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    Jul 26, 2017

    "Timeless" Fans, Here Are 12 Pretty Cool Secrets You Never Knew About The Show

    C'mon, you know you want to know what Rittenhouse is named after.

    During this year's San Diego Comic-Con, BuzzFeed stopped by the panel for NBC's Timeless. Here are some of the best behind-the-scene facts we learned about the show:

    1. Co-creator Eric Kripke decided on the name Rittenhouse when he was researching Revolutionary War clockmakers.

    NBC / Via

    “The name Rittenhouse came up, and I was like, ‘That’s a cool name,’” said Kripke.

    2. Yes, the time ship is as hot and cramped as it looks.

    Joe Lederer / NBC

    “It is the way it looks — it’s quite small,” said Abigail Spencer, who plays Lucy.

    3. And it has changed a bit since the start of the show.


    “What we’re in is a very cramped space, and as the show went on, they sort of expanded the ship in order to be easier to film in,” said Malcolm Barrett, who plays Rufus. “I think when we first started out, nothing [was removable], so we were just fighting and cramped, and now things get removed… If you notice, there’s very small changes.”

    4. Spencer didn’t originally know that Lucy’s mother was going to end up being connected to Rittenhouse.


    “I did not know as we were shooting Season 1 that my mother was going to end up being kind of the leader of this Rittenhouse group,” said Spencer. “I thought it was a really interesting choice because I love the way that we portray women on this show.”

    5. The snow in “The Murder of Jesse James” was not written into the script — that’s just the unexpected weather they had to deal with during filming.

    “[The snow] was not written in,” said Matt Lanter, who plays Wyatt. “We got snow in the forecast and so [we] we’re like, ‘OK, I guess we’ll do it. We’ll see what happens,’ and it ended up being beautiful.”

    6. The horse that Garcia Flynn, played by Goran Visnjic, rode in “The Murder of Jesse James” was actually the horse Visnjic has personally been riding for the past several years.

    NBC / Hulu

    “We did the western episode and I rode the horse that I’ve been riding for four or five years up in Vancouver on my own saddle,” said Visnjic. “And I have to say that was a very cool thing to do.”

    7. Both Lanter and Barrett keep comfy shoes close by during filming because their period shoes are so uncomfortable.

    “Usually it’s the women on the show who usually have the comfy shoes because we’re always in heels,” said Spencer. “These guys had their comfy shoes waiting for them after every scene because the period shoes are very uncomfortable.”

    8. Spencer says that the most annoying era to film is anything pre-dating 1900… because of the corsets and layers.

    Sergei Bachlakov / NBC
    Sergei Bachlakov / NBC

    “I had like 12 layers [on in the Lincoln episode],” said Spencer. “And we started in August, and so it was 105 degrees outside in Vancouver and I’m in 12 layers of wool.”

    9. And apparently Lanter split his 1754-inspired wool pants while going over a fence in “Stranded.”

    Sergei Bachlakov / NBC

    10. One of Spencer's favorite episodes is the “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde” and Lanter's is “The Alamo.”

    Sergei Bachlakov / NBC

    “It was special, it was unique,” said Spencer. “I loved the time period, [and] I loved the costume.”

    11. Spencer's tumble through the window in the Watergate episode wasn’t originally scripted.

    Sergei Bachlakov / NBC

    12. And, while shooting the pilot, she accidentally almost ran into the wing of a plane, which inspired a scene in the show.

    NBC / Hulu

    “Eric and Shawn saw it and we were like, ‘I think that’s it,’” said Spencer.

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