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These 8 Modular Homes Will Future Your Face Off

There’s an evolution happening in American housing. Learn about modular living then learn how to make it yours with Chase Lending.

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1. Paradigm Series by Method Homes

Method Homes / Via

Starting price: $160,000

Modular homes are stylish, modern homes constructed in factories and pieced together onsite like a puzzle. The factory environment is climate controlled so there’s no possibility for mold or weather damage. Plus the end result looks edgier than your Uncle Ron’s throwing star collection. #enter_the_ron

2. RK2 by Living Homes

Living Homes / Via

Starting price: $139,000

Modular construction means complete customization. Most builders offer a variety of design choices that can be easily upgraded at a later time. Want a deck you can pace back and forth on while honing your freestyle game? Done. #practice_practice_practice

3. LVL Home by Rocio Romero LV

Rocio Romero / Via

Starting price: $36,500

Modular homes are built in1/3 the time it takes to build a standard residence. On-site labor cost is drastically reduced because components arrive pre-constructed. Yup, time to start stressing about that housewarming party. Is your cheese board on the level? #be_honest

4. The Breezehouse by Blu Homes

Blue Homes / Via

Starting price: $145,000

Most modular builders are eco-conscious and passionate about sustainability. Which means as a customer you’re investing in a great home plus the very planet you’re living on. So feel free to sip that single origin espresso and take comfort that mother nature isn’t giving you side eye. #earth_warrior

5. Tiny Home by Little House On The Trailer

Little House On The Trailer / Via

Starting price: $34,000

Worried your forward thinking home will complicate things on the inspection / regulation side? Worry not, modular homes are built to the same codes as stick housing and builders can recommend home inspectors that are knowledgeable on modular. Seriously, don’t skimp on the cheeseboard. #yolo_cheeseboard

6. The Wedge by Wheelhaus

Wheelhaus / Via

Starting price: $82,000

The price comes direct from the manufacturer on modular homes so you can take all the energy you'd waist on offering and counter-offering and do something productive! Isn't it time you went through your closet? What's up with all the old sneakers under the couch? #busted

7. Passive House by Ecocor

Ecocor / Via

Starting price: $140,000

Modular homes do well in cold climates because they’re built air tight. Which means superior insulation and minimal heat loss. Your artisan hot chocolate will stay hot much longer, and don’t dare tell yourself you don’t deserve that. #delicious_champion

8. Freedom House by Prebuilt

Prebuilt / Via

Starting price: $314,000

Modular homes are like the European exchange student of the housing market. They're savvy, chic, and laying down a cool even the captain of the football team can’t touch. #sorry_jason