just the icing on the cake.

    31. And don't forget the children!

    32. Finally, his last shirtless shot reveals despite being the star of his own show, he's still down-to-earth. A regular guy. Not afraid to get his hands dirty. Or his abs.

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